Thursday, 20 October 2016

Grey Tone - High Tea ft. Bonia Fashion

So I was so hardworking on taking OOTDs and write blog post on my looks for these 2 months. Thanks to Bonia Fashion, I was so happy to wear everything I got from them and just can't wait to take pictures with them and blog about it!

And here I am with my second grey look of the month. I wore this look to attend the butterfly project's high tea party with Anya Hindmarch theme last weekend. If you followed me on Twitter, you've definitely have seen the image of the super cute and unique high tea that I had that day!

Since it was a high tea party at a more high class hotel, I decided to go for a not-so-girlish look but still fashionably high class. Well frankly, this looks is so not my usual style. I got this grey culottes set from Fashgrace, and I wasn't expecting the whole set looks good on me. Turns out, I LOVE IT! Despite the part where it's easily wrinkled and a little bit very thin. Proud of myself for being able to make a change!

In my Bonia Haul Unboxing video, I mentioned that I didn't understand why people like clutches so much. But after this event, I have to say that this Pinkish Purple Sophia Leather Clutch from Bonia is now my favourite bag of the year after my Sonia bag! The soft leather just makes it so easy to hold, plus this pinkish purple colour is just so perfect for a grey tone look. Can't wait for the next occasion where I can use it again!

Even though I said that I wanted a not-so-girlish look, a little hint of florals on my Subtle White Blossoms on Heels (and the heels itself) is the key that makes my whole look stands out. Imagine if I was wearing a sneakers or flats? It might look great too, but it's going to look like the usual me with kiddy outfit style. Until today, this pair of heels still able to make me feel suffocated whenever I see it!

If you wanna look more professional, wear a blazer! I got this white blazer from Forever21 during my shopping experience at Freeport A'famosa Outlet last year, but until now I still don't really got the chance to wear it out. But at least it's now photo-worthy for this look!

And lastly, I'm wearing a floral choker from Taobao, White Bauhaus Leather Bracelet & Rose Gold Spark Watch like me previous casual ootd. This is why I've been wearing these 2 hand accessories out for all my looks cause they matched every look perfectly!

Outfit Details

Top & Bottom: Fashgrace Grey Culottes Set
Blazer: Forever21 White Blazer
Bag: Pinkish Purple Sophia Leather Clutch
Bracelets: White Bauhaus Leather Bracelet 
Watch: Rose Gold Spark Watch (link)
Heels: Subtle White Blossoms on Heels (link)

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