Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ways to explore Fashion without being a Fashion Victim

The Fashion industry is a fast pace world where designs go in and out without us realizing. Besides that, it cannot be denied that it is difficult for the fashion enthusiast to keep track for the fast changing trends and sometimes become a fashion victim. Yes, the runway trends are stunning but most of them are sometimes not fit for every occasion.

There are a few ways a person can avoid from turning themselves from the respected fashionista into a fashion roadkill without sacrificing much. One of the ways is to pick clothing that approaches a wearable trend. Wearable trends are pieces of clothing which works in real life and still makes you appear amazing from head-to-toe where ever you go.

Other than that if are someone who wants to still get that catwalk look, it is always okay for you to adapt to the style by creating it with your own touch. For example, the full faux fur coats on the runway may look awesome but face it, it will look out of place on you except if you live in a really freezing cold environment.

Not everyone can pull off those puffy faux fur coats. But you can still wear a faux fur fashion such as a pair of gloves or a bag. Toning down the look is the best way to appear fashionable at all times without going overboard. Other items that you may look out for are statement jewelleries and hats. Wear them appropriately with the right mix of clothing for the perfect fashionista look. The wrong move can cost your fashion reputation.

Another tip to make sure you do not screw up your look is by picking out fashion clothes which fits your body shape. Every individual must take into account of their body figure before shopping for clothes and accessories. There will be no point of purchasing something that will jeopardize your entire appearance. It does not matter if you adore the piece but if you think it does not suit your body shape, let it go and find something that can flatter you overall.

So are you one of the fashion victims? Please do not hesitate to share with me if you have faced this kind of situation before! If it happens on your friends around you, and don't forget to share these tips to them so that they won't make the same mistake again.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post that's provided by Zalora Malaysia.


  1. I am not daring and versatile in fashion. My wardrobe is really a boring one!

    1. Haha at least you won't be a fashion victim like this! Casual also not bad XD