Monday, 2 November 2015

[Food] Taste Café, G Hotel Gurney - Farm Friday Buffet Dinner

So this is my very first invited food review session in Penang after moving back from Kajang. It was an honoured to be invited by G hotel to try out their Friday night buffet dinner in Taste Café with other medias and bloggers.

Taste Café, which used to be G Café before 1st of September 2015, is a brand new exciting finesse coffee house which opens for all-day dining to fulfill guests' gastronomy from 6am to 11pm daily. The restaurant specializes in wide array of flavours from all around the world to enliven the taste buds.

The café contains both indoor and outdoor seating with the capacity of 207.

Taste Café provides daily themed buffet dinner:

Monday -  Mediterranean Medley
Tuesday - Asian Cuisine
Wednesday - Under the Lamp
Thursday - A Carvery Nite
Friday - Farm Friday
Saturday - Deep Sea Barbeque 
Sunday -  Around the World 

This post will be mainly about the food from Friday's theme, Farm Friday, which means the buffet will be focusing more on meats such as beef, lamb, chicken and so on.

Floral pattern tiles on the buffet settings to encapsulate contemporary simplicity and brings out the luxe ambience of the restaurant, allowing guests to dine in delight and comfort.

The dessert station with full of sweetness on it.

Cold station with some cold foods.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the foods that they serve in the buffet dinner according to different sections!

Live Action Station

Who doesn't love BBQ meat, especially when they are freshly cooked right before your eyes?? To ensuring freshness and top quality of the meat, Taste Café provides the Live Action Station at the outdoor section of the restaurant.

They uses first ever Lava Stone BBQ grill imported from Indonesia which perfectly enhances the quality of the food by holding the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing flare-ups that cause charring for a mouth watering treat.

I've tried the beef, fish and sausage. Man they are so damn juicy and tender! Definitely must try at least 1 type of the meat from this section even if you're not a big fan of meat like me.

Hot Food Section

Mixed vegetables
Butter vegetables
Rosemary chicken
Roasted duck

Beef meat ball with tomato sauce
Grilled lamb with herbs sauce
Stirfried beef with tomyam paste
Lamb with black pepper sauce

Left: Fried prawn with hot bean sauce
Right: Crush olive potato

The crush olive potato is by far the best mash potato I've tried! It's very buttery and delicious, must try!

Left: Shanghai Vegetable Soup
Right: Potato & Leek Soup

Roasted Beef at the open kitchen section

Cold Food Section

Assorted Cold Cut

Salad Bar

Bottom left: Prawn salad & Coleslaw
Bottom right: Chickpea salad & Sausage salad



Dessert Section

Pecan tart

Caramel macadamia
Peanut butter cake
Raspberry opera
Chocolate brownies

Assorted Nyonya Kuih

Fruit cake
Chocolate cheese cake
Mango cheese cake(?)
Durian mousse cake

Hands down to their Durian mousse cake! Or should I just say Durian? It's so creamy and tasty that I can't stop eating after every mouth! It taste exactly like durian because it's real durian in it. Yes even though it's not the durian season already but they have already kept enough of it to use throughout the whole year!

Fruit puddings

Chocolate fondue


Mixed fruit salad (rojak)

Cheese Section

Parmesan and Brie Cheese.
Emmental and Edam Cheese

This is just my first time trying cheese by just cutting it directly from the huge cheese. All of them have different texture and taste, but still has the smell of smelly cheese. I'm a fan of cheese and my favourite is the Brie Cheese as it's softer and milkier than other 3.

Bread & Butter Pudding

Jackfruit in sweet coconut milk (bubur nangka)

And that's all for the foods served in the Friday buffet dinner! I have to say that they have most of the food that I loved! I was actually forcing myself to try most of the food but I failed. But those that I commented right after the images are the foods that YOU MUST TRY!

Not forgetting the delightful drink I enjoyed that night - Penang's Signature Mocktail, Sri Pinang (must try!): A blend of sour sop, calamansi juice, longan and top up with ice-cream soda.

The duo live band which will be performing every night (except Tuesday) in Taste Cafe.

Awesome and important people I met that night:
Christina Kuan, Annie Wong (Marcom Executive), Sous Chef Ketut Gede Dodi, Yours truly and Christina Tan (Director of Communications)

Sous Chef Ketut Gede Dodi who excels in French, Indonesian and International cuisine, backed with 12 years of international experience, is the head of the culinary team behind the dishes of the all-day buffets as well as ala carte menu. All thanks to him for making my dinner that night PERFECT!

Taste Café

G Hotel Gurney
168A Pesiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +604 - 2380000

Operating Hours: 24 hours
Buffet Dinner: Daily 6.30pm – 10.30pm

Farm Friday
Price: RM150
For senior citizens aged 60 and above: RM79
Children aged 6 to 12 can enjoy 50% discount.
For more information, kindly visit:
G Hotel
Website | Facebook

Disclaimer: The service provided was sponsored, but not the post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.