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BMS Organic Suger Free Mooncake Launching Event

Being a Chinese, I was kinda embarrassed to tell anyone that I don't eat mooncake during Mid-Autumn Festival. I always have it at home, but I just don't like it even though I have sweet tooth. Glad that I never used to like mooncake because most of the mooncakes out there contains high sugar and fats.

But this year, I'm falling in love with the mooncakes from BMS Organic because they've just launched their new Organic Sugar Free Mooncake!

The launching event was held in Cheras Leisure Mall 2 weeks ago in the open area of the mall. The key point is to introduce a healthy choice of mooncakes for everyone to enjoy during this festive season. There are total of 6 flavours of the mooncake introduced during the launch.

During the event, Mr Eddy Ng, the business development manager of BMS Organic, introduced the 6 choices of SUGAR FREE mooncakes. He said that the sweetness in these mooncakes are substituted by natural isomalt instead of using normal sugar in it. Since it doesn't contain sugar, these mooncakes are recommended for people with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Besides, he also mentioned that the ingredients in these mooncakes are 100% organic. They are all freshly made from the finest ingredients which will give you a hint of intensity and a delightful texture. Let's see what does organic ingredient means - for example, the plain flour is free from bleaching and additives, produced through traditional style stone milling process which helps immensely in reducing the loss of cereals enzymes and nutrients.

These six choices of organic sugar free mooncakes include three unique flavours and three classic flavour. Without further ado, let's have a closer look and description on each flavour of the mooncakes!

Three Unique Flavours

1. Pink Lady 10 Grain Beetroot

10 Grain Beetroot is great for replenishing blood for women. The combination of oat milk and lotus seed paste fillings, coupled with the natural colouring of outer layer that sourced from beetroot juice. This natural and pinkish gem will surely be your ticket to happiness.

2. Bamboo Charcol Black Sesame

Aroma-rich black sesame is packed with calcium, vitamins and trace minerals. Its black outer layer is craftily made from bamboo charcoal. Greater taste and healthier digestive system are no longer a dream!

3. Green Balance Macha Red Bean

This is their best selling flavour! The healthy aromas of green tea and wheat grass are value even more. The perfect combination of green and red colours, whereby the red beans offers gentle sweetness and smoothness to the palate, while the natural green tea powder made up the exterior. This nutritious blend is widely known to aid in body detoxification.

Three Classic Flavours

4. Pure Lotus

If you love the truly classic flavour of mooncakes, this is the one you definitely will love. It uses only the best quality ingredients such as high-quality lotus seeds that bring you the best blend of healthy and great taste.

5. Pure Lotus with Yolk

The salted aromatic egg yolk fused splendidly with a classic sweet pure lotus seed paste makes this mooncake taste even superior.

6. Mixed Nuts Delight (no images to show)
Rich in fiber and healthy fatty acids. This exquisite flavour will surely linger in your mouth and is a must pick mooncake for those who desire a traditional taste.

These mooncakes has 2 months shelf life. Store them in room temperature and make sure you finish them within 2 months! And don't worry my Muslim friends, the mooncakes are halal so feel free to enjoy these mooncakes even if you're not celebrating mooncake festival!

BMS Organic didn't just created a healthy yet tasty mooncakes, but also come out with a unique way to reuse the gift box as a lantern after unpack it, suitable to gift it to your friends and family! In this lantern style gift box, it contains 4 pieces of the sugar free mooncakes. Besides, there's another kind of gift box that contains 2 pieces of mooncakes and a can of organic green tea.

Product Information

Name: BMS Organic Sugar Free Mooncake:
Price: RM107.60 for 4-pieces lantern mooncake gift box; RM63.00 for 2-pieces mooncakes and organic green tea gift set.
Where to buy: All BMS Organics Outlet and Website (link)

Good news for all BMS Organics members OR credit card holders (Citibank, Public Bank & Aeon)!
  • Receive a RM10 BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe cash voucher with every purchase of a 4-piece mooncake lantern gift box, and extra 20% discount for the second box. OR
  • Receive a RM5 BMS Organics Vegetarian Cafe cash voucher with every purchase of a 2-piece mooncake gift box, and extra 20% discount for the second box.

If you planned to purchase online, enjoy FREE DELIVERY for the entire West Malaysia! Besides, enjoy 10% rebate with the code "BMSO2UMC"!

One last good news! BMS Organic Vegetarian Cafe will be doing a Buy 1 Free 1 Green Monday Promo every Monday, so make sure you take this chance to check them out and have a try!

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