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My Top 10 Favourite Beauty Products in 2015

Happy new year 2016 everyone! Finally it's time to sum up what are my favourite beauty products in the year 2015. (I know I am late :P)

I have started my yearly favourite series 2 years ago and every time included 2 parts - Beauty Products & random stuffs like clothes to technology. But this year, other than these beauty products I will be mentioning, I don't have any other interesting items that I really like, so it's gonna be just 1 post about my 2015 favourites.

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So let's get started! Will start with my favourite skincare products first. Note that the sequence is followed by the skincare routine, not the level of how much I love these products.

#1. Bio-essence Jelly Makeup Remover

Besides makeup remover sheets, I always prefer to use pump-onto-my-palm type of makeup remover cause I find it easier for me to use than cotton pads. Previously my favourite makeup remover brand was Biore which is almost everyone's favourites as well, but after I've discovered this Jelly type makeup remover at the beginning of 2015, I'm really in love with the watery texture and the nice smell of it!

It's not as strong as Biore's, but I don't really like the smell of Biore makeup removers, and even though it says it's oil-free, I still feel that it's a bit greasy. This product works great for me in overall as it does removes all my makeup with only 1 pump.

Btw, yes I'm comparing this product with another well-known product so that you can have a better idea on it.

#2. Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser

I've owned this for like about 2 years, and last year I only found out the real method that how it should be used. I've started using it everyday when I was in my last semester in Kajang, and I can see that it does deeply cleansed my skin by helping to deeply remove the foundation or BB cream that was filled in my pores! My skin was super soft every time I've used it!

In case you asked what's wrong with my skin recently, recently I've stopped using this for a while cause I've dirtied the brush and dare not to use it, and that's one of the reason that my break out was back and my pores were not deeply cleansed anymore.

#3. 3W Clinic Snail Soothing Gel

When I found out that my skin's true problem is dehydration instead of acne prone, I decided to get this to try it out cause I thought that the soothing gel will help to sooth my sensitive skin, hydrate my dehydrated skin cause of its watery gel type, and repair my injured skin cause of the Snail Mucus content in it.

Just like the cleansing brush, I've started to use it every night before I sleep in those days, and I did realized my skin is not that oily and sensitive anymore! I was really impressed by that, except the process on healing my scars didn't work very well. What motivates me more to use it every night is the good smell of the gel! I doubt it's 100% Snail Mucus in it, but it does help my skin and why not!

Now let's move on to my favourite cosmetics.

#4. Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)

I wanted to write this product review for so long but I just couldn't find the time for it, so maybe I'll just write a short review here. I was glad that finally I get to try out this famous BB cushion this year after knowing how everyone loves it, and I was so impressed with the effect after applying onto my skin!

My skin surface is really bumpy with lotsa scars and holes, and the texture of BB cream in it with the great quality of sponge makes it blend onto my skin very well. The pore control effect helps to cover up all my pores and holes to give a smooth skin effect. I love how I look in overall after applying this product! I've almost stopped using other foundation or BB cream and looking forward to get more BB cushions already!

Btw, this is the product where I MUST use Pobling Cleansing Brush to remove the BB cream cause the particles in it is really tiny enough to cover up my pores. There are times it caused break out on my skin when I didn't use the brush to deeply cleansed away the products. Big note here for those who has large pores like me.

#5. Peripera Peri's Tint Marker

Lip marker rarely get good reviews from dry lips users cause it does not provide moisture feel or lipstick texture. Despite it's dry and looks cracky on my lips, why I love it is because of this colour (#05 bloody kiss) and the sweet smell of it. It has been my quick-use lip product when I'm in the rush and no moisture is needed for that day. The texture is light, where it dries on my lip very fast and it will stay. Another thing it's super easy to use, the thin tip makes it just like drawing on my lips.

#6. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lipsticks/Rouge

I've received the small one in one of my event goodie bag, and I have to say that the texture is really good and it's very moiturizing! Glad that the colour I received (280 Ambitious Pink) is also my favourite colour.

I've also received the full size one in matte (220 Unattainable) on another Estee Lauder's event, and now I understand why their lip products are so famous! It's super lasting, even after I've came out from a quick shower! But if compare both matte and non-matte, I would recommend the normal one as it's really very smooth to use.

Lastly, to my favourite hair and body products!

#7. The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel

I never understand why this brand is so famous. I always thought it's because they have lotsa nice scent. I received the Strawberry shower gel as a gift on my Christmas 2 years back, and after my first use, I finally understood why.

The Body Shop's shower gel is super moisturizing on my skin after every use, like seriously I never know shower gel is so important to our skin moisture! So during my birthday month, I grabbed the largest size in this Honeymania scent, it's super worth the price after birthday month discount cause during my 4 months in Kajang, I've only used 4/5 of it, like how come still got so much of them?! Thanks to the little pump of the bottle as well!

#8. Dirty Benefits Coffee Scrub

I've reviewed this product before and it's still by far my favourite scrub! It's different from many other scrubs I've used before. It's rough, but surprisingly I'm loving how it goes on my skin, and most of all, the coffee smell is awesome! Click here to read full review.

#9. L'Oreal EverPure Sulfate-free Moisture Conditioner

Loreal's hair product never fails to amaze me! I got this product just because I want my newly dyed purple tone red hair to stay longer, and surprisingly it does! Even some of my friends asked me how my hair colour stays so long, now I know why! Besides, I can feel it can make my hair gone smoother than some other conditioners I was using! Not just how I love the product, I love it's glossy packaging as well!

#10. Batiste Dry Shampoo

I've started using this product few years back when it's still not available in Malaysia, and I was already falling in love with it! But I've stopped purchasing it for a while cause I forced myself not to use dry shampoo, until that day I found it in Jaya Grocer at only RM28, and I told myself I MUST get it! The smell is sooo good and it's by far the only dry shampoo that really dries out my hair oil for me!

So that's all for my top 10 favourite products! Do you agree with my opinion? Let me know what do you think of these products and also your favourite product of the year in the comment section below!

Anyway, I'm still working on on my 2015 flashback 2016 resolution post cause there's so many things to share! Stay tuned to my next post! ;)

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Some products were bought with my own money, and some are sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts are based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.

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