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The Face Shop THE THERAPY First Serum & Moisture Blending Formula Cream Review

They all said it's never too late to start to anti age your skin. Well, I say it's best to keep your skin moisturized 24/7 and feed the right products to your skin to maintain the young look!

After my skin condition has improved, I finally decided to try out new skincare products again! So in this post, I'll be sharing the magic behind the 2 new skincare product from The Face Shop - THE THERAPY First Serum & Moisture Blending Formula Cream, and what do I think of them after using it for 2 weeks.

The moment when you received skincare products with such a glamorous packaging!

A short introduction of the 2 products were included inside the box, how thoughtful!
Left: THE THERAPY First Serum
Right: THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Formula Cream

Before I introduce these 2 products, let's get to know a little bit about what's so special about THE THERAPY skincare range.

THE THERAPY skincare range is an European blending formula-based skincare that delivers excellent anti-aging effects on skin. The European blending formula uses rich mineral, blue algae that contain high anti-oxidant. 

The key point of its uniqueness and popularity of this range of products is its 
  • Thalassotherapy's Essential Water, 
  • European Essential Oil Recipe and 
  • Water Blending Crystal Technology. 

THE THERAPY skincare range has been in the market for a while, and it's continuing to expand and now introducing THE THERAPY First Serum and THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Formula Cream.

The Therapy First Serum

Trust me, this big bottle can last you at least 3 months to half a year!

THE THERAPY First Serum, the essential regimen first step anti-aging serum is a Royal Anti Aging First Care that provides anti-aging, anti-dryness, rich moisture and exfoliating effect. It uses water blending formula with crystal particles and essential oil that assures optimum skincare results by restoring balance to skin, and it's called the Water Blending Crystal Technology.

Water Blending Crystal Technology: Stabilized active ingredients using natural polysaccharides that is instantly absorbed into the skin to maximize anti-aging and moisturizing effects.

The word "First" in the name of the product means that it's the first product to be used after cleansing yous skin. Using The Therapy First Serum after cleansing and before toning is just like the first glass of water you drink in the morning. It make ways for deeper penetration to maximize the effect of The Therapy care series.

Product Benefits

  • Intense hydration
  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Anti-aging
  • Balance the skin
  • Boosting effect
This product is good to use with any other range of skincare products as it helps to enhance on absorption with any treatments used after the first serum.

The texture is watery, a little bit thicker than water. It is mild and comfortable to smell.

Main Ingredients

The Therapy First Serum uses top class blending formulate that contains
  • Europe Therapist's essential oil recipe and
  • French Thalassotherapy essential ingredients. 

The French Thalassotherapy Water was created similarly with the sea water blending formula that uses
  1. rich mineral from sea water
  2. blue algae that contains high anti-oxidant, and 
  3. oligofurcellaran for moisturizing effect
This sea water was said to be the water with the most amount of natural mineral ingredients on Earth. This water contains exceptional amount of natural mineral, one element that forms skin NMF, it's even more than spring water. Hence, in this formula, it has the healing and beneficial properties of the sea and marine environment, It claims that it's 100 times more mineral than the famous European mineral water Evian.

Besides, it contains 3 natural essential oils:
  1. Sandalwood - Promotes healthy, smooth skin & reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes, wrinkles and sagginess
  2. Avocado - excellent skin moisturizer and care agent
  3. Palmarosa- treat skin problems (i.e eczema & psoriasis) & good for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties
These are the ingredients to restore skin's healthy radiance by treating and slowing down signs of aging, rejuvenating the skin's vitality and creating the optimum balance of moisture, transparency and suppleness.

Usage Direction

After cleansing and before toning, pump 1-2 times and apply following the skin texture outward. It can be used with or without cotton pad.

This product is recommended for:
  • aged 30's and above
  • has normal to dry skin
  • are existing using The Therapy products
Not recommended for skin with break out!

Extra tips to use the First Serum!
The first serum ain't just a normal serum that use on your daily basis. It might not suitable for your current age range of skin type, but you can use it in either of these 3 ways to improve your skin condition:

#1. Use it as a pack: Dampen a piece of gauze with the 1st serum and free it in the fridge. Put it on the face as a pack for 10 min for its cooling and relaxing purposes.

