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[Beauty] ElishaCoy CC Cream & Magic Lipstick Review

Not sure how many times I've been receiving products from Natta Cosme to write reviews. Feeling awesome to be a nattalicious! This time, I received 2 ElishaCoy products - Always Nuddy CC Cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick.

As always, they sent in with some extra surprise! This time is a bunch of Fruit Plus strawberry candies to match the strawberry magic lipstick! #Sugarlicious

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream SPF30 PA++

The Always Nuddy CC cream is a 10 in 1 high functional multicream. It was said to be an easy solution for skin care and makeup.

The 10 functions of this ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream are:
  1. Skin whitening
  2. Anti-wrinkle
  3. UVA/B protection (SPF30/PA++)
  4. Hydration
  5. Correcting skin texture
  6. Correcting skin tone
  7. Covering imperfection
  8. Long-lasting
  9. Excellent application
  10. Making skin instantly look refreshed

The CC cream is color capsules in white water base pop to cover imperfection, correcting skin tone evenly and makes skin look smooth and radiant. Besides, this cc cream contains more than 20 hydrating ingredients to soothe skin and protects moisture from evaporating for a long lasting hydration.


After skin care, apply a desired amount evenly on cheeks-forehead-nose-chin. You can also mix it with foundation or BB cream so that it can create different finish by controlling the cover and texture.

Before: Dull skin colour with lotsa flaws;
After: My skin tone turns brighter and flaws were lightened.

The overall look after applying ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream.

My thoughts:

The whitening effect feels very natural, surprisingly! I always thought that whitening products make me feel like a ghost as I have yellow undertone skin. Instead, my skin tone looks better and more even after applying it. The texture, can't say that it's very light, but it's easy to blend on my skin.

As for the covering effect, it's just okay for me as my scars were kinda dark. And you thought it's gonna be matte? No. Since it contains hydration effect, it's a little bit glossy but not oily on my skin! I guess I should say that it brightens up my skin as well! It gives a really natural finish look on me.

Overall, I think that it's a great CC cream to try out!

Products Information

Name: ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream SPF30 PA++
Country of Origin: Korea
Weight: 50g
Price: RM129.00
Where to buy: Natta Cosme (link)

ElishaCoy Vivid Party Magic Lipstick

Don't just think that it's just a normal pink lipsticks like others. This magic lipstick actually comes in 5 colours:
  • Green Apple, 
  • Real Banana, 
  • Very Strawberry, 
  • Grape Fruit and 
  • Blueberry Sherbet. 

But all of them actually turns into pink on your lips after you apply it! The colour actually changed accordingly to your lips temperature, the hotter your lips are, the darker the colour turns into. #Magiclah

"Very Strawberry". The packaging is so much love! <3

So this magic lipstick with pretty packaging is another multifunctional product for your lips. It's a 7 in 1 multi lipcare that can be used as:
  1. Lip primer
  2. Lip balm 
  3. Lip tint
  4. Lipstick
  5. Lipliner
  6. Fixer (for dry lips)
  7. Ultraviolet (UV) screening

I've actually seen this lipstick earlier in Natta Cosme, but never thought I can own it because it's a premium lipstick (can see from the price itself haha). It claims that it can last superior long and does not adhere or stick with the color changing reversal lipstick like magic on your lips.

The main ingredients (Grape Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Punica Granatum Seed Oil) contains in this magic lipsticks gives an extra care to your lips with moisture and bounce.

Extra Tips from the distributor: Before you go to bed, apply a layer of the magic lipstick on your lips. A thin layer of magic lipstick helps to hydrate and exfoliate your lips till the next morning, especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned room.


  1. Draw slightly of the base product for vivid colour development.
  2. Along the line, draw from the center of the lips to the outside of the lips. 
  3. For light color, draw 2-3 times. For darker colour, draw 4-5 times.
  4. After applying the lipstick, leave it for 10 seconds to confirm your desired colour. The colour will darken according to the temperature of your lips.

Before: My lip colour is very dull and dry.
After (2 layers): My lip feels more moisturized and the colour changed to pink instantly!

My thoughts:

The one I was using is "Very Strawberry", and it is really very strawberry. The sweet strawberry flavour scent makes me want to lick it for some strawberry flavour taste, but too bad. The lipstick is tasteless, which is a good thing!

This lipstick is unlike all other lip products. The colour did not drained into my lip cracks and make my lips look even more cracky. This is one amazing part of this product! Besides, the colour is really natural on my lips! I really love the moisturizing effect. My lips feel very smooth after applying it. The UV screening effect is definitely another plus one for me!

But I disagree that it says it won't stain my cup, bread and tissue as mentioned in the page. I tried it on my tissue and it does stain a little bit even though I was wearing it for an hour already. But if you don't mind that little bit, you can just ignore this.

And also for the pricing, I remembered that this magic lipstick cost more than RM100 for only one, personally think that I won't purchase it alone in their original price because it's a little bit too overprice. There are many more lip products in the market with a cheaper price that able to moisturize your lips (besides the colour changing effect), I would choose to not purchase this alone.

Unless you never own any lipsticks before. You can just buy this and stop purchasing lip products anymore. It's really gonna cost you a boom. Btw, I really hope that you can understand this is the point of view from a girl who came from an average income family. I'm not stopping anyone to not to buy it.

*UPDATE* The Vivid party Magic lipstick comes in a box of 5 with all the different colours and the price of around RM100 is for 5 in a box, not one! It's only RM39 for each! You can collect all 5 different colours or share it with your friends because it turns out not pricey at all and worth for the effects and functions! Sorry for my mistake!

Anyway, I was really hoping that I can try out the green apple one because my all time favourite flavour is Green apple! (Do I sound contradicting? Oops)

Product Information

Name: ElishaCoy Vivid Party Magic Lipstick
Country of Origin: Korea
Main Ingredients: Vegetable moisturizing ingredients (Shea butter, grape seed oil, argan oil, and pomegranate seed oil).
Colours available: Green Apple, Very Strawberry
Where to buy: Natta Cosme
Natta Cosme is not selling the magic lipstick alone at the moment, but you can get the promo set here which include 3 Always Nuddy CC cream + 2 Magic lipsticks for only RM446.00 RM249.00!

And good news for you! Here's a coupon code for you to enjoy RM6 off if you wanna purchase the CC cream of the promo set!

Key in the coupon code "RAYA2015" to entitle RM6 off when you purchase above RM100! (valid till 21 July 2015)

For more information, kindly visit:

Natta Cosme

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


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