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2015 Flashback • 2016 Resolutions

Throwback to photo taken by my personal photographer Edwin Chuah.

It's time for another flashback • resolutions post. I'll leave all the long winded nags after this post, so let's get straight to the point of this post now shall we.

2015 Resolutions

To be honest, after I've completed my 2014 Flashback • 2015 Resolutions post, I don't really come back and check whether I've completed my resolutions or not, so I'm not expecting to pass (complete more than 50%).

#1. Start organizing, planning and jotting down what to do everyday in a diary.
I've already get used to it when I was still studying, guess this has been a habit to me. This will be maintained even if I've started to work. This will be taken down on my 2016 resolution. :)

#2. Get at least 2 new piggy banks, and save more money!
If I put 'one piggy bank' and this can be a tick. But, it's time to change away this resolution as well because all I need is to earn more from now onward!

#3. Pass every subjects.
Oh yes, I did it! Although didn't get flying colours results for the 2 semesters this year, but at least I've passed all subjects! The best thing is I can't believe I've got an A- on my Final Year Project!!! Some seniors told me that it's not easy to get an A- or above. This is really more than any subjects' results!

#4. Get a new hair colour.
I've been obsessing with red hair this year! So I've dyed a bright red on my CNY 2015 (by myself lol), and a purple tone red by C.Michael 2 months ago (read here).

#5. Slim down!
My mom always told me I've gone thin every time I went back home from KL, but I know that I didn't really put effort on my own body to achieve model kind of body, so, neh.

#6. Get rid of pimples, scars, holes and dark circles.
I really don't know if I should tick this or not but I realized my skin condition does improved compared to last year. But if it's truly get rid of it? Neh.

#7. Improve my blogging skills and gain more followers.
Not really sure but at least my new Facebook Page has helped me on it.

#8. Improve my communication/social skills.
I will give myself a tick here cause I've tried my best in talking with new friends, in campus or in blogger events. =)

#9. Change.
Last year, my change is I've gone more positive. This year, I've gone more mature! At least I've started to step into a more mature line of fashion style okay. =P

#10. Win more prizes!
Did won some awesome prizes from a few bloggers' giveaway contest and blogger events small contests, but nope, not MORE. Not sure why but I rarely join giveaway contests now.

#11. Graduate!
Guess what, the 3 siblings (Me, my sister and brother) from the Leong Family and the 2 sisters (our cousins) from the Loke family are graduating on the same year! My convocation would fall within 25-27 March 2016, so do let me know if you're coming to visit me! MUZ TAKE MANY PICHA!

#12. Have at least one oversea trip with either Family or Boyfie!
Finally after so many year! Not with Family of Boyfie this year but with my almost sister bff to Australia! I'm still filtering photos for my blog post so stay tuned to my Australia Trip blog post! ;)

So I've completed 8 out of 12 resolutions, I'm getting improved this year! ;)

2015 Wishlist

#1. New Mirrorless
Financial status still didn't gone very well, so I'm still saving for it.

#2. Blog Domain

#3. Studio Photoshoot 
Well not really a studio photoshoot, but I've did an outdoor shoot with a professional photographer, Cindy from LoveSparks Studio. Her skills are good so if you're interested, you can look for her! Anyway, still looking forward for a real professional one in studio.

2015 Flashback

So this is my favourite section cause I get to look back my Facebook and Instagram images and feel happy about what happened throughout the year! Let's

#1. i-Camp 2 in UTAR
I told myself that it's my last year in UTAR and I have to join camps and activities before I can't! i-Camp was very fun as we get to go around KL for tasks, it's like amazing race but it's KL version!

Team #Tro11
One of the task to do 5 funny poses in front of a store.

#2. On Beach 72 hours Camp in UTAR
The 2nd camp I joined in UTAR this year. The camp was held in Sepang Goldcoast (I think?) and it was really a fun trip!

Our team with our banner. We called ourselves ET, and 11 12 stands for group 11 and 12.
We have to do what they asked us to do to get extra hint for some games. Damn. XD
My favourite pic of the camp!

#3. Red hair for CNY 2015
Well just easy for me to know when I've dyed my hair.

#4. Blog domain, Facebook page for my blog and Namecards!
Thanks to my talented bro for the awesome design!

