Wednesday, 4 May 2016

[Beauty] Cuepido Cosmetics Malaysia Products Review + My Eyebrow Routine Pictorial

We all know that if you picked the wrong cosmetics with the wrong ingredients in it for your skin, it will ruin your face, like giving pimples, swelling eyes or 'sexy' lips. But girls, with the products from Cuepido Cosmetics Malaysia, you don't have to worry about that anymore!

Not sure about you but it's actually my first time owning products from Cuepido Cosmetics Malaysia. They knew that I'm in need in good cosmetics so that they have sent me 3 of their star products for me to review, the Oomph-browOomph-liner and Eye definer brush.

A brief introduction about Cuepido Cosmetics before I move on. Cuepido offers a luxurious and healthy product infused with skin-loving ingredients such as flowers and plants extract, vitamins, essential oils, minerals and other natural organic ingredients. They do not create cosmetics that is conform to the latest fashion trends but emphasize on the basics, a healthy daily use product.

Moreover, Cuepido's products are proudly formulated without parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates and gluten, and they are fully manufactured, tested routinely and proven safe in the clinical laboratory in USA! These are the reasons that makes Cuepido different from other cosmetic brands.

The whole thing comes with a super pretty packaging and a kind letter!

Let's start with oomph-brow since I normally draw my eyebrows before eyeliners.


Oomph-brow is a slim universal waterproof brow pencil that glides on smoothly and was said to last all day long. The oomph-brow contains both wax and powder that helps to define and shape your brows effortlessly! It's a dual-ended automatic brow liner that features a spooly brush to help groom and tame unruly hairs and to achieve the natural brow effect.

I used to fancy about this type of auto eyebrow pencils that comes with a spooly brush before I discover other kind of eyebrow kit. Guess I'm now back to the old me that prefers automatic brow liner.

The texture was surprisingly creamier and darker than my usual eyebrow pencils! Like they will only appear on my brows but not on my hand. This one is kinda feels like a soft colour eyeliner.

Usage Direction

Twist up the pencil and gently apply with soft sweeping dashes to define your brows. For a bold look, apply as a liner to shape and define the edges of the brow. Use the attached brush to blend for the perfect arch.

Here's a simple pictorial of my daily eyebrow routine:
1. Lightly draw upwards at the inner brows.
2. Lining the lower shape of my eyebrows.
3. Creating the perfect arch on my upper eyebrows.
4.  Fill in the brows.
Looking better on the right side of my face.
But the colour was definitely too dark and fake, so using the spooly brush to blend the colour to create a natural eyebrow finish.
1. From inside, blend the colour upwards.
2. Then blend the middle part outwards.
3. Lastly, blend the outer part downwards.
Voila! This is my daily eyebrow look. Whatta ya think? ;)

My Opinion

As compared to my usual eyebrow pens, the texture is creamier and gives a more pigmented colour than normal eyebrow pen did. Not sure about you but what I love this texture is that it's really easy to glide on for a perfect brow shape! You can definitely tell why I preferred automatic brow pen from my pictorial above! Anytime if I got my brows too dark with it, I can just simply blend it with the given brush.

Besides that, it is really long lasting on my brows, even though I accidentally swiped my hand to my eyebrows and it stained my hand. Now I know why is it giving a more pigmented colour.

Product Information

Name: Oomph-brow
Country of Origin: USA
Weight: 0.35g
Price: RM89.00
Where to buy: Cuepido Cosmetic Malaysia's Website (link)

So let's move on to the second product, the oomph-liner.


Oomph-liner, a long lasting liquid liner that offers precise lining, is formulated with strong color pigments for the richest color that lasts all day long. It was said to be a great waterproof eye liner to achieve bigger eyes.

The oomph-liner comes in 2 shades - Ebony (black) and Umber (brown). I've got mine in the shade of umber since I've got enough black eyeliner already.

The colour is really pigmented! Until I can't even tell if it's brown or black. Can you tell??

Usage Direction

Get the perfect amount for your preferred thickness. Place your hand on cheek to have a steady hand. Glide the thin brush along the upper lash line in a smooth fluid motion. Always start with a thin line and add gradually. Allow to dry.

Left: With Oomph-liner; Right: Without eyeliner.
Both sides with oomph-liner.

My Opinion

At first I'm disappointed with the packaging as I used to owned a liquid eyeliner that is similar, and the brush always grabbed too much of the liquid onto my eyelids. This one is just the same as that one. Guess I don't really know how to control the volume I need with the original brush.

But looking at the bright side, the liquid is much enough to cover up my lash line, which other people normally will fill in on purpose to achieve a fuller eyelashes effect. Haha oops. But still, prefer pen shape liquid liner.

Moreover, it's a little bit hard to dry for a person with inner double eyelid. Besides, I was actually expecting a lighter brown colour for a more natural look, but it turns out to be like black as well?

Anyway, it's still a good eyeliner if you desperately want a great waterproof eyeliner (refer to the proof below), and also if you don't mind anything that I don't like above.

Here's the proof that why is it a great waterproof eyeliner:
Was just testing out the shades and there goes my hand.
Drew it and went to bath. I'm impressed with the waterproof effect of the eyeliner!

Product Information

Name: Oomph-liner
Country of Origin: USA
Volume: 0.17 oz (4.8g)
Available shades: Ebony & Umber
Price: RM89.00
Where to buy: Cuepido Cosmetic Malaysia's Website (link)

Now to the final product, the eye definer brush.

Eye Definer Brush

This flat, angled brush can create razor-sharp thick and thin lines. It is perfect for creating everything from a flawless rockabilly wing, to a simple swipe of color, to a smoky, smudgy eye.

Why is this eye definer better is because you can create thin, thick or graduated lines with both wet and dry products, like liquid eyeliner and eyeshadows. Besides, this eye definer brush also can be used for eyebrows.

Tried it on my hand and it really worked well on liquid products!

So here's another demo on how I use the eye definer brush with the 2 products above.
Using the brush on oomph-liner.
Can see that it does create precise line on my eyes, and it's easier to dry!
Pretty awesome!
Now using it with the oomph-brow since it's kind of wax and powder type of brow pen. 
Drawing it just like the method I used above.
The thin shape helps to blend the inner part of the eyebrow with the perfect thickness as well as well.
Voila! A softer eyebrow and eyeliner look compared to using both products directly!

My Opinion

To what I mentioned about the oomph-liner, this brush does helps to decrease the thickness of the liquid and it is easier to dry on my eyelids. Besides, it also creates a softer look on my brows! The brush is also really soft that I can't stop touching it! If you haven't use or own any angled brush before, this might be the perfect one for you as it does worked well on both wet and dry, two birds one stone!

Product Information

Name: Eye definer brush
Country of Origin: USA
Price: RM35.00
Where to buy: Cuepido Cosmetic Malaysia's Website (link)

So whatta ya think? Do you love automatic eyebrow pen as well? Let me know your opinion in eyebrow kits in the comment section below! ;)

For more information, kindly visit

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


  1. nice new brand...but not really impressed with the look pretty common to me...thank for sharing a new brand!

    1. True also, but it's a skin-loving ingredients, people with skin problem might need to try this brand :D

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