Thursday, 27 October 2016

[Fashion] NextTuesdays - Way more than just accessories

The trend of fashion accessories are changing season by season, or year by year. After so many years, I have to say that the recent trends, especially chokers, are my all time favourite! I used to like statement necklaces, but not as much as I love chokers right now!

So recently I've got myself 3 new accessories from a new fashion website - By just visiting their website, I've already feel like getting few of those pieces already cause the images are just too gorgeous!

Always love it when they put effort in their packagings!
NextTuesdays offers simple yet finely-detailed pieces that create your own style with the latest trend. Each of the pieces are hand-picked overseas and way more than just a piece of accessory.

It was a very hard decision to just choose 1 from each category cause they are really very unique, but I've made my decision by picking the Dolore necklace, Nullam earrings and the Bandit bracelet. And the thoughtful owner has also included a cute colour tattoo as a free gift in my order as well!

Let's have a close up look on the accessories I got from NextTuesdays!

Necklace: Dolore

This design to me is love at first sight! I've been looking for double layer choker for a while, and I'm glad NextTuesdays has so many designs of it! Have been wearing it out to work or outing for the past few days and I felt so damn confident as it enhanced the overall look in my simple daily outfits!

Bracelet: Blandit

Illuminati confirmed? No! Perfect bracelet confirmed! If you can't get enough choker style necklace on you, try it on your hands! By just looking at these close up look above, you can tell that it has a great quality!

Earrings: Nullam

I've got star, I've got triangle, and it's time for some squares! Not one, but two squares! I wasn't expecting it to look good in my simple outfit tho, but I was wrong! It looks great on casual wear as well!

I could just wear a simple white top out but with these accessories, I looked like a fashonista! :P

Because I can't wait to share this awesome website with super gorgeous accessories, I haven't got the chance to wear it and take ootd photos yet! I'll soon update my Instagram with these accessories again!

So if you've ever consider in buying new up to trend accessories with great quality, consider to shop in! You might fall in love with everything in their website!

How to Order at

  1. Pick your pieces at
  2. Drop them a message via Facebook inbox / Whatsapp (+60 18 - 355 5410). 
  3. Make payment and choose your delivery method - post / COD in Mid Valley 
  4. Get your tracking and ready to receive your surprise. 

For more information, kindly visit:

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