Wednesday, 19 August 2015

BloomThis: Luxury Flowers by Subscription

I'm personally not a garden or flower person and I have no knowledge about anything about gardening, like planting, how to fertilize them and even flower arrangement. I even told my boyfriend not to buy me any real flowers cause I just don't know how to take care of them.

But I told myself that being a female, I need to have at least once in my life that I try to own a live flower because from here, I will definitely learn something new.

Thanks to BloomThis, they gifted each and all the bloggers who attended Blogging 101 Workshop a bouquet Gerbera! That's so sweet of them!

Gerbera in 5 different colours
I know... I'm a bad flower arranger... And I don't have a vase alright.

I was so excited to take picture of the flowers and I didn't really take picture during my unboxing, but I swear that the box protects the flowers and they will still be perfect when they reached your home!

BloomThis is an online subscription-based flower delivery service. They deliver freshly-cut luxury fresh flowers in a box every week directly to subscribers, aka the Bloomsters. Bloomsters can discover and experience flower arrangement upon unboxing, while at the same time, avoid the hassle of purchasing flowers regularly.

Loving these lovely blooming Gerbera!

As I said I'm not a gardening person, I don't have vase, and I don't even know what to do when I first put all of them in the vase. It took me forever to arrange the flowers into nice position! And I just keep spraying them and change water whenever I remember (lol). But as a first timer, it's okay to let them die in 2 days lah hor? XD

But honestly, without these Gerberas, I don't even know that flower arrangement needs technique! You can tell from the images above, I'm suck at this.. *sob* Flowers are fragile (to me) and we definitely need to give them extra care. I really should pick up this course (flower arranging course!) after I graduate!

*Check out how to take good care of your flower by BloomThis here.

Other than that, I'm really glad that I get to know that there's a platform for me to purchase luxury flowers whenever I need them! Thanks to BloomThis once again!

So if you're interested to purchase your own luxury flowers (for yourself or your love ones), BloomThis provide 3 affordable packages:
  • Signature - Single Delivery (RM69 for 1 bouquet only)
  • Quinzena - Fornightly/Month (RM98 for 2 bouquets)
  • Sabbath - Weekly/Month (RM176 for 4 bouquest)

They are now having L'Occitane Giveaway as well! Purchase anything in the month of August 2015 to receive FREE L'Occitane's Rose Hand Cream (10ml) and Jardin Secret Body Milk (6ml)! (only while stock last)

For more information, kindly visit:

Website | Facebook | Instagram


  1. I don't know why I can't use the code. Sobs!

    1. Omg really??? Will check back and let you know!!

    2. Hey I've checked with one of the co-founder, I've mistaken about the code as it's only for 1 of my reader T.T I'm really sorry for giving the wrong info dear!

  2. I love flowers! Gonna try and see if the code works 😍

  3. Hey Nicole, can't seem to use the code :( Would love to try out their service though!

    1. Hey Mandy, I've mistaken about the code as it's only for 1 of my reader T.T I'm really sorry for giving the wrong info! :(

  4. Hi Nicole, I can't use the code too

    1. Hey Carrie, I've mistaken about the code as it's only for 1 of my reader T.T I'm really sorry for giving the wrong info! :(

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