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5 Things To Consider When You Buy Clutch Bags

A clutch bag is a small bag that is usually carried in the hand. It sometimes has a chain, leather strap or tassel so that it can be worn hanging from the shoulder. It is a fashionable piece of accessory that serves to complement and enhance an outfit. The size of a clutch bag is small and is used to carry bare essentials like cards and might be a mobile phone.

Clutch bags come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Woman wearing conventional outfit can add some colour to her outfit by carrying a beautiful clutch bag. Since they are relatively affordable, women can own multiple purses of different styles and colours and choose the unique one for the event. Here are the five things you should consider when buying a clutch bag.

Color - Clutch bags come in all possible colors. Silver and golden clutch bags are quite popular as it can be easily worn with any outfit in the evenings and would look quite gorgeous. Neutral colours like white, black, cream are popular buys as they go with every outfit. Shop online at Zalora Malaysia to buy clutch bags of light pastel shades to real gaudy, showy ones. When you shop for an evening gown, you can plan for your clutch bag too. Clutch bags would add flair to your outfit.

Colors of clutch bags at Zalora Malaysia

Shapes - These evening bags normally come in a long rectangular or oval shape, but you get in customised design too. If you are going out on a date, you can try the trendy bags from Reebonz. The boxed shaped boxes have been quite long in fashion. Visit Reebonz to view the customised design that it offers. Clutches in the shape of birds like sparrow, owl, ladybugs, fishes, pandas, horse, sheep, puppy, flowers are something you would not like to own.

Customised designs from Reebonz

- Women evening purses can be conventional. Leather clutch is very sturdy and durable. Delicate fabrics work beautifully too. You can have bags out of canvas as well as jute. You can even get bags made from corks of wine bottles.

- Along with the shapes and colours, clutch bags can have beautiful texture and designs on them. The designs available are varied and unique. Monogramme Clutch bags have a class of their own. You can have quilted bags too. When they are studded with crystals, beads and gemstones, it gives a very classy and party look to a clutch bag. So depending on your likings and preferences, shop for your clutch bags. You can also personalize it along with the outfit.

Clutch bags are usually designed to be clutched in the hands. But clutch bags do come with chains and straps to drape it on the shoulder. These are usually detachable so that you can decide which way to take the bag. You can have a magnetic snap or a zipped closure in your purse to keep your belongings safe. A wristlet, which is also a type of a clutch bag has a little strap that can be easily wrapped around your wrist. You can pick up a bag with multiple pouches so that you can organise your things inside your purse.

- Clutch bags can be found in different brands. For designer and luxury brands shop for Prada bags, Coach, Louis Vuitton. Reebonz has a good collection of well-known brands. For appealing patterns and unique designs Zalora has a nice range of collection. Ensogo Malaysia also has an impressive range for its evening purse.

Clutch Bags from different brands

You can research, and compare the price from different online stores and then purchase your clutch bags. Needless to say, you find clutch bags sale on sales major events, and then you get bags at good discounted price. CouponBelanja curates these offers and discount coupons on accessories for women. Browse through these offers and coupons and get your clutch bag at prices to match your needs. It is a fabulous piece of fashion, and every woman should own one.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post written by CouponBelanja.
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