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[Food] Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner @ G Hotel Penang

G Hotel Penang is back with their yearly Chinese New Year Dinner Packages for this Chinese festive season. In conjunction of the Year of Monkey, 'Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner' was the title for this year's CNY theme. I was honoured to get invited to try out one of the packages to review with some other bloggers.

The Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner is an 8-Course Chinese Set Dinner. It's available for a month long of celebration starting from 1 February till 29 February 2016. In conjunction of the Year of Golden Monkey, G Hotel has come up with 3 packages namely Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity. We get to try out their Prosperity package, and let's wait no more and check out the dishes!

The list of the dishes that we will be trying out.

#1. Fatt Choy Salmon Yee Sang

The first dish is definitely the most important dish of this festive season. The Fatt Choy Salmon Yee Sang is to toss for a great wealth and income this year. I'm loving their Yee Sang so much as the salmon is so fresh, and the crisps are so crispy that I can't stop eating it.

#2. Braised Seafood Soup with Eight Tressure

The 8 treasures in this soup are Fish lipsSea cucumber, Dry scallopsFish mawCrab meatWater chestnut, Mushrooms and Bamboo fungus.

This dish surprisingly got lotsa votes from us bloggers as our favourite dish of the night. The taste is just perfect, not too salty nor too light so that it's more natural. It was boiled for 8 hours before it's served, and they make sure the soup is served hot until the last drop as it comes in a pot with candle.

#3. Roasted Duck and Roasted Sesame Chicken

Because there are people who dislike chicken and some who dislike the taste of duck, this dish is specially made to serve different taste buds together. Now you have no reason to skip any of these courses!

#4. Stir-fried Shell-less Prawns in Butter Salted Egg Yolk

The dish made me hungry every time I look at it! The sauce actually looks like curry, but it's Butter Salted Egg Yolk on top of shell-less prawns. The sauce was actually quite salty for me, but I'm loving the egg yolk texture. I can just eat the sauce alone. For the prawns, they are very fresh, and best that it's shell-less!

#5. Stir-fried Fresh Scallop with Broccolli in Pine Seeds

This dish features the USA imported Fresh Scallops as it's bigger in size and sweeter in taste. Besides, Chinese believes that the scallop symbolizes the opening of new horizons. Hence, Chef Kang the Banquet Chef chose the imported scallops to serve in their CNY dinner. In my opinion, it does taste better than all other scallops that I've tried before, but too bad I can't take too much seafood at this moment.

#6. Steamed Pearl Garoupa in Supreme Soya Sauce

Chinese also believes that having fish during Chinese New Year symbolizes "having leftover of money" by the end of the year, so it's a must to have your favourite fish to enjoy during this CNY! Here, we get to try out Garoupa. Its texture is lean, firm with a heavy flake and it has a mild sweet flavour in its flesh. The Supreme Soy Sauce enhances the taste of the fish once it is skillfully steamed by the talented chef.

#7. Fried Egg Noodles with Shredded Smoked Duck

The Hong Kong style Fried Egg Noodles was served as the last course of the main before ending the meal with the dessert. The taste of the noodles is very light and fluffy which it doesn't feel overwhelm by the dishes.

#8. Sweetened Longan with Glutinous Black Sesame Balls

The sweetness of the longans and the homemade sesame balls has completed my dinner with the chewy but tender texture of the ball with the tasty glutinous black sesame in it. Guess what, I'm missing it more than most of the dishes above now.

All packages comes with a tasty Fruit Punch and free flow of Chinese Tea. All wines order will be charged externally.

With other bloggers that night.
On normal days, there's a minimum number of 30 pax (3 tables of 10 persons) required, however the Reunion Dinner on the 7 February 2016 will be in the Grand Ballroom with a minimum reservation of 1 table of 10 persons only.

The list of foods from different packages (Click image to enlarge)

Happiness Package | RM1288 nett
Prosperity Package | RM1388 nett
Longevity Package | RM1488 nett

Even though the 3 packages serve different variety of food choices (i.e. different types of fishes, sauces or desserts), but they promise to maintain the same quality of the dishes. Customers are allowed to replace dishes from the package with some other same price dishes, but advanced booking and informing is required. Since G Hotel is a 5 star rating hotel, they guarantee to give the best service and best food with the best ingredients in it. 

 (Click image to enlarge)
If you're not having a huge number of pax to have reunion dinner, G Hotel also offers Chinese New Year Buffet in Taste Cafe and Spoon at a lower price:

Chinese New Year BBQ Dinner
7 - 9 Feb 2016, 6.30 - 10.30pm
RM168 nett for adult, RM84 nett for child

Chinese New Year Brunch
8, 9 Feb 2016, 12 - 3pm
RM138 nett for adult, RM69 nett for child

(Click image to enlarge)
There's also a Valentine's day Buffet Dinner available in Taste Cafe and Spoon! In case you forgot, Valentine's day falls on the 7th day of Chinese New Year. So it's also time to make booking for your Valentine's day dinner at G Hotel now.

Valentine's Day BBQ Dinner
14 Feb 2016, 6.30 - 10.30pm
RM168 nett for adult, RM84 nett for child

For booking and enquiries, please call:
G Hotel Gurney: +604 2380000
G Hotel Kelawai: +604 2190000

Visit for more information.

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