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[Beauty] Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalms Review

Colour lip balms have been famous in the market for a while. They worked just exactly like normal lip balms, but added with colours so that you won't need to bring 2 or more pieces of lip products just for reapplying purpose.

Just like I said, they worked exactly just like lip balms, which means most of the coloured lip balms will only moisturize your lips. But have you ever heard of any lip balm that not just work like normal lip balms, but also nourish and smoothen your lips at the same time, like a hidden lip scrub in a lipbalm?

Introducing you, the Sugar Lip Colour Lipbalm by Water Colour, a brand new lip product from Mentholatum.

The new Sugar Lip lipbalm features a unique Brown Sugar Recipe which works to nourish and smoothen your lips. We all know that brown sugar itself is often used as a moisturizing scrub as it's a natural humectant that seals in moisture and keeps lips feeling hydrated. Its Crystal Brown Sugar formulation will instantly melts onto your lips to ensure your lips remain moisturized for soft supple and youthful looking lips.

Besides that, this lipbalm also enriched with effective moisturizing ingrdients such as Super Hyaluronic AcidCeramide and MaciLip™.

Here I have it in 2 shades - #02 Dancing Pink & #04 Rock'n Pink.

This series of lipbalm comes in all pink colours - Vintage Pink (#01), Dancing Pink (#02), Kissy Pink (#03) and Rock'n Pink (#04), because it was created to help you achieve rosy pink lips with just one swipe of the lip balm.

Pink lips are undeniably attractive, and it warm up one's facial complexion, but in a natural way. Unlike bright shades like red or purple, a natural pink will never be judged as too much or overly made, perfect to be worn anytime of the day, agree?

The swaps of the 2 shades on my hand. The colours are not too vivid as you want it to be natural on your lips.

So without further ado, let me show you how do these 2 colours of the Sugar Lip Lipbalms look my lips, along with my thoughts towards the colours and the products.

Sugar Lip Colored Lipbalm - #02 Dancing Pink

On my lips: Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm in the shade of #02 Dancing Pink.
This is a very light shade, almost not visible on my own lips as compared above. But I love that how it make my lips look shinier and healthier, compared to my original dull lip colour. Suitable to be worn with a heavier eye make up as the pink lips won't steal the light from your pretty eye makeup.

Sugar Lip Colored Lipbalm - #04 Rock'n Pink

On my lips: Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm in the shade of #04 Rock'n Pink.
When I first saw this, I thought it was red, but the name says that it's still a pink. But since the colour is light, I'll just call it a dark pink. I personally love this colour on my lips more than the previous one (although that pink is prettier) because it does make a big change on my overall look. Perhaps is because this is the darkest shade compared to the previous one.

So what do you think? Which colour do you prefer on me? 

On my lips: the combination of the 2 shades I got.

Not forgetting to mention my thoughts towards this product. Firstly, it feels like applying vaseline on my lips, which is a good thing for me as it's really moisturizing! Second, I can really feel that my lips are nourished and smoothen after applying. 

If you ask about how long does it last on my lips? My only answer is lip balms never stay long on your lips, which leads to my next comment on its packaging, as you have to bring it out along in your bag cause you'll need to reapply it throughout the day if necessary. 

I personally don't really a long cylindrical shape of lip product as they normally will slip out from the pocket of my bag easily. I can't say that which shape is the perfect one for me, but I used to like another lip balm which is a little bit shorter and fatter. However, worry not, cause the shape of the package depends on individuals, so this is definitely not a big deal.

Product Information

Name: Sugar Lip by Water Colour
Product Brand: Mentholatum
Country of Origin: U.S.A
Nett Weight: 3g
Available shades: Vintage Pink #01, Dancing Pink #02, Kissy Pink #03, Rock'n Pink #04.
Price: RM15.80 each
Where to buy: All leading pharmacies and major supermarkets

For more information, kindly visit Mentholatum Website.

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.

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