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[Fashion] Shopping Experience @ Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, Malacca

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet (FOA) was launched 2 weeks ago in Malacca, and I was honoured to be invited as one of the bloggers to have a shopping experience and shopping contest among the bloggers ("Style On a ShoeString Budget" Competition) around the outlet last Sunday.

Freeport A'famosa Outlet is a premium outlet centre located just outside of Malacca's famous A'Famosa Resort, which is surrounded by rolling hills and spectacular scenic greenery.

The location is about 30 minutes away from Malacca town itself and about one and a half  hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is easily accessible from the North-South Highway via the Alor Gajah Interchange.

The outlet has more than 70 brands including some of the favourite labels like NikeCotton OnForever 21Carlo RinoNature Republic and many more, with wide variety of bargains up to 30-70% discount all year round!

You can find the staple buildings of Malacca inside Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, which is the famous windmill setting aside a beautiful lake and park.

The front view of the windmill.
Group Photo with 40 bloggers and the celebrity bloggers.
Back view of the windmill.
Before we begin our shopping journey in FAO, we get to know some shopping and fashion tips by 4 celebrity bloggers at A'Famosa Resort.
From left: Xandria, Sue Lynn, Pam (the host), Heidi and Nana.

Without further ado, let me show you some images of the stores that I managed to take around the outlet before we start our shopping. Sorry but just a few of them cause my phone went dead during the tour and the timing was so rush throughout the day. :(

The first store spotted at the entrance is Forever 21! They were having Buy 2 Free 1 Promo!
This part is a hidden street btw, you just have to follow the directory map to find it.
Nature Republic store launched on the day we went.
Sacoor Brothers, can you see the salesssss??
Luv Lux store that's selling brands like Moschino, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace Jeans.

The "Style on a Shoestring" competition for the bloggers was designed to bring our the best in each of us when it comes to styling ourselves. 40 bloggers were divided into 2 groups - Stylish category (Group A) and Casual category (Group B). Me and my blogger friends were so happy that we got into the Casual category together!

All of us were given only 2 hours to shop around with only RM350 budget! That was kind of challenging due to the time and spending limitation. (Don't forget that we still need to line up for the fitting room)

But guess what, the deals made me can't get enough items to hit RM350, especially Forever 21! I've gotten 2 sets of clothes from F21 but only hit RM270 due to the Buy 2 Free 1 Promo! So end up I went to AIVORIA to grab a pair of TIAMO shoes and bags! 

So here's my final look:
Outfit Details:
F21 White Lace Top | RM90
F21 Leather Skirts | RM110
F21 Gold Necklace | RM30
F21 White Blazar | RM90
TIAMO High Heels | RM96.75
TIAMO Handbag | RM80

Besides this set of outfit, I've gotten myself another top from F21 (RM60) and pants from ONLY (RM29.90). Total damage include my extra purchases? I'm not really sure (cause I was confused with the F21 Buy 2 Free 1 items calculation lol), but it's definitely less than RM450 for 2 sets of outfit + a handbag, a pair of high heels and a necklace! I can't imagine how much I will be spending if I purchases these items from their retail store in the shopping mall!

Happy girl with her huge bag of shopping haul!

The only thing is I'd spent too much time in F21 in choosing clothes and lining up for fitting room, which makes me not enough time to shop in Nike and Cotton On. Felt so bad for not going into Nike store and have a look cause I've spotted so many of my blogger friends got very trendy Nike shoes for less than RM200!

Here's some of the pics with the bloggers.
My shopping partners of the day - Juneci, Sharon and Yuh Juin! Can see that all of us had a great shopping day there!
With babe Angelica, spot our same heels from TIAMO!
Close up look for the heels. They are so pretty, aren't they? :D
Please don't mind my messy nail colour cause I don't have nail polish with me at the moment! ;P
Group B with all our casual look!

Here are some of my thoughts on FOA:
  • Since the outlet just launched 2 weeks ago, you have to expect that there are still a lot of blank lots and empty shops.
  • It was a Sunday when we went in, the place was super crowded, not just the street but even every shop's fitting room, especially the popular ones like F21 and Cotton On. So be prepared if you're heading down on a weekend.
  • The bargains are seriously WOW! Of course not like you can get RM5 or RM10 clothes, but if compare to their original prices, it's really a great bargain for great quality items from trustable brands!
  • In case you're afraid that they are only selling old stocks with XXS or XXL sizes like normal shopping mall's sales, don't worry! I was afraid of that too at the beginning, but to my surprise, I still managed to get items for my size, from S to M!

Lastly, I hope the stores and stocks they have will maintain to be as good as it newly launched. Overall I'm satisfied with my shopping experience. Can't wait for my next visit cause I'm definitely hunting for some Nike or Sketchers shoes at a lower price! 

    Oh by the way, before I end this post, I have to say that the competition is still ongoing right now! I need you guys to vote for me by liking my image in Freeport's Facebook page so that I will get into Top 10 of Best Dressed Casual Blogger category! :3

    All you have to do is
    1. LIKE Freeport A'Famosa Outlet's Facebook page 
    2. LIKE this image of me in the album of 'Best Dressed Casual Blogger'
    And that's it! Appreciate so much if you helped me to get into top 10! xoxo :*
    (Voting ends on 16th December 2015)

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