Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The New Office Lady Look ft. Bonia Fashion

If you haven't know, I've finally got myself a full time permanent office job in KL! It's time to say good-bye to the kiddy cutie style of Nicole Yie, and hello to the mature office lady look Nicole Yie!

To me, fashion is not about buying new clothes every week for new OOTD. It's all about mixing and matching different pieces in different ways, even if the clothes are old and outdated. The clothes that I am wearing here are actually my old clothes, but I'm feeling new cause I've created a new style to myself!

What am I wearing

  • Black short sleeve jacket
  • Tribal buster top
  • Red pencil skirts
  • Black short heels
  • Blue GlamoXotic Satchel from Bonia
  • Rose Gold Spark Watch from Bonia

I don't really bring small bags around, but this stunning Blue GlamoXotic Satchel from +BoniaFashion not just pretty in its size and colour, but also making me feel very light weighted, especially during this Pokemon Go season that I need to travel light everyday for Pokehunt! It comes with a few colours, but this light blue is just irresistible!

This piece of gorgeous satchel is an online exclusive item from! It's not available in their retail store but only in their website, so make sure you check them out at before it's sold out.

Recently I've been obsessing with Rose Gold so much that this piece of Rose Gold Spark Watch has caught my attention when I entered the website.

This timepiece features sapphire glass where the surface will not easily get scratches, and the size is just perfect for my hand! This small classy accessory is definitely a must to complete my mature office lady look!

I personally love how this blue satchel match with my red outfit (and hair) so well. The key of this look is not to bring a big blue bag to make a huge distraction. Don't be afraid to go for different bright colours in your ootd cause it's all about fun and being yourself! I'm always a person who loves to play with colours, and sometimes match them with black & white.

So what do you think of this look?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Looks simply gorgeous, and your red hair pair well with red skirt too. Really OL look which is a rather new style compared to your previous styling way, but that's a sign of growing up actually so it's okay! Hehe

    1. Thanks Mable! Haha true, it's not my usual look! But I'm getting in love with this mature look nowadays ;P

  2. OL look is always the hardest for me~ dunno wat to wear during my intern @.@

    1. I know how u feel! I didn't really wear OL look during my internship tho XD