Wednesday, 3 August 2016

[Gadget] Otterbox iPhone SE Defender Series Case First Impression

Do you know when was my first time heard about Otterbox? It's when my boyfriend saw that I dropped or knocked on my phone several times a day, and he told me that I need a super protective case from Otterbox in order to protect my phone from more upcoming earthquakes.

Not just so, I always love to throw my phone into my bag instead of holding them, and end up my screen and back case get weird little scratches that annoys me so much.

If these ever happened to you either, Otterbox is here to rescue you (and me)!

Here I'm holding the Defender Series of iPhone SE from Otterbox.

In case you haven't know about Otterbox, it's a company that sells protective cases for phones and tablets with various series and designs of your own choice.

The Defender Series case from Otterbox works to defend your device from drops, dirt and daily adventures. Their cases were tested thousands of times and it has proven to protect your phone from your daily adventures with their OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection.

The key features of Defender Series:
  • Drop protection
  • Dust protection
  • Scratch protection
  • Triple layer protection
  • Screen protection
The case comes with 3 sturdy layers that will keep your phone safe from drops, dirt and scrape taking on all the wear and tear of regular use. It completely covers the phone with trusted OtterBox protection to prevent scratches and dings.

Double the protection!
Yes, it protects your screen as well!!

You can also get a holster that keeps your phone handy and provides a mini stand for hand-free use. (Note: holster sold separately)

The thing that I love the most about this case is that it's super easy to grab, and I'm surprised that it's not bulky at all. I've never seen cases with a transparent protection in front before, and this feature impressed me! The holster was brilliant. The belt clip can be twisted to form a stand for your phone.

I know that this colour wasn't really suitable for girls like me and most of my beauty audiences here, but it some how looks kinda pretty for me when it's without the holster. And of course they have some other colours as well. You can check them out here.

So whatta ya think? Comment me on what's your first impression after seeing my overview images above!

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  1. omg so rough looking, not for a lady at all! they should find a more feminine design for girls

  2. This is lady enough