Tuesday, 10 May 2016

[Event] Bake & Shop Party with Althea Korea | Butterfly Project's 3rd Birthday Bash!

Yes that was my big bite of the doughnut. Nomz.
What: Bake & Shop Party by The Butterfly Project and Althea Korea
Where: Delectable by Su, Glasshouse at Seputeh
When: 30 April 2016, 3pm

This event was held to celebrate butterfly project turning 3 years old! There were so many attractive activities such as BB Cushion Decorating session, Cookie Playground where we decorate our own cookies, Shop & Selfie with Althea and tea party with other bloggers! Since this event was held by the Butterfly Project and Althea Korea, the theme of the event is Pink and Pastel so you're gonna see every one in pretty pink and pastel!

Oh, in case you outdated babies haven't know about Althea Korea, click here to read one of my top post about all the information you need to know about Althea!

Thanks to Delectable by Su for the awesome venue! Good lighting, pretty environment and awesome food!
Spot those pinky Althea beauty boxes!
The cookie playground with so many choices of cookies, toppings and FONDUE!
They look like decoration plants but guess what, they are cakes! One of the most creative things I've ever seen!!
Our goodies box which includes the BB Cushion deco kit, Laneige Whie Plus Renew Trial Kit and a cute pink Apron!
Isn't the apron so cute?! All of us are wearing it together and we do look cute with it!
I'm ready for my desserts! Oh wait they were not baked yet...
Well of course we have our BB Cushion Decorating Guru, Sabby (left) to lead us before we start the mess, I mean, to bake! And our beloved mamasan Tammy (right), the founder of the Butterfly Project were also giving us information about the event!
Oh I really don't have talent in doing pastries. Them awkward creams though. But it was so fun squeezing the cream!
Here's my final outcome! Never have creativeness in my blood. It's weird if compared to other's, but it's perfect to me!
Love the rainbow colour and the cute wink in the middle. ;)
Happy girl iz happy coz she finally got her favourite BB Cushion decorated uniquely!
Some other pretty 'cakes'!
Spot all the pink aprons around the table! We look kawaii~ XD
Time for Shopping and Selfie session! We were given RM150 credits to shop in Althea.kr for only 30 minutes! But not a problem to me as Althea is my current favourite online beauty store! (Close eyes also can shop like a boss XD)
And here's what I got for RM150! Received them in 9 days all the way from Korea!
Thank you Althea for the event, prizes and another awesome shopping experience!

Man I still can't believe that I'm a Butterfly for 2 years plus already! Still remember that their first birthday party was my very first blogger event, and I was still a little Caterpillar in the community! It's good to see how fast the community is growing and improving! Couldn't be more thankful to the community for helping me to grow in the blogger community, such as giving me opportunities to connect with brands and meeting more friends!

Not sure if this will be my last event in KL cause I'm now officially based in Penang. Luckily I still get to join though as I was in KL for some other function as well. I actually got my invitation the day before the event and I never prepared any pretty pink dresses for the event and never bring my camera along! All images in this post are taken by my lousy phone, which obviously it's not as good as normally my camera do.

Anyway, it's been great catching up with mamasan and all other KL blogger friends there! All of my selfies with them were in their camera. Can't wait for my next event with them again!

With all the butterflies after the event! The 

Thank you, Butterfly Project Malaysia and Althea Korea!
Happy birthday, Butterfly Project!


  1. omg.. i am so jealous with all butterlies.. i wish i was there with you.. :(

    1. There will be more chances in the future dear! Will see you next time! :D

  2. Aww... Really hope to be there since start. I do successfully registered myself to Butterfly Project but I'm stuck at the membership badge as it just won't pop up when I inserted the html code on my blog. >.< Do advised me what should I do so that I can join you and other butterflies on upcoming projects.. >.< *please please*

    1. You should PM Tammy about this dear. And I think you can just submit your information when they have any events coming up soon! :D