Sunday, 30 August 2015

[Fashion] Daily Morphine, Your Daily Addiction of Clothes

It's been a while for some Fashion post! This post will be some of my clothing that I received from Daily Morphine.


The first one is the double string chiffon top in blue.

If you flipped through my wardrobe, from the tops I own, you can tell that I don't really own a lot of nice singlets like a lot of teen girls wearing these days. I've always been wanting to own such casual yet feminine looking top besides normal T-shirts.

Matching them with my black or white shorts. And of course, they have more other choices to pick from in their Instagram and Facebook!


The second piece I got from them is the cut-out dress in peach colour.

I'm absolutely loving this simple dress. It looks simple at the front which allows me to style this outfit with a statement necklace or even a belt.

As for the back, the cut-out part is the key point. Not sure if I'm too short or what (definitely too short, lol), the cut-out part did not appear when I was standing straight, but only when I lean my body forward.

But if you're tall enough, I bet that it looks exactly like how it looks like on the model!
Tip: Don't forget to add on a flash tat at the waist cut-out part for a more sexy look!


Besides clothing, Daily Morphine is also selling various choices of contact lenses that are imported from Korea!

A lot of my friends have been asking me where did I get this pair of shining eyes. Yes, it's from daily morphine! It's in the colour of Baby Grey!

Comfortness? I've worn it for more than 6 hours a day. So far it doesn't have any affect to my sensitive eyes.

And surprise surprise, I felt that it's somehow more comfortable than a famous contact lens brand that I used to wear. Not forgetting to say that my eyes are quite sensitive, I can't really wear contact lens too often.


Honestly I really love doing a few more Fashion diary post, but I really need a good new camera to bring out for an easy photo taking session everyday. No I don't like my current phone's camera. Can't really ask my bf to bring his super bulky DSLR everyday out right? And he's not that free to help me every time as well. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on camera!

Anyway, do check out Daily Morphine for more fashion clothing! Their products are very affordable and up to trend!

For more information:

Daily Morphine
Whatsapp: +6016-4867732
Wechat: emilyleeeee

Facebook | Instagram


  1. Nice n pretty ^^

  2. wow~~ quite pretty ler, ur photos. THose using handphone's camera?

    erm...My suggestion is that if you don't want a bulky camera, perhaps a smarphone with very geng camera? LIke Iphone 5.

    or I quite like sony alpha series. Would suggest you sony alpha 5100 or alpha 6000 if you have budget around Rm 1500. It would be totally worth it! Not only that it's not that bulkey, is semi-pro, pretty photos esp for fashion blogger like us!! hahaha. and then It has wifi function that you can immediately upload into instagram!

    1. Thanks Maple! Those are using my bf's DSLR, except for the selfies XD Thanks for the suggestions! I agree that Sony Alpha are so good cause a lot of bloggers are using it! Really gonna save money for a mirrorless ady!! :D

  3. Hi Sweetie! you look prettier each day. Love your top and dress!

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