Sunday, 30 August 2015

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road @ Mid Valley

August 27, 2015 2
To all the youngsters these days, if you haven't heard about the Laneige BB Cushion, I really have to say that you're outdated! Why? Because it's one of the most highly raved K-beauty product in the world of cosmetics! Even our all time favourite makeup guru from western country, Michelle Phan loves it!

I was so honoured to be invited to join Laneige's FIRST global beauty tour, the Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road @ Mid Valley as a blogger/media with other bloggers from the Butterfly Project!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

JWEL Ice Cream Sticks Review

August 25, 2015 1
I'm finally back with another review post. Again, not any usual beauty products review, but the JWEL Royal Ice Cream that everyone is definitely interested about!

In case you haven't read my previous post about JWEL roadshow, click here to read it now! I received a box with all 5 different flavours of JWEL Ice-cream after the roadshow.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Enjoy Cashback when you shop in Taobao!

August 21, 2015 0
At this moment, I assume that everyone knows about Taobao right? I used to be an addict shopper in Taobao. Yep, used to be. I've stopped my Taobao shopping for a while ago because even though I found lots of products or clothing in a low price, the shipping fee to Malaysia is too expensive for me. End up it still cost me a boom! Somemore need to wait for 2-4 weeks. I might as well buy them directly from Sungei Wang. The worst experience I had is I used to wait for nearly 2 months for my parcel to arrive from the custom due to festive season!

But now, with ShopBack Malaysia, my problem has been solved! No, not about the shipping fees or parcel stuck in the custom, but I can get products from Taobao not just with a better price, but with cashback as well!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

BloomThis: Luxury Flowers by Subscription

August 19, 2015 25
I'm personally not a garden or flower person and I have no knowledge about anything about gardening, like planting, how to fertilize them and even flower arrangement. I even told my boyfriend not to buy me any real flowers cause I just don't know how to take care of them.

But I told myself that being a female, I need to have at least once in my life that I try to own a live flower because from here, I will definitely learn something new.

Thanks to BloomThis, they gifted each and all the bloggers who attended Blogging 101 Workshop a bouquet Gerbera! That's so sweet of them!

Gerbera in 5 different colours
I know... I'm a bad flower arranger... And I don't have a vase alright.

I was so excited to take picture of the flowers and I didn't really take picture during my unboxing, but I swear that the box protects the flowers and they will still be perfect when they reached your home!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

JWEL, The New Royal Range of Ice Cream Sticks

August 11, 2015 10
Hey everyone! I know I have been so inactive in my blog recently. In case you don't know, I'm currently in my final semester in UTAR, gotta really work harder on my studies and also my FYP, hopefully I won't extend my course anymore!

But busy or not, I still have to enjoy my student life at the same time, right? So today, I'll be sharing something EVERYONE LOVES. Not any beauty products, fashion posts or restaurants, but an important thing to distress myself -- ICE-CREAMS! 

Introducing you, JWEL, the Ice Cream Empire!

JWEL is a distinctively delicious premium ice cream treat that created by F&N Creameries. Yes, the same company as your favourite F&N drinks, 100PLUS and so on! And you can already tell that it's a luxury ice-cream from the packaging itself, don'tchu?!

"Through JWEL, you get more than just a luxurious ice cream experience, you’ll also be invited into a world of indulgence and intrigue." - JWEL.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

[Beauty] My shopping experience with Althea Korea + Haul + GIVEAWAY!

August 01, 2015 11
Online shopping needs no intro to anyone of you because it's something necessary to everyone now (I assume? XD). What people wanna know about is where to get the cheapest price and the best deal of the products they want.

So here's to all my beauty babies, or not, especially all the big fans of Korean Beauty Products. No matter you like beauty products or not (because you might have beauty geeks friends like me), you definitely need to know this new website because it is selling by far the cheapest Korean beauty products in Malaysia!

Introducing you, Althea Korea!