#5. 22nd birthday
I'm glad that I still have friends and family that never forgot to surprise me for my birthday!

Yan and Jess surprised me in front of my house with cakes.
The Onions surprised me with aluminium balloons that I've always wanted! Plus my birthday gift from them is Dior Addict Lip Gloss
And of course, my family will always by my side for everything!

#6. First Pentatonix concert!

Biggest birthday present of the year! Boyfie said he seriously had no idea what to gift me as present, until I showed him the concert poster! We've promised each other that we MUST attend their concert or showcase of whatever performance when they come to Malaysia, and we finally did it! I will definitely be attending PTX's next Malaysia concert and get the VVIP seat!

#7. First trip to Sekinchan
I think this is my first getaway trip of the year other than On Beach Camp? It was a short weekend trip but at least I've been to Sekinchan already! But too bad, no paddy field at all.

#8. Going short hair after N-years!
And I regretted after a few months. End of story.

#9. First ever ball night - UTAR Ball 2015
Yes, I've never been to prom or any ball night. I'm from Chinese school so...

#10. Complete studies - Got A- in FYP!
Yes I've finally completed my Degree course in UTAR after 3 years! And yes, I'm graduated, except I still need to get my official certificate during my convocation!

Nah no one will understand what was I doing here. XD
With my AM gang. Will definitely miss those crazy moments we had! Thanks again to Edwin for helping us to take these awesome pictures.

#11. Purple toned red hair
Click here to read my experience to this hair colour in C.Michael Hair Saloon.

I'm obsessed in red hair this year.

#12. Third year anniversary with my baby boy.
My love to you is inexpressible and you know I'm bad in writing sweet long story of how much I love you. You know that I'm always loving you and still counting.

#13. Althea Beauty Ambassador Third Prize Winner
This was actually unbelievable. Never have the thought of getting into top 5 honestly. Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity to try out Althea and joining the contest! I wrote the post for the sake of the giveaway =X. Click here to read my Althea blog post for the contest.

Thanks Althea Korea!

#14. Sister's graduation

Wanted to post this is because 5 of us are graduating at the same year! Me and my sister Hazel graduated from our university, brother Leo and big cousin Nat graduated from their secondary school and little cousin Sha graduated from her primary school.

#15. Photoshoot with Lovesparks Studio
Finally doing some different photoshoot by a new photographer other than my own personal photographer. You may have seen these images in my facebook and instagram. Personally loving it very much and can't wait for another photography session with her! Feel free to contact Cindy if you're interested in getting some photoshoot!

#16. Australia Trip
This was also actually an unexpected trip. Thanks to Bailey for asking me to go with her, and it's one of my happiest moment this year! Will blog about it soon!

With the 2 cutest characters in Movie world!
Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. 

#17. First skin laser experience

Thanks to Premier Clinic for the chance, I finally experienced the skin laser treatment that everyone has been asking me to go for since I have so many scars and holes on my skin. Click here to read about my experience.

2016 Resolutions

This year, I will be stepping into a whole new life in 2016, and I have to be serious on my resolutions now.

#1. Get a job.
Whether I want to go for business, work as an employee or even be a full time blogger, I must start earning and feed myself now.

#2. Travel overseas.
I don't care if it's with friends or family, I just want to travel anywhere other than Malaysia!

#3. Start my regular exersice session
I'm feeling going back to dance again, or probably Yoga! Let me know if you would like to join me! ;)

#4. Longer hair!
As I said I regretted I chopped off my hair so......

#5. Change
In terms of improvement. :)

2016 Wishlist

#1. New Mirrorless
Still not giving up on this wishlist cause things might change

#2. New Phone
I don't get why only my Redmi Note 4G has so many problem, I've been wanting to throw this phone into the sea ever since I got this (well it was a spare new phone, and cause my Mi3 died in water.)

#3. New Laptop
Been using my Toshiba Satellite L645 since foundation until now, nearly 5 years. Actually it's still good, just that the battery has spoiled, and I really need a laptop that I can bring out without bringing my charger along. Plus, I was thinking of starting my own vlog or video review so I need to more durable laptop now. But still, I have to start earning first!

And that't it for this post! Thanks for reading till the end! 2016 is going to be a turning point for me, and I hope it's gonna be better than ever!

Last but not least, wishing everyone of you have a happy and wonderful 2016!

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