Tuesday, 30 August 2016

#AltheaTurns1 Birthday Party @ RUANG

Oh boy, it's a super late post isn't it. Althea's birthday party was on 23rd July, but it's more than a month already. It was the last event that I need to travel down to KL all the way from Penang, and I'm glad that I joined the event! In case you don't know, I'm now working in KL already, and I'm still settling down! Anyway, without further ado, let's see what happened during the pink event!
What : Althea Pink Birthday Party
Where : RUANG, Subang Jaya
When : 23rd July 2016

Registration counter with all the Althea staffs.


Kimbap station with 3 different flavours of...Korean Sushi?

Pink = Sweet! 
It's a cake, can you believe it?! Too creative too pretty, I cannot!!
In case you don't already know, Bingsu is Korean's most famous dessert, so here we have it!
Making my strawberry flavour bingsu in PINK!!


This Glitz&Glam Studiobooth just took my heart away! It's the cutest photobooth I've ever seen! I don't mind having this to be placed in my future home!
More images of the event photobooth can be found in Glitz&Glam's Facebook Album.

Awesome art work.
The other photobooth to pose with Althea's pink boxes and balloons!
Last but not least, a selfie corner! You can just use the designed party hat and selfie!
Check mine out here.


So here's Tammy the founder of the butterfly project who's also working in Althea & Emcee of the day.
Can you guess who is he? I bet you won't believe with his down to earth dressing and politeness, he's the CEO of Althea, Frank Kang!! Met him 3 times during Althea's events and he's always so friendly and kind to everyone of us!
Cutting Althea's birthday cake! Althea is officially 1 years old now!!

The whole 2 hours of event are mostly meeting new/old friends, enjoying sweet foods and have fun. But there's a surprise session by the team, which is all of the attendees gets RM150 credits to shop in althea.kr during the event! How great was Althea, I cannot!! T.T

And here's a secret who's care enough to read this paragrah. I've used the credits to purchase items for my coming Facebook 1000 Fans giveaway! It's gonna be a big beauty giveaway, but please bare with me as I'm still settling down in KL, and everything was still in Penang. I'll announce my giveaway very soon one I've prepared the gift properly! :D

And another important session, which is Lucky draw! So this is how the lucky draw works - Everyone is the winner!! Everyone gets to pick one pink balloon that's surrounded around the stage and pop it! What's written on the paper inside the balloon is the gift.

Everyone's ready to pop their gift out!!
So I've got the cushion set again! Since I've owned one, I'm giving away this to you as well! Stay tuned!

Big thanks to our lucky draw sponsors - It's My, WondeRuci Aromatica!

I love how Althea held their event this time as their fans from Facebook get the chance to join the fun as well, instead of just inviting us bloggers! To be honest, we can barely find this kind of down to earth company anymore. All the giveaways, RM150 credits giving out for free, lucky draws, foods and friendly staffs... I would like to say GOOD JOB Althea Korea! You've (already) gained my permanent full support! Keep it up and looking forward for the 2nd, 3rd....,50th...60th birthday!!

Once again, Happy birthday to Althea!


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