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[Beauty] Bourjois Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres Review

Here's another review of Bourjois product, the Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres that I received from! Read my previous product review on the Brow Beauty Touch Eye Illuminating Pencil HERE now.

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So as you can tell from the name itself, it's a product which was made of fibres that helps to boost your lash volume. It's the perfect lash booster for lashes that are too short, too thin or not full enough. It claims that by using it with your mascara, your lashes will thicken as if by magic and lengthen by 15%.

The Lash Machine is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers as tested. Besides, it will not make your lashes clumpy, holds on for 24 hours and it can be removed easily.

In short, it is the ultimate partner of all mascaras and an incredible volume booster.

The white thing on the brush is the fibres. So how does it work? The fibres will pull the lashes into shape at the sweep of the brush with its boosting formula. It's easy to be used as you only need to apply it between two coats of mascara

So now, let's see does it really work or not!

My eyelashes without mascara. I look kinda tired like this.

My eyelashes before applying anything. You might think it's quite long for a Chinese, but it's not full enough for me.

Usage Direction

  1. Apply your traditional mascara as usual.
  2. Apply LASH MACHINE immediately after, exactly like a mascara. It's easy as the little white fibres are clearly visible and easy to spread.
  3. Apply a second coat of traditional mascara and enjoy much longer and thicker lashes for 24 hours, without clumps.

Yep, the white thing on my lashes are the fibres.

Top: Only mascara. Even though it's long enough for some of you, but it's not full enough to reach the level of falsies!
Bottom: Used Lash Machine between two coats of mascara. It's much more longer and fuller that I look like I'm wearing falsies, but oops, those are my real lashes~ XD

Left: Only with mascara. Long but not full enough.
Right: Mascara + Lash Machine. Longer and fuller lashes!

Look at em lashes! My eyes look bigger and I look more awake now!

My thoughts

I know it sounds weird for a beauty junkie but honestly, I never own and wear any false lashes before! I personally think that it's quite troublesome because I need to learn the skills and techniques to apply falsies, plus I will be worrying if it's falling or not throughout the day. In my opinion, falsies are for those who need it every day because if you don't use it often, when the time you need it (like dance performance), it would be a disaster for you because you can't get used to it.

If you're a lazy person like me, I would think that using this product is better than wearing falsies. Since using both of them needs extra time to get a bigger eyes, why not go for something which needs lesser techniques but works the same!

As seen from the images above, I'm impressed with the result. Even though you can't see the huge change in lengthening, but it does boost the volume of my lashes, which is all I want! In overall, it's quite a great product to try out if you have short lashes.

Product Information

Name: Bourjois LASH MACHINE Volume Boosting Fibres
Country of Origin: France
Price: RM42.90
Where to buy: Selected Watsons stores in Klang Valley and Bourjois Kiosk Sunway Pyramid, LG1.65A.

For more information, kindly visit:

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Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


  1. does it require special mascara remover like the heroine make?

    1. Nope! Unless the mascara you used require special mascara remover :D

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