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[Phone App] "Where to eat?" with OpenSnap!

The biggest problem of all time - WHERE TO EAT?! If you're one of us, fret not! Here's a post dedicated to everyone who is always facing this problem!

Introducing you, OpenSnap - a phone app where it gathers food lovers to share or find restaurants and foods all over the country.

I've actually did a surface review about this app in this post. Since it's been a while, plus they have made some updates in this app, so today I will be reviewing it in a more detailed way, like what are the awesome and special features about this app and how to use it like a pro!


In the homepage, there are up to 20 categories of cuisines for you to choose from! From 'Nearby' to 'Western Cuisine' to 'Halal' category and even 'Delivery' category where you can just look for the restaurants that offers delivery services!

And the top sliding bar would be some recommendation tabs which will be constantly updated by OpenSnap for your easy access to the latest trend!

OpenSnap covers most of the places in Malaysia from Penang to Klang Valley to Johor and to Sabah and Sarawak, and from Malaysia to China to India and so on! Don't forget to change the location which you will be at!

These 2 categories are my favourite because leaving Sungai Long area is really a waste of time, so we always choose to eat nearby. Suitable for those who doesn't have transportation as well!

Under each category, there are sub-categories on top as seen in the image where you can narrow down your choices of food to have! 

And yes, don't forget to check out the Delivery category!

Personalized your Location

Not just the food categories, you can also find restaurants or foods via locations that you're going to. Simply just personalize the locations that you'll be going often on your homepage!

All you have to do is just click the "Edit" button at the top right of the section, then just click on the places you want to add to or remove from the homepage. 

Here's the steps on how I add Bangsar to my homepage. 

And voila! It's in the homepage where you can just click it directly after you enter the app!

The Map View Function

If you're already in certain area, the Map View Function in each category will help you to find restaurants nearby too!

Just click on the Map icon on the top right corner. With the Google map, you can see lotsa pin points where they are the locations of different restaurants nearby. Just click on each of them to find out more details about the restaurants.

Not just category, even your keywords of food you key into the search bar can help you to find nearby foods you want with the Google Map! How awesome it is!

And of course, you can find the exact location of the restaurant you want to go as well!

Search restaurants and foods

Like if you already have some sort of foods choices in your mind, or you don't have time to surf around the app to look for food, just click on the 'Search' icon on top and key in your keywords to search for restaurants or food.

I really love their search function, look at how advanced it is in the right image above! I can just easily click on some random recommended phrases there to look for certain famous foods nearby.

Bookmark your favourite restaurants and foods

If you realized some of the images above, there are a lot of "Bookmark" buttons. Yes you can bookmark your favourite restaurants and categories for future access! You can even follow them for future updates as well, just like Instagram!

The 'bookmark' function is to check back the places you want to go, whereas the 'follow' function is to see updates by the restaurants in your feed.

Yup, you can even bookmark your favourite food!

At the same time, you can check out the places your friends has bookmarked too!

Find Foodies!

Speaking of friends, yes you can just follow any other foodies from your Facebook friend list or directly from the Suggestion section who are active in OpenSnap!

Some of them are active users, so feel free to follow them for new restaurants to try out!

In each foodie's profile, you can find the restaurants they've been to, bookmarks they made and their beloved followers. Start stalking what your friends eat and say "Bojio" if they didn't ask you along for good deals!! Haha Just kidding XD

And the "Following" section (swipe to the left from the homepage) is your feed which it will be showing the updates made by the Restaurants and Foodies you followed. You can find foods they eat or even the dishes they cooked by themselves!

View the latest food photo feed in major cities

Under the "Everyone" section (swipe to left twice from the Homepage), you can check out the latest food photo feed in major cities across Malaysia! Who knows you might find something interesting from the feed!

Upload your own!

Well, I've been mentioning about how to find foods in OpenSnap. But how can we find more new places if there is no one posting any foods and reviews?! Now, let me show you how to share your own images and write reviews in OpenSnap!

#1. Click on the Camera icon and add your food image. It can be your food picture, restaurant's decorations and even you selfie-ing with the food!

#2. Edit your images by Cropping, Adding Filters, Adding Stickers and Enhance the colour of your food.

#3. Lastly, add details of your food such as Name, Price, Rating and Opinions, and Voila! Your image will be shown on your follower's feed!


So what do you think about this app? Let me know in the comment section below! I personally used quite often to find restaurants nearby. 

Don't forget to follow me in OpenSnap as well @NicoleYie if you're using it too!

In case you think OpenSnap's food reviews are too less, go to OpenRice's blog to read more detailed food reviews by them and some food bloggers as well!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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