Friday, 21 August 2015

Enjoy Cashback when you shop in Taobao!

At this moment, I assume that everyone knows about Taobao right? I used to be an addict shopper in Taobao. Yep, used to be. I've stopped my Taobao shopping for a while ago because even though I found lots of products or clothing in a low price, the shipping fee to Malaysia is too expensive for me. End up it still cost me a boom! Somemore need to wait for 2-4 weeks. I might as well buy them directly from Sungei Wang. The worst experience I had is I used to wait for nearly 2 months for my parcel to arrive from the custom due to festive season!

But now, with ShopBack Malaysia, my problem has been solved! No, not about the shipping fees or parcel stuck in the custom, but I can get products from Taobao not just with a better price, but with cashback as well!

#1. Go to ShopBack's Taobao page by clicking the Taobao box in ShopBack's homepage, or click here.

#2. Click on the search bar and create a ShopBack account log in with your Email or Facebook in the pop-up box.

#3. Look for the item that you want to purchase in Taobao, then copy the name of the item and paste it in the search box in ShopBack's Taobao page.

#4. A new page will pop out and your search item will be shown on

Note that only items from the search result will be awarded Cashback. No Cashback will be awarded if there are no results shown in for your selected item.

#5. Click on the item you want in page, choose your size, colours and so on, and add them to cart / purchase it directly like how you normally do.

#6. Check out, make payment, wait for your goodies to arrive and wait for your cashback!

Your cashback will be automatically added to your ShopBack account within 48 hours. You can request for payment or cash out at any time with redeemable cashback of just RM10 in your account!

Besides getting up to 30% cashback, you can earn RM5 bonus if you refer a friend as well! Sounds great?? Sign up here now! heh :D

Besides TaobaoZalora and Groupon are my money digger... just kidding! I'm currently loving ShopBack so much because they have more than hundreds of merchants for me to enjoy my cashback with!!

So what are you still waiting for? Get the best discounts and promotions on Taobao now!

For more information, kindly visit:

ShopBack Malaysia
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