Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Easy Contouring Technique with Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo!

As a super budget beauty product consumer, I always thought that contouring products like shading stick, highlighter or contouring palettes are a waste of money because I can just simply use my own brown and bright shades of eye shadows to do the same thing. But sometimes beauty gurus just made my heart itchy to own some of the brand's contouring products!
Few years back when Michelle Phan launched her brand Em, I wanted the Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick so bad because it's by far the most fun and convenient contouring product I've ever seen. But smart minds know that there will be some other local brands or stores who will use the same concept to make their own contouring product, which can be easily get it in Malaysia.

Finally, after seeing Pony used the Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo in her makeup video (she's even the official face of the Play 101 Sticks promo video!), I thought for a while and purchased it through an online beauty store! Today, I've owned 2 pieces of this product because I knew it will need it for a long period of time! The 2nd piece I got it from Althea Korea at a lower price!

Product description: The Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo is a creamy contour duo that creates a look of authentic dimentionality of face.

The highlight side
The shading side.
Swatches of both the shades.

The textures are smooth and easy to be applied onto the skin. The highlight colour is bright but not too shimmery, and the shading colour is not too dark. Both the shades are suitable for typical asian skin tone.

Usage Direction

For the shading, I always love to shade
  1. on the sides of my nose for a higher nose bridge effect
  2. in the middle of my philtrum for a deeper philtrum
  3. below my lower lips for a more 3D lips look
  4. on my outer eyelids to enhance the crease for a bigger eyes
Sometimes I would apply it onto my hairline, below cheekbones and and jawlines as well.

Where I normally shade my face. And yes I used it as an eye shadow as well!!

For highlighting, I love to apply it
  1. on to my nose bridge to achieve higher nose bridge 
  2. below and above the end of my eyebrows for a more 3D look
  3. on top of my cheekbones for a little lifting effect
  4. on the cupid of my upper lip and chin for an overall 3D look
It's also small enough to use on eye bags / under eyes to achieve the famous Korean eye bag look (AEGYO sal)!

And where I normally highlight my face.
Do I look pwetty awready? XD
Blend the products with your clean fingers, or blending brush/beauty blender if you have them!
Left: Before contouring my face; Right: After contouring my face.
I'm loving the natural results!
It looks very natural even from the side!

As a lazy people, I don't make up everyday. But I rarely skip this contouring step using this product because it's so convenient and easy to use, I only need to open the caps and rub then on my skin and blend, and voila! From face to nose, to eyes and to brows, to lips and to chin, like seriously, it's all in one!

This product has made me fall in love with contouring, even though I used to think it's pretty unnecessary. Sometimes I realized that using it to enhance my feature also helps to reduce the appearance of my post-acne scars and spots! So far I can't really find the cons for this product! Do you have it? Share with me!

Product Information

Name: Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo
Country of Origin: Korea
Weight/Size/Volume: 1.7g x 2
PriceRM65.00 RM48.00
Where to buy: Althea Korea (link)

So tell me, have you tried any similar products before? Cause if there are any similar products, I want to try them!! I should probably make a comparison post as well since I'm falling in love with it so much! :D

Disclaimer: Product was bought with Althea Korea's credit, but review is in volunteering based. All opinions and thoughts are based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person. 


  1. my only problem is that etude doesn't last very long on my face

    1. oh? how come? maybe you shud add some loose powders or use makeup lasting sprays?

  2. Loving your makeup here my dear! So perfectly done! Nice contouring :3

  3. Love it dear! You are tempting me to get more :( hhaha