Monday, 7 March 2016

[Movie] Deadpool Review

Deadpool is one of the most hyped up and anticipated movie of the year 2016 particularly to the Marvel comic fans. In the comics, the Deadpool is a very interesting marvel character, a very mouthy or foul-mouthed character to be specific. He is a jokester, an ex-military, a mercenary, an expert in marksmanship, swordsmanship and martial arts.

This movie revolves around the life of Wade Wilson to the point he became Deadpool. As weird as it sounds, Deadpool is actually a love story as described by Deadpool himself in one of the many fourth wall found in this movie. The movie started with a frozen moment of a fight between Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds and his nemesis Ajax/Francis, the main antagonist, in a convoy. He did many separate parts of throwbacks in the beginning of this movie to unfold his past and his becoming of the Deadpool.

The throwbacks revealed Wade Wilson used to be a mercenary and engaged in a serious relationship with a prostitute named Vanessa (which is also a mutant named Copycat, but not revealed here in this movie). Wade then found he is diagnosed with late-stage cancer and then broke up with Vanessa and turned to The Recruiter who offer him a treatment for his cancer, carried out by head of programme, Ajax/Francis. 

The treatment triggered the mutant cells in him which speeds up his regenerative abilities and cured his cancer but in-turn turned him into Deadpool. Having escaped from the facility Wade found that the only person that can cure him of his hideous side effect from the treatment is Francis. There, he is set to hunt him down to get his face fixed and eventually get back to his Vanessa.

Plot wise, this movie is pretty straight forward - guy knew he was dying, left his girl, treatment turned him hideous, ashamed, find solution and get back to his girl. And it's pretty predictable as well. This movie is filled with gory killing scenes, pop-culture references and mocking comments. So why would people still pay money for the ticket anyway? 

First off, this movie is made for the comic fans. Deadpool has been a very interesting and distinctive character in the Marvel comics. He is not your average Marvel heroes. He is a super-villain that suits up like a superhero to get his revenge. This is a movie to please the fans not an Oscar material. So despite the predictable plot development, most people go to this movie just to see their favourite comic character come to live. So Ryan Reynolds will just have to nail all the goofy and foul-mouthy part like it is in the comics and oh boy, he sure did.

Second, bad plots aside, this movie is just straight up entertaining to watch, no comic background pre-requirement needed (although some is needed to fully understand his inside jokes). This comical character is first and foremost a comic relief, it's there to relief the immense tension superhero comics normally have, people have to understand the nature of this character to set their expectation in the plot department. Though some may find the excessive foul language, bloody and gory killing scenes obnoxious but given the fact that this movie targets a very specific group of audience, we cannot deny it of its elements of entertainment- the fourth-wall-busting, mocking comments, "Stewart or McAvoy?" - that's a really good one.

So to conclude, it's a movie for comic fans and for a good weekend laugh. It is rated R for strong sexual content and strong adult language, so if you are offended by these, why are you even there watching?

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