Saturday, 3 September 2016

10 reasons to shop in SGshop than Taobao

I've been away from shopping with Taobao for a while because it always took me one whole day to just shop for 3 items, plus it's kinda inconvenient if we're purchasing it from Facebook agents.

Recently, I'm back to shop for stuffs I need from Taobao, but it's with SGshop! SGshop is an official agent website which provide us a super convenient way to shop in your favourite China e-commerce websites, i.e Taobao, T-mall & Alibaba!

SGshop claims that they are Malaysia's most reliable and cose effective taobao agent. Besides providing an easy way to shop, they also partnered with the best logistics and express companies for consumers to receive their purchases.

I know that there are a few more official taobao agents website out there, but here are the reasons why I prefer to shop in SGshop than directly from Taobao.

#1. Everything in this website is in English!

This is actually one of the biggest reason because there are times I don't understand China's description in items, and that's why English looks more friendly to me. Anyone who don't read Chinese can now easily make purchases from China websites.

#2. They literally sell EVERYTHING!

Taobao has everything, so does SGshop!
And all of them are super cheap!!
They even recommend some fashion brands that you don't know.

#3. The interface is clean and easy to surf.

To me, it's always hard to surf Taobao because of the different country's server. All the images took me forever to load. Besides, they have so many pop up ads or notification which annoys me!

#4. Looks exactly like Taobao

If you're used to shop in Taobao, SGshop it's not gonna be a totally new website for you cause the interface in a product is 98% the same! (2% is the thing that I mentioned in #3.)

#5. All the information are stated clearly in your cart before you check out.

How many of them, which colour and size, how much each cost.... All in one page!

#6. They take good care of your goods!

If you're worried that your goods will break or spoiled or anything during the shipping process, you can just pay a little bit more for the SG care service, it's just like an insurance la, not forcing you to buy but they will not responsible for anything happened.

#7. You can purchase directly with most updated MYR currency!

Don't be scared by the rate, I added a bunch of useless items into my cart cause they are so cheap!
Sometime random agents just simply said one conversion rate, and after rounding up, it's even more expensive than you thought. This direct payment service is almost the same from the direct shipping in Taobao, but the shipping rate within Malaysia cost so much higher.

#8. They make sure you know the status of your items!

After you've placed your order, the status would be "Confirm" and it will be updated once the China e-store has ship out the item.
And they will email you so that you know you order has been made!
When your item has been shipped by the China e-store, the status would be "Towards warehouse (China)".

After the warehouse received the items, SGshop will send you and email and/or SMS informing you that you can submit your delivery (to be sent to you in Malaysia), and the status would change to "Warehouse entry". You can choose to send them separately to different address, or wait for them to send in all at once.

The email & SMS that informs you your parcel situations

#9. They helped you to check your goods!

This part is my favourite! Basically, when you purchase from SGshop, it's not linked to Taobao, and SGshop will do the buying from the original website. So when the items were sent to their warehouse, they are the buyers to the China e-store's owner. Hence, it's kind of their responsible to check whether the items are received in good condition or not.

SGshop will do inspection to check if the items you purchased are good in condition or not, and make sure the items you received are either in good condition, or they will seek for your approval whether you still want the defect items or not before they send it to you!

You will see "Pending Inspection" while they are checking the items, and then "Complete Inspection" if the items are perfect, or "Problematic Order" if they found any defects! Like honestly, is there any Taobao agency that's so kind enough to do this to every customers?!

They even have this direct message function to tell you that what's the defect (with the defect image!), and they even help you to get refund from the China store, and refund it into your account! The function is so convenient that you can just reply them directly, you don't need a Taobao or QQ or Alibaba account to stay connected with them and with your items!

#10. And they have various choices of shipping method from China to Malaysia.

Different types of shipping method depends on the price and special/sensitive items, like special air is specially for those who ordered sensitive items.

Bacically I couldn't say it's faster than you order from Taobao. You have to pay more for faster delivery, just like normal poslaju or gdex in Malaysia. :)

So these are the reasons why I recommend you guys to shop in SGshop. The service I love the most is the inspection part where they check all of your items and inform you if there's any defects before you got disappointed!

Now it's your turn to try out SGshop! Use my discount code "NICO16SEP" to enjoy 25% off from the service charge when you purchase in!

-only applicable to "Buy-For-Me".
-valid till 30th September 2016.
-discount code must be used within valid period to enjoy promotion.

Let me know if you've shopped with them before and please do share out your opinion with me!

For more information, kindly visit:
Instagram: @sgshop_malaysia


  1. i want to try this, is it only for Malaysia?

    1. yea I think so, only in M'sia and s'pore