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Triumph Boutique Queensbay Mall - Opening Day & Personal Fitting Session

If you are a lady that loves to discover different brands and types of bras, you definitely know that Triumph used to be available only in department stores. Triumph has finally opened their first boutique in KL since 2012, and the first one in Penang (forth in whole Malaysia), Queensbay Mall on the 17th December 2015!

The store is located at first floor of South Zone, Lot 102, right beside Xixili. You can reach the store from the escalator at Forever21 or Padini Concept Store.

Entering the bright clean store seeing their best selling Aqua Range.

So what's the different of going Triumph Counter and Triumph's Boutique Store is that the boutique allows you to enjoy Triumph Boutique privilege, such as birthday vouchers, points accumulations, Members-only-deal and many more!

Lotsa people are redeeming their complimentary gifts during the opening day.
Oh hey that's my sister who accompany me to join the opening day.

Now let me show you what's available in their new store.

Soft Cushion collection

The Soft Cushion series features the beloved memory cushions, made from malleable memory foam that gently moulds to individual body contours as it lifts and shapes the bust.

The intelligent patented memory cushions have facilitated the creation of a super modern stylish looking push-up bra with a perfect, gap-free fit and fantastic cleavage every time

Sexy Cushion that comes with Soft memory cushion that mould to your body contours for a perfect comfort fit.
The Aqua Enhancer is their best seller where 3 pieces are sold every minute in Asia!
It's an incredible push-up bra with soft feel Aqua cushion that helps to increase bust size up to 2 cups.
Cleavege On Demand is also another range for push-up bras where you can adjust your cleavage with the string provided. 

Magic Wire collection

Triumph’s best fit innovation yet, the exciting new Magic Wire brings women their greatest intimate gift with the full support of an under wire bra, yet the feel of none, making it possible to create the ultimate sensual cleavage in maximum comfort.

Wearing is believing with the incredible Magic Wire made from flexible soft shields contained within the bra cups themselves, offering full support of a traditional underwire with the feel of none.

The ultra-light, super-soft integrated shields are totally flexible, offering easy freedom of movement and uninhibited comfort, with all the firm support, lift and shape of more rigid under-wired bras which so often dig and irritate.

Magic Wire, also known as Non Wired Bra
The bra is bendable so that you need to worry if the wire will poke out from the bra after washing for so many times.


The Support range was made for those who has a huge breast (be proud of it lol). It's as its name, it gives ultimate support, lift and comfort to your breast from the specially made shape of the bra.

This is one of the famous bra from Support range - the Butterfly Design. The shape of the bra looks like a butterfly, and that's why.

Shape Sensation

Most of the Support range are also help in Shaping. It has a lot of different types of bras so it's better to let the professional to suggest which is more suitable for you.
Their famous Shape Sensation range bra is the Forever Young where it supports your breast and regain the firmness like 20s.
They are also selling Corsage where it helps in body shaping and also solve your baby fat problems.

Invisible Collection - Body Make Up

Body Make-Up styles provide you with virtually invisible lingerie and extreme, all-over smooth fit comfort. With a slight cushioned effect, the aerated spacer fabric gently hugs body contours for a continual fresh feel.

Your newest season essential, Body Make-Up's tapered bra cup edges, near-weightless fabrics and 'second-skin' fit make this range a seductively secret choice. All you will feel is uninhibited feminine confidence as you take on Summer with fresh, flawless radiance.

To compare with other bra, it's super fine and thin.


You might have also seen Sloggi in certain department stores' counters. It's the sister brand of Triumph. Unlike Triumph, Sloggi is for ladies who are in 20's who appreciate the comfort and colourful design. It's available in Triumph's Boutique store here now.

Organic cotton is very suitable for those who have sensitive skins.
They also have Zero Seams (Seamless) series, which is super thin that you might forgot you are wearing a bra.
Lastly, the super nice fitting room of Triumph Boutique.
I've got myself new bras and panties from the opening day with the given vouchers in the complimentary gift!

Personal Fitting Session

In order to help all the ladies out there, Triumph has come up with a campaign called Find The One campaign. The purpose of this campaign is encourage every ladies to go and get advise from them to find the perfect shape and size of bra that works best for you. The ONE that is always comfortable, always flattering and always complements your outfit. Not just that, they will also explain the proper way of wearing bra so that it won't move around and cause discomfort that might leads to breast cancer.

All you have to do is just visit Triumph boutique and get a personal fitting session from the professionals in the store, and you will be entitled to stand a chance to win RM1000 worth of Triumph products! 

Well of course, I've already joined this campaign! I've already got my personal fitting session with Miss Julie after the opening day. (Kiasu XD)

Honestly she's really experienced and professional. She can explain why this range is more suitable for me and that range is not. Her advises are very precious to me as it has changed the whole way of how I wear my bra! If you've decided to go for a personal fitting session, make sure you look for her!

I've found the ONE! My favourite and perfect piece of bra is Aqua Enhancer!

I truly understand why the Aqua Enhancer is their best selling product now. It's seriously very comfortable! Even my sister has got herself one of it during the opening day with her voucher!

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