Saturday, 1 October 2016

GIVEAWAY! Thanks for the 1k FB Likes + 1M Blog Views!

[Giveaway Closed. Scroll till the end of this post for the winner announcement!]

It's October, and finally another giveaway after so long, and it's another huge one!

So in case you don't know, my Facebook page has finally reached 1,000 likes! It's considered as a new milestone for me this year. And what's more? See my blog view at the end of this page? Yes, my blog view has finally reached 1,000,000 views after blogging for soooo long! Couldn't be more thank you to all of you who stepped into this page before, even if it's just an accidental click, thank you! :P

So without further ado, let's see what am I giving out to my lovely readers and Facebook likers!

Remember that I mentioned I received another RM150 credits to shop in Althea during Althea's First Birthday Party? That time, I decided to repurchase some of my favourite products from Althea that I mentioned in this video to my readers! In case you haven't watched it, here it is:

And not just these! There are some of the new items I got that I feel like my readers need it more than I do, so yeah! Join this giveaway and it's all yours!

To this point, I think I should create a name for my readers instead of calling y'all "my beloved readers" or "beauties" or at some point I don't even wanna greet y'all, haha. 

I'm bad at this, so I need your help! Think of a name for my readers (how I greet everyone at the beginning of my blog post, e.g Hello Pinkie Pies/Snowballs/Sweet cakes/...) anything that's suitable for both me and my readers!

How to Join?

  1. Like my Facebook Page if you haven't.
  2. Like my giveaway post.
  3. Comment your answer (my reader's name) in my giveaway post, and Tag 3 friends!
  4. Share this post as many times as you want with the HashTag #NicoleYieGiveaway included in the post!
And that's all! One(1) winner with the most interesting name will win away this whole set of products, and the name will be used for all of my upcoming posts, thanks to you! :D

I promise, everything is brand new!!

Can't wait to see your creative names already! Good luck everyone!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Giveaway was not sponsored by any company.
  2. Giveaway opens to legal residents in Malaysia only.
  3. Giveaway ends at 16 October 2016, 11.59pm.
  4. All mandatory entries must be fulfilled to entitle in winning.
  5. All the entries must set to PUBLIC.
  6. Winner will be chosen according to the most interesting answer provided.
  7. NicoleYie reserves the right to alter these Terms & Conditions at anytime and in its sole discretion.

Winner Announcement (17/10)

I was so overwhelmed that so many of you joined my giveaway and give creative names! Honestly, I had a hard time choosing my favourite readers name because they're all just so good!

But at the end I still have to make a decision! I've shortlisted a few and let my friends and family to help me out and pick the perfect name. 

So...... *drum rolls*

Congratulations to Christine Isabel! You've won yourself this whole set of beauty products!

So now my official readers name is PINKYIE! Like finally I can say "Hello Pinkyies!" to y'all!

Anyway, please don't feel sad if you didn't win this giveaway! I promise that there will be a few new giveaway coming up soon next week onwards! Yes, not one but A FEW!! Thanks to all those sponsors!

So please do stay tuned at my blog & social media so that you won't miss my upcoming giveaway!

Once again, congrats to the winner and thank you all my 1k facebook like & readers!

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