Tuesday, 11 August 2015

JWEL, The New Royal Range of Ice Cream Sticks

Hey everyone! I know I have been so inactive in my blog recently. In case you don't know, I'm currently in my final semester in UTAR, gotta really work harder on my studies and also my FYP, hopefully I won't extend my course anymore!

But busy or not, I still have to enjoy my student life at the same time, right? So today, I'll be sharing something EVERYONE LOVES. Not any beauty products, fashion posts or restaurants, but an important thing to distress myself -- ICE-CREAMS! 

Introducing you, JWEL, the Ice Cream Empire!

JWEL is a distinctively delicious premium ice cream treat that created by F&N Creameries. Yes, the same company as your favourite F&N drinks, 100PLUS and so on! And you can already tell that it's a luxury ice-cream from the packaging itself, don'tchu?!

"Through JWEL, you get more than just a luxurious ice cream experience, you’ll also be invited into a world of indulgence and intrigue." - JWEL.

So I went to one of their roadshow today and guess what? It's in my campus - UTAR Sungai Long! I'm so glad that my schoolmates get to know about this new brand of ice-cream and try em out together with me!

With JWEL's Chocolaty throne at the roadshow.

JWEL Ice-cream's Flavours

JWEL comes with a fascinating cast of 5 nobles - the classic flavours of Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Black Forest. Each flavours are decadently coated in thick, almond flecked chocolate.

What's so different about these flavour from other brand is each flavour aristocracy is unique in his or her right, having their own quirky personalities and curious idiosyncrasies.

#1. The Decadent Duke of Vanilla

The Decadent Duke has flair, finesse and a certain élan. His gowns are sewn from the finest satin. His cloaks are lined with gold thread. He bathes in milk scented with the finest vanilla essence and he brushes his teeth with pearl dust.

#2. The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu

She's Italian. She's irresistible. She's got va va voom. The Curvaceous Countess expertly embraces the most distinctive coffee flavours with the very finest chocolate to create a sensually creamy experience.

#3. The Delectable Duchess of Double Chocolate

They say The Delectable Duchess eats her devilishly indulgent Double Chocolate with diamond-studded dessert spoons. While her subjects eat cake, she covets hazelnuts like they are priceless jewels. In fact the only thing nuttier than the Duchess is her ice cream.

#4. The Extravagant Earl of Caramel

The Extravagant Earl spares no expense in his pursuit of perfect indulgence. They say this eccentric lordship uses pots and pans of gold and silver to create the sweetest drops of heaven ever seen in the entire empire.

#5. The Brazen Baron of the Dark Forest

The Brazen Baron plucks young cherries from the forest and presents them to the village maidens. With his deep passion for the darkest chocolate in the realm, the Baron will tempt you with the very best of the Black Forest.

Found any of the 5 personalities that's suitable to be your partner already? XD

JWEL Ice-cream's Price

Forget about all other premium ice-creams, JWEL's suggested retail price for one stick is RM3.70, only!

But why get only one when you can get multipack of 4 sticks that cost only RM14.60?! It's never enough for the weather in Malaysia!

There are 3 types of Multipacks for you to choose from:
  1. JWEL Multipack (2x Tiramisu, 2x Black Forest)
  2. JWEL Multipack (4x Double Chocolate)
  3. JWEL Multipack (4x Vanilla)

JWEL Upcoming Roadshows (2015)

Interested to try them out already? Join their upcoming roadshows at:
  • 12-16 August 2015 @ Empire Shopping Galleria (10am-10pm)
  • 18 August 2015 @ Star Hub, Shah Alam (11.30am-6.30pm)
  • 20 August 2015 @ Dataran Glomac (Infront Pejabat Imigresen) (8.30am-4.30pm)
  • 27 August 2015 @ IMU (10am - 5pm)

Guess what? You definitely won't wanna missed the roadshow because they were actually selling the ice-creams for only RM2 instead of the original price RM3.70 during the roadshow in UTAR! And too bad that I went in too late cause it's almost sold out at around 3pm, so make sure you arrive early to enjoy the complimentary ice-cream!

Not just get to try out their ice-creams at a low price, you also get to enjoy a complimentary ice-cream by just Snap & Share a photo of yourself on the throne of JWEL during the roadshow!

Don't worry if you can't make it for any of the roadshows because all flavours of JWEL ice-creams are now available at selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide! Psst, I spotted these pretty things in Aeon Supermarket's Ice cream section! Go grab em all before it's too late!!

Want to know which of these 5 is my favourite? Stay tuned on my upcoming review post about JWEL!

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  1. looks like magnum ice cream. Is it good?

    1. Haven't try them out yet. Will review all 5 flavours in my next post!

  2. looks good! cant wait to try it myself! :D

    everything magical

  3. Nice photos :)
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    Maria V.

  4. I tired this. Not bad. like magnum.

    1. Really? A lot of them said like magnum too XD