Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Getting Around Asia with Malindo Air

What do you get when you combine the national aerospace and defense industries from a premier Asian country, with an award winning budget airline, from another premier Asian country?

The answer is one of the world's newest airline fleets; Malindo air. Using a clever combination of their host countries names Malaysia and Indonesia, the two countries have come together to create an airline which flies to a number of Asian destinations.

Flying Malindo air, you know that safety and quality is going to be at the forefront of your trip, the airline is brand new; less than two years old and they have the policy of only buying new planes. The outcome of this, is that you won't be flying on age old rust buckets, as it would be in some new airlines, but instead brand new ATR and Boeing aircraft, which guarantees the latest in safety and comfort, you can expect all this and more after booking your Malindo Air ticket.

Malindo Air prides itself on delivering a business and budget option of flying to the ever growing Asian economy. The business option available to all customers is something which is unrivaled in the budget flying scene. The extra-large seats with improved leg room ensure that you'll fly in comfort and arrive at your destination well rested.

Another benefit of flying business with Malindo; it's like you've never left the desk. Flying business means you're often working and the ingenious innovations in the Malindo business class means you can work all the way to your destination. Your chair comes with a built in power supply and USB port and even WIFI. Giving you the ability to work on your long flight meaning less stress at your destination and more time to relax.

Business Class
Malindo hasn't left all of its innovation in is business class, in its endeavour to improve comfort, it has a higher than normal leg room allowance even in its economy class. This means it doesn't matter if you taller than normal, or just looking for that extra bit of comfort, Malindo will get you there comfortably.

Economy Class
While in economy, you also get the same entertainment package, giving you viewing access to the latest Hollywood blockbuster, so you'll not be bored on that long international flight. Additionally they have specially created a delicious Asian inspired menu, meaning that you can dine in fine style on the best Asian delights.

If you're interested in flying with this revolutionary airline, be sure to download their well-designed and easy to use Malindo Air smart phone application, available on Android. Using this application allows you to easily search and book flights while on the go. It also makes repeat travel infinitely easier as it allows you to store all your detail and any other passengers with you, mean all that complicated data entry can be minimalized. Don't worry about your data's safety though, because it is all safely stored with encryption and can only be accessed with a Username, password and pin. You can also book any Malindo Air Flights using Traveloka.com or other online travel agent sites.

Disclaimer: This guest post was published in partnership with Traveloka.
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  1. Now I've some knowledge about Malindo as I only use to get on Air Asia ^.^'' Really need to learn and know more about this.. ^.^

    1. ya I personally prefer malindo than airasia cause at the same price I can enjoy more in malindo!