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JWEL Ice Cream Sticks Review

I'm finally back with another review post. Again, not any usual beauty products review, but the JWEL Royal Ice Cream that everyone is definitely interested about!

In case you haven't read my previous post about JWEL roadshow, click here to read it now! I received a box with all 5 different flavours of JWEL Ice-cream after the roadshow.

Tiramisu, Black Forest, Caramel, Double Chocolate and Vanilla.

Note that this packaging is not the packaging in the market. Click here to check out the packaging of the multipack of 4 ice-cream.

Look at that thick, almond-flecked chocolate coat! Who doesn't love the crunchy taste of the chocolate coating on an ice-cream! The coated chocolate is not too sweet as it has a little bit of dark chocolate taste. The almond nuts compliments very well with the whole thing.

The Decadent Duke of Vanilla

Vanilla is always my favourite flavour when it comes to ice-cream, and the Decadent Duke of Vanilla is just like most of the vanilla - tasty! As a vanilla flavour fan, the vanilla in JWEL ice-cream taste more high-end than most of the vanilla ice-cream that I tried from convenient store before.

The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu
The colour of Tiramisu's ice-cream in it is yellow instead of white.

The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu is unlike those Tiramisu Cup that I had in dessert shop, I can say that it's the original Tiramisu taste? It has this slightly bitter coffee taste, but not too much nor too heavy. If you don't have sweet tooth, this is surely the one for you.

I used to dislike chocolate, but it's a different case for cakes and ice-creams, including the Delectable Duchess of Double Chocolate from JWEL! Like its name - Double Chocolate, it really has a rich taste in chocolate! For chocolate lovers, it's never enough of chocolate for you so go and grab your JWEL Double Chocolate ice-cream now!

The Extravagant Earl of Caramel
The Caramel ice-cream is also in yellow colour, just like tiramisu. But of course, they taste differently.

If you love vanilla at its sweetest stage, the Extravagant Earl of Caramel is definitely your choice! At my first bite, I thought that it taste the same as vanilla, but it's sweeter and sweeter after a few more bites! I don't really know how to describe it, all I can say is it taste like a sweeter version of vanilla. And guess what? This is by far my favourite flavour of JWEL ice-cream! Yep, I've got sweet tooth!

The Brazen Baron of the Dark Forest in red tone brown colour.

Good news for all Black Forest flavour fans, JWEL is available in the Brazen Baron of the Dark Forest flavour, and it's awesome! It has a little bit of berry taste which is sweet but with a little bit of sour taste behind. I'm not a super fan of Black Forest flavour, but in overall, this is one of my favourite flavour among the JWEL ice-creams, competitively with Caramel. 

My Thoughts

In overall, I felt pretty amazed with this luxury ice-cream! The taste as I described above, none of them disappointed me! I really love how all of them brought out different kind of tastiness and the level of sweetness for different taste buds and personality!

In my opinion, I think that Tiramisu has the lowest sweetness level, suitable for all age. Whereas Caramel and Double Chocolate might not suitable for all age as they are the sweetest flavour among the 5, but both of these and Black Forest are my favourite (a sweet lover here)!

The chocolate coat goes overpoweringly well with all 5 flavours, like surprisingly! So far the chocolate coat never make any mess on me. It's easy to bite once and follow with another without breaking the whole piece of chocolate out. And I love that the almonds on top worked as a role of extra crunchiness and to lower down the sweetness of the chocolate coat, a little bit.

Eating ice-cream like a kid. Heh.

It's best to enjoy the ice-cream right after taking it out from the packaging because it's at its best stage to enjoy the best of both world without making a mess!

With this affordable price to enjoy luxury-kind of ice-cream, why not?!

Yes, I deserve another one! XD

Product Information

Name: JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire
Created by: Fraser and Neave (F&N)
Manufactured from: Thailand
Available flavours: Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Black Forest.
Price per stick: RM3.70
Price for multipack of 4 sticks: RM14.60 (2x Tiramisu + 2x Black Forest // 4x Double Chocolate // 4x Vanilla)
Where to buy: Selected leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide

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