Tuesday, 1 December 2015

[Fashion] Wedding Dress Goal? | Aisle Style

I bet that every girls definitely have the moment where you dream of your wedding day, like what, where and how will it be. I admit myself that at this age, especially having a boyfriend now, I've been thinking of how my wedding would be in the future, especially my wedding dress! This is gonna be a once in a lifetime event and I want it to be PERFECT. I know it sounds horrible but I'm starting to worry that I will regret on my selection of the wedding dress design in the future already!

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Recently I came across this website that specialized in wedding dresses designing - Aisle Style, and I have to say that their 2016 wedding dresses collection is amazing! Nope, still not getting married yet, but it's definitely time to gain some inspiration on the dresses already!

The wavy design of the dress is so lovely! 

Lace is definitely a must have in my wedding dress! I'm so in love with the lace patterns on the sleeves and the mermaid shape of the dress!

I still remember how everyone insist me to go for short dress on my first ball night while I wanna try long dress so bad, cause my height is more suitable to go for short dresses. Besides, I adore Tulle skirts so much!

Of course, my wedding wouldn't be complete without my BFFs being my bridesmaid. I want my bridesmaids be wonderful as well in my big day! The most important part for my bridesmaids is they have to be colourful! Glad that most of the dresses from the 2016 bridesmaid dresses collection comes with lotsa colours for each dress.

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  1. omg so pretty! faster get married!

    1. Pretty right! Haha but I'm not prepared yet ><