#2. Use it as a massage gel: After a relaxing shower, pour the 1st serum into the warm palm and gently press on the face points (i.e the temples, cheek points and behind the ears). Inhale deeply for the relaxing sandalwood based essential oil will help in relaxing as well.

#3. Use as a facial mist: Pour the 1st serum into a bottle with spray, and spray onto the face as and when you feel that your skin needs it (especially when stayed in an air-conditioned room for long hours or when on the plane).

My Thoughts

I have to say that this is one of the best serum I've used before. Before I start using it, I thought that it's gonna be not suitable for my skin as I was having oily skin, but I find it does help to maintain moisture on my skin while I was in working in my air-conditioned room. After I started using this serum, I actually felt that my skin doesn't secrete more oil like I used to have anymore, and hence my skin condition is now combination instead of oily.

Besides, I told myself that if I encountered any new break outs on my cheeks after using this product, I'll need to stop using it immediately as it's probably too nourished to my skin. However after using it for 2 weeks, there isn't any new pimples on my cheeks at all. Although there was 2 new break outs on my chin, but that was obviously caused by my imbalanced hormone as I have been getting them almost every month at a certain period of time.

In overall, I do recommend this multi-purpose product to anyone (except those with break out problems) to use, just bare in mind that if you're younger than 30, try not to use it too much cause I don't guarantee it that it won't cause any problem to your skin.

Product Information

Name: THE THERAPY First Serum
Country of Origin: Korea
Volume: 130ml
Price: RM148.29 (Inclusive GST)
Where to buy: THE FACE SHOP Stores nationwide (link)

The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream

THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Formula Cream is formulated in two layers contain of lightweight essential oil and intense moisturizing cream at the bottom layer. This moisturizer is an anti-aging, anti-dry and rich moisture cream with the freshness of emerald sea that contains moisture-oil layer deeply moisturizes skin inside and out.

Upon opening the new product, you can see that the white cream is inside the transparent cream.

This reinvented blend-to-use formula consists of a moisturizing gel and an oil layer: Hand-blended ingredients are combined to create a luxurious cream that feels soft and gently melts into skin for intense hydration.

Product Effects

  • Anti-age
  • Anti-dry
  • Rich-moisture care
  • European noble glowing skin

After opening, blend it with a spatula for 10 seconds in circular motion.
The 2 layers were smoothly blend together to deliver unique softness and moisture.

Main Ingredients

The moisture blending formula cream has the same main ingredients as the First Serum which are the
  1. Thalassotherapy water that contains sea water, blue algae & oligofurcellaran
  2. The 3 natural essential oil - sandalwood, avocado & palmarosa.
The texture is not too thick, and it's soft and smooth while blending it onto the skin.
It has almost the same mild smell as the First Serum.

Usage Direction

After opening, blend the cream with a spatula for 10 seconds in circular motion. Apply appropriate amount after serum in the morning or night time.

It has sleeping mask function and also improved highly moisturizing cream feature, and I personally recommend to apply it thicker before you sleep twice every week to boost the hydration.

My thoughts

Since it's a moisturizing cream for anti-aging and dry skin, I didn't use very much of it every time as it get a little bit oily on my skin if it's too much. A little bit goes a long way, it's still very nourishing and moisturizing after using just a little bit, and it's perfect to keep my skin moisturized under air-conditioned room.

So far it doesn't caused any problem to my skin as well, perhaps the sea water's beneficial properties works after all! However, I don't think I should recommend this to everyone because it's an anti-aging moisturizer anyway, and people who really needed this is definitely those who has dry skin and are aged above 30. But looking in their advanced technology in this bottle of moisturizer, it's kinda worth to invest it and give it a try.

Product Information

Name: THE THERAPY Moisture Blending Cream
Country of Origin: Korea
Volume: 50ml
Price: RM185.48 (Inclusive GST)
Where to buy: THE FACE SHOP Stores nationwide (link)

After using these 2 products for 2 weeks, I couldn't tell that there's a huge change to my skin because it's just a short 2 weeks time of trying it. The improvement that I can tell is that my skin feels smoother and nourished now. By nourish I mean my skin can still feel the moisture on my skin, like oily but it's actually the products instead of my facial oil.

So what do you think? Does the technology behind these products impressed you? :)

For more information, kindly visit:
Website: http://www.thefaceshop.my
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefaceshopmalaysia
Instagram: @thefaceshopmalaysia

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 
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