Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Triumph Manic Day of ShopBraHaul Challenge Event @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

If you've heard of Clothes Buffet before, you might find that the ShopBraHaul Challenge is kind of familiar because instead of grabbing clothes, it's about grabbing as many bras as possible within 30 seconds!

I was so honoured to be invited by Triumph to experience the Manic Day of ShopBraHaul Challenge few weeks ago, and I have to say that it's very unforgettable! Click here to read the teaser post if you haven't.

What : Triumph "Manic Day of ShopBra Haul Challenge" Event
Where : ShopBraHolics Unite Sale @ Gurney Plaza, Penang
When : 26 June 2016

The Triumph ShopBraHolic Unite Sale.

Before the challenge starts, the bloggers got the chance to be interviewed on how are we feeling at that moment, what are our strategies for the challenge and so on. 

With the pretty emcee of the day - Haruki.
With the bloggers, Jasmin & Yi Tin, and emcee Haruki.
The space area for the challenge!!
Close up look, spotted any hidden lingerie? Haha
Yes, just 30 seconds! You think 1 day passed very fast? Hmmm~
We were given a Triumph's small paper bag to fill the lingerie while entering the area.
Click here to check out the live video from Triumph's Facebook, and spot me!

I made it! It was so fun!
All of us were so happy after grabbing so many lingerie!

So after the challenge, we were asked to show what we got, share the challenge experience and our tips and strategy to the Triumph fans!

And I've joined the Confession Time where I shared what I love about Triumph in a video! As mentioned in the teaser, the top 3 confessors will win away some awesome prizes! Watch it now to find out what's my favourite bra category from Triumph! :)

And here's my haul from the challenge, plus extra new bras and panties that I shopped during the sales!

As you can tell, I did not just got 14 bras from the challenge, but also some other lingerie like panties and corsage! Couldn't feel more blessed to be able to experience such a unique event! I can't wait for the next challenge from Triumph already!

Thank you Triumph for the awesome and joyful event!

Do stay tuned at Triumph's Facebook page or Instagram for their next challenge!

Disclaimer: Images without my watermark are courtesy of Triumph.

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