Monday, 11 January 2016

[Event] 'Beauty Without Knife' with IDO's Clinic

Few weeks ago, I was invited to join a Beauty Blogger Party held by IDO's clinic, Penang Queensbay branch, mainly about the topic Beauty Without Knife.

IDO's Clinic is a comprehensive chain of skin, laser and aesthetic clinics focusing on evidence-based, state of art lasers and aesthetic innovations to restore and enhance your skin, face and body.

They provide services from skin and face i.e acne treatment, lasers and lifting or shaping, to body and hair i.e body sculpting, weight loss and birthmark or tattoo removal. Click here to check out the full list of services and treatments they provide along with the detailed explanation.

Such a creative Christmas tree they had there!
"Wert?" XD #cuzIwasbored.
There were props given for us to play with.
Which one do you prefer? For me at this moment is gonna be 'I hate Pigmentation!'

Before the real event starts, we get to enjoy a mini game, which is to find the product from the given list we got. I'm kinda impressed by the idea of using Games to make us find our own door gift!

So here's what I got! MEDKARE Comedone Essence. Btw, MEDKARE is IDO's Clinic's own skincare brand. Feel free to check out more of their products in their website

So let's get into the main topic of the event. Dr. Adelynne Tan introduced us the details about their services, like why we should go for aesthetic clinic treatment instead of plastic surgery, and how does it work.

It's impressive that the technology today has gone so advanced that almost nothing is impossible! It's true that you can improve your own feature without risking yourself in plastic surgery but just some aesthetic treatment! Again, you can check out the treatments they provide here.

There were also a demo session by Dr. Tan on their Carbon Peel Laser and Botox for Gummy Smile.

The Carbon Peel Laser looks painful, but the truth is it's not pain at all, depends on your pain receptor on your skin.
Equipment for the Gummy smile botox.
The Botox was injected on your philtrum to weaken the muscles so that the elevation of the upper lip will gradually less when you smile. Kiss goodbye to the ugly gums on your smile!

The most exciting part of the event is we bloggers get do create our own moisturizer from their DIY Station according to our own needs and our favourite scent and colours!

The DIY Station. I'm puking rainbow now.
You get to select maximum 4 types of essences for your skin concern, 1 of your favourite scent and colour.

Worry not if you have no idea which scent and colour you want for your moisturizer cause there will be a chart for you to choose the scent and colour you might love according to your horoscope. You can choose to follow the guideline or just pick your favourite by yourself.

So this is mine. Loving the colour? It turns out to become a bright purple, and I'm super in love with it!

Since it's an instant product and without preservatives, we were warned to finished it within 7 days to prevent the moisturiser from losing the effects while it stays too long.

Happy girl with her new purple 7 day moisturizer!

And that's all for the event! Thanks to IDO's Clinic for the informative event.

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