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One Tip to Style Easily and Effectively

This is a guest post from Ling Zi Apparel, a clothing store website with build-in blog that write about apparel and styling.

When you wear better, you looked better. When you looked better, people have better impression on you. Your fashion could influence you at social level. We human being judge someone else on how they wear, and most of the time we can't even aware of that.

A good news for you...
There's an easy one step to style yourself the way you want, and it's really effective. Pick your color.

In the real life, a lot of thing are designed in certain color for visual purpose. Red table or table cloth are often seen in restaurant, but we almost can't see a red computer desk anywhere. Bride gowns are always white, social media platform such as facebook, instagram, twitter are blue.

Those are not coincidence, color have great impact on our feeling. It works on everything, it works on you and your clothing.

When talking about pick your clothing's color, it's about 2 things:
Thing #1: your color affect how you and others see and feel (perceive) you, significantly.
At 1990, a research about color vs perception and attractiveness was carried out at Bowling Green State University. Models' photograph are shown to 276 peoples, while they asked to evaluated the models' attractiveness.

What happened next?
Color is the reason of attractiveness more often than style of clothing or facial expressions.

Thing #2: your color can affect your mood, emotion and performance.
Color can trigger your certain emotional responses based on your experience with that color. It bring out the feeling during the time you learn about that color.

Warm Color

Warm colors are colors that create excitement, and more aggressive. Warm colors included red, yellow and orange.


The most attention grabbing color. A color of energetic. People can feel the energy and power inside you, and hardly felt unaggressive. Red is perfect for female's first date. It's the sexiest color which stimulate the sense of love and sexuality. It's a stimulant for men, make them lust for a female in red dress than any color. But it also cause you to looked a little bigger than you actually are.


Mix of red and yellow. Energetic, just like red color, but in joy and fun manner instead of power. It's a good color if you're going to work out and exercise. Orange also make you feel sociable and uplifting. While it is not suitable for serious meeting, it's good for meeting with new people.


Yellow is a color of happiness, fun and joy. This color stimulate our left brain, the logic side of brain, helped in clear thinking and quick decision making. At the flip side, it also cause nervous and emotional instable. Baby cry more and people have more fight in yellow room. Don't rely on yellow attire to cheer you up if you're in bad mood.

Cool Color

Cool color are less aggressive, calm, and cause emotionally stable. Cool color included green, blue, purple and pink.


Color of nature, not irritating, not causing fatigue and let you and your eyes to relax. It helped to restore you from negative mental and emotional status. You also looked harmony when you're wearing green.


Blue color is the coolest color in the spectrum. It's stable, calming, professional. It let you focus during your work, give you the highest productivity. Mentally, it do helped to cool you down when you're in bad mood. People also feel you're reliable, responsible and trustworthy. It's a good color for male's first date.


Purple is luxury. As a color that hardly obtain from natural, it has the sense of prestige, wealthy, it bound to royalty and nobility since long ago. It is also a color that inspire creativity.


It's about feminine, sweet, romance, romantic love. Pink is also the calmest color. It have the ability to tone down the anger and aggression. A pink room can even calm down violent prisoner.


There are also colors which are not warm or cool.


Black is authority, power, mystique, dignified, and serious, but unfriendly, unapprochable especially for stranger. However, you look smarter and more confident when dress up in black. Black also make you seen a little thinner.


Grey have no emotion. It's completely neutral. It make you feel passive and uninvolved, dress up at grey color for quiet, calm, classic and elegant feeling. If you want to feel aggressive or to grab attention, avoid grey color. If you like grey but don't want to be passive, pair up with others color, such as orange or purple.


A color of purity. You looked pure, clean, intellect, simple, peace and clam. When pairing up with others color, white color is a balance that prevent others color to become overwhelming. On the flip side, it may cause you to looked boring. On the flip side, it may cause you to looked boring, and fatter than you actually are.

Are you going to apply these color psychology on your styling starting today? If you want complete information for those color and about pairing up, go to this page. It's Ling Zi Apparel's official page with series of posts about each color, and will update by weeks. So, stay tune. It's written in Chinese, though.

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Disclaimer: This guest post was published in partnership with Lingzi Apparel.


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