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Kopi Hutan - Enjoy Hot Coffee in a Windy Weather - the Perfect Getaway from the City and Noises!

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Everyone come to Penang to explore famous hawker foods, cafes and mural arts. How about some experience away from the city to enjoy cool fresh air, hot coffee, mural arts and monkey cups? Yes, everything in one location - Kopi Hutan, Penang Hill!

If you've been to Penang Hill for the past few months, you might have visited this place because the buggy car service there will bring you to the furthest part of the Penang Hill, which is where Monkey Cup Garden and Kopi Hutan located at.

The entrance to (left) Kopi Hutan and (right) Monkey Cup Garden. They are still preparing their official signboard.

Kopi Hutan Cafe Overview

Kopi Hutan is a small cafe in Penang Hill that provides authentic Arabica coffee, teas, homemade cakes, snacks and so on. Kopi Hutan was extended from the Monkey Cup Garden, hence they have the same boss.

The unique stone designed furniture, it's just like eating in a high class forest!

If you're going up to Penang Hill for Kopi Hutan and Monkey Cup Garden, you can make an appointment with the boss and he'll pick you up from Love Locks for FREE! Or if you feel like walking, it's about 20-30 minutes from Love Locks. Of course you can take the Penang Hill's buggy car service (cost money) to explore around as well and reach there at the last stop as well.

Note: Penang Hill's cable car fares is not included, please refer the fares at Penang Hill's website.

Foods And Drinks

Now let us take a look at their foods and beverages!

The latest but temporary beverage menu. Cakes will depend on the 'cake of the day'.
My partner of my high tea session there. Don't get jealous cause you can too! ;)

Kopi Hutan only serves one kind of coffee, which is the authentic Arabica Coffee. The coffee beans are mixed from 5 different countries. As you can tell from the pot, they are all freshly brewed! You order, they will only start to brew for you.

Besides, they have Lavender Tea as well. However, if you're bringing kids along, they might not enjoy coffee or tea. So the boss has came out with a new kids-friendly beverage, which is the hot chocolate milk!

Special Pot-Brewed Coffee | RM8.00 per 1 pax pot
For a non-coffee lover here, I still can remember how great the smell is! I'm missing it already!
Homemade Cake #1: Chocolate Mousse Cake | RM12.00 per piece
Homemade Cake #2: Peach Cheese Cake | RM12.00 per piece
Tapioca Crackers & Bread Stick | RM2.00 per basket
Lavender Tea (not in the menu) | RM8.00 per pot (per pax)
Not a flower tea person as well, but I can finish one cup in one sip!
How can I not take picture with my food at this pretty environment???

So here's a short review on the food. If you have been to cafe with me before, normally I don't order coffee cause I can't stand the taste of coffee. But their Arabica Coffee taste not too heavy but not too light, it's consider perfect for me! Can you believe I finished one pot all by myself?! I don't XD 

And for the Lavender Tea, I don't usually enjoy flower tea as it feels like eating flowers. But this one, it's so good! You won't feel that it has too much fragrant in it, but still has a slight original taste of lavender. I can finish one cup in one sip!

Besides, I recommended you guys to try out the homemade cake! Both the homemade cakes are surprisingly tasty than I thought. One piece is not too thick, so you won't feel very full after finishing it.

Honestly, the price here is considered very affordable because it's located in a tourist attraction but the price are just like normal average Penang cafe's price! You won't wanna know how much those famous cafe in the town charge for just a piece of cake and a cup of latte!


Now we've done for food, and let's check out the environment! As mentioned above, there are mural arts for you to take picture around here!

And you can barely take OOTD with the forest in the city, right? Plus the natural light is so pretty up here!

Selfie idea: take it on the buggy car like this!

Monkey Cups Garden

In case you're interested in Monkey Cups, just visit the garden next door that contains up to 100 species of Monkey Cups from world wide! There will be a tour guide lead you through the garden, and explain everything you need to know about the Monkey Cups. Entrance fee is RM12, super worth to take a walk in there!

Besides the plants, you will see some little creatures like scorpions and worms at the entrance of Monkey Cup Garden as well! You can request to play with them from the boss! And there will be a small Passion Fruit Garden soon in few months time! Bet everyone's gonna have more fun than I do here soon!

Since it's at the furthest stop to go by buggy car, it's the perfect stop to enjoy a pot of hot coffee in the windy weather. It's so comfortable to enjoy a pot of coffee here because the wind is so cool, there are birds chirping and bugs sound, best getaway location ever! There won't be bugs like mosquito and flies because it's located high in the hill, but there were some small bugs flying around due to Durian season. But I've recommended some of my friends to visit them already! How about you? ;)

Kopi Hutan

Address: Summit Road, Penang Hill, Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours: 8.30am - 6.30pm | Daily
Contact: +60 12-4289 585 (Eric)

*Click here for Chinese Version of the post*

So before I sign off, it's my first time writing food review in both Chinese and English at the same time! Let me know if you want me to do my future post in both languages as well, or just use back one language by commenting down below! Your suggestion would be much appreciated! And thank you for reading till the end! Love y'all <3
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