Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Grey Tone - Casual ft. Bonia Fashion

It's a new OOTD posts again! Recently got a few new fashion items in my wardrobe, and I realized that they are mostly in grey or dull tone. It's so unlike the usual me isn't it? I was always so colourful!

For instance, the grey turtle neck dress that I got from H&M. It's in full grey cause I think that it doesn't look that sharp in overall, and it definitely makes a good outfit for my work or a simple casual outing.

You might have seen this from my Bonia Haul Unboxing post. The bag I was holding is my current obsession - Sonia Bag from Bonia! Y'all have definitely seen it before in mall or even online. The Sonia collection is designed by a taiwan actress Sonia Sui 隋棠. It has been in the market for a few years and they are adding in new designs almost every month!

And to my surprise, for all the designs and colours of the Sonia bag, I got the Grey Trastevere Sonia instead! Guess I'm heading towards minimalistic now. But to be honest, this bag looks perfect in every colours and designs! I'm still amazed that their new designs are getting prettier and prettier every time!

Be it formal or casual, the Sonia bag is perfect for every look!

Apart from bags, I've also got myself a pair of Light Teal Slip-On Loafers from Bonia cause I'm out of flats. I've went in to Bonia store to actually try out the flats, and it's so comfortable! Instead of getting myself some bright red colour, I've go for this blue design cause the pastel blue is irresistible, just like my the Blue GlamoXotic Satchel that I got last month!

It's my current favourite flats to wear to work!

And here's the close up look on the accessories on my hands - the White Bauhaus Leather Bracelet & Rose Gold Spark Watch that was featured in my previous ootd post.

Outfit Details

Dress: H&M Grey Turtle Neck Dress
Bag: Bonia Grey Trastevere Sonia (link)
Bracelets: Bonia White Bauhaus Leather Bracelet 
Watch: Bonia Rose Gold Spark Watch (link)
Shoes: Bonia Light Teal Slip-On Loafers (link)

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