Saturday, 1 August 2015

[Beauty] My shopping experience with Althea Korea + Haul + GIVEAWAY!

Online shopping needs no intro to anyone of you because it's something necessary to everyone now (I assume? XD). What people wanna know about is where to get the cheapest price and the best deal of the products they want.

So here's to all my beauty babies, or not, especially all the big fans of Korean Beauty Products. No matter you like beauty products or not (because you might have beauty geeks friends like me), you definitely need to know this new website because it is selling by far the cheapest Korean beauty products in Malaysia!

Introducing you, Althea Korea!

Althea is the national flower of Korea. It represents to beauty of Korea and delivers authentic K-beauty items to the world, just like how Althea gives off the fragrance of perfume.
Althea, the national flower of Korea.

Yup, I've actually already introduced this website and my haul from them in my Instagram. And I realized a few of my friends have already made their purchases as well because really, it's too cheap already!

Besides having the cheapest price, something that definitely make you wanna buy them NOW is all of the products are shipped directly from Korea! You don't fking need to fly to Korea to get cheap original Korean products anymore!

Like where on earth can you find Laneige product this cheap besides purchasing directly from their outlets in Korea?!

 You can just directly compare the prices to other beauty stores' prices in Malaysia. They promised to have the best price!

You definitely think that "ship from Korea marh like Taobao need to wait for 2-4 weeks or longer lorh?" (Taobao is the China version of e-bay, in case you still don't know.) Well guess what? Mine took only 1 week to arrive to my doorsteps from Korea!

I ordered it on 25/6/2015 (Thursday) and they made the shipment on 29/6/2015 (Monday), and the parcel arrived at me on 2/7/2015 (Thursday)! If the weekend is excluded, the duration is just within a week!

What's more? You get to enjoy free international shipping from Korea if you purchase RM150 and above! Like what??? Where can I find such good online store that offers sooo much!

Don't forget to stay updated in their website or Facebook page because they will constantly update their limited super deal, like Korean Beauty Product for only RM1, Buy 1 Free 1 or anything possible!!

Check out more details on their promises here!

My Althea Beauty Box Unboxing

Finally is time to show you guys what I got from Althea for RM150! Are you excited already?

So this is the parcel that I received from Ta-Q-Bin on 2/7/2015. I was super surprised that not just Althea's box is in pink, but even the parcel is in pink as well! It feels like something came from the Pinky Wonderland!!

The beauty box was well protected by the bubble wrap.

Look at that neatness in the box. I've never seen any of my purchases being so neat in a box before, especially when they were sent through courier service! How can Team Althea be so nice to pack everything so well in the box without getting a mess?!

Even EVERY PRODUCTS were also wrapped nicely in bubble wrappings! My babies are all well protected! <3

Tadaaa! Here's my haul from Althea! 
Can you name all of them without looking at the list below?
  1. Peri's Tint Crayon from Peripera (RM28)
  2. Peri's Tint Marker from Peripera again (RM28)
  3. Piolang 24k Gold Wrapping Mask (RM69)
  4. Innisfree no sebum Mineral Powder (RM20)
  5. Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack (RM5)

The total price of all 5 items are only RM150! Like really, I've nothing to say but Thanks Althea, your existence just saved my purse's life! And also special thanks for the Butterfly Project for giving me this opportunity to try out the awesome service from Althea! <3

My thoughts on Althea Korea's Services

I've actually mentioned everything I love about Althea already! But let me summarize everything here.

Firstly, the packaging is something that makes me wanna purchase from them again! The outer part and inner part are well-protected together, as seen from my unboxing images. And that pink box! I need more of them to beautify my dressing table!

So far I've experienced the awesome shipping service from them and Ta-Q-Bin, despite seeing some other people complained about the courier service or the company for sending their parcels late.

In overall, Althea Korea is until now the best platform to grab great deals in Korean Beauty Products! They've met most of the requirement that every picky consumers need, like original products but in cheaper prices and the speedy shipping service from Korea. The only thing is I'm still waiting for them to upgrade their website to be as user friendly and advance as some other famous online beauty stores.

And guess what? Their products are really still freshly made from the factory because all of the manufacturing dates of my products are just 1 month before when I received them! It's not like selling cheap because they are expiring or what!

So what are you still hesitating at?! Join me to become a big fan of Althea Korea now!

Now you can proudly tell anyone that 
"Who says Korean beauty products are expensive? Go to and see!"

For more information, kindly visit:




The post is not end yet because it's GIVEAWAY TIME! I'm giving away a NEW Peri's Tint Crayon (#2 Coral Pitch) that I got from Althea to one of my lovely followers on my Instagram! So this time you don't need to fill in any Rafflecopter form. Read till the end to see how to join!

Peri's Tint Crayon in #2 Coral Pitch

I'm not sure about you but I personally am a big fan of Peripera's lip products, and I've been knowing a lot of bloggers love them too! This tint crayon is Peripera's new gen of lip crayon - the tip was made differently in angled shape so that you can create sharp edges on your lips with it! Tell me lah, how can you resist such awesome product?!

The angled shape tip.

Yes, I purposely picked up this item to give it out to my lovely readers/followers/friends! I dare not to get more lip products for myself because I really have too much of them already! And yes, this is totally a brand new item! Even though I opened it up to see how it looks like, but I never tried it on my lips before! No worries~ :D

To join this giveaway, go to Instagram and follow these steps:

  1. Follow me @NicoleYie & @AltheaKorea on Instagram.
  2. Like & Repost this image in your public Instagram account.
  3. Tag @NicoleYie, #NicoleYieGiveaway and 3 of your friends in your repost.
  4. Wait for the good news!

Easy peasy right? But of course, you get to increase your winning chance if you share this post in your Facebook and Twitter as well! Don't be selfish, let everyone knows about Althea! Click the purple share buttons at the end of this post to share it out!

This giveaway will last for 2 weeks (1/8 - 14/8) so act quick and make sure you don't miss this chance to win free beauty product from me! :D

Good luck everyone! :)

Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  1. Open to legal residents in Malaysia only.
  2. Giveaway ends at 14 August 2015, 11.59pm.
  3. Participants must complete all the steps above in order to be considered as valid entry.
  4. Accounts that are made solely to join giveaways will be disqualified.
  5. Winners will be chosen randomly after 15 August 2015.
  6. This giveaway was not sponsored by any company.
  7. NicoleYie reserves the right to alter these Terms & Conditions at anytime and in its sole discretion.

So tell me girls, which of the products in my haul you want me to review first? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. wow! one month from the manufacture date? that's really awesome!!
    thanks for sharing!

    XOXO Jo | opal + opal

  2. I want you to review this Piolang 24k Gold Wrapping Mask as I saw many of our bloggers friends purchase this! I wonder what so special about it :) XD

    1. Sure thing dear! It's actually recommended by Tammy and that's why most of us get it! :D

  3. Nice post. I just received an email from Althea confirming my order. So all I got to do is wait. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey Nicole, i don't understand the whole RM thing... can't I purchase with regular money? thank you!

    1. Hi, bet you're not a Malaysian. RM is Malaysia's currency, which means Ringgit Malaysia, and it's a regular money in Malaysia. So feel free to hop onto and see if they can detect where are you from and do they ship to your country or not. Thanks and have a nice day ahead. :)