Wednesday, 10 June 2015

LaserOPS Penang Grand Launch | 1st Avenue Mall

I've been knowing about laser tag for a while in KL, but some of my Penang friends just knew about it recently. So it's a good time to introduce you Penangites a newly opened laser tag arena in 1st Avenue Mall, LaserOPS.

In case you never heard of laser tag before, it is the safest, painless and endless recreational sport of tagging each other, using harmless lasers to score points in a competitive arena. It's considered as a sport that strangers and friends can easily get together for a friendly mission.

LaserOPS in Penang is the first LED Laser Tag Arena in South East Asia. It is a new generation of interactive indoor laser tag arena. I was so honoured to get invited to join the first game with other bloggers and media during their grand launch 2 weeks ago.

LaserOPS is located at 3rd floor of the mall, in front of the escalator, and right beside Escape Room. It's at the same side of H&M, Brands Outlet and Charles and Keith.

The merchandises. I've got the pen and it's so cute! Try your luck to win away a medal? :D

Playing with the props before the game starts.

LaserOPS has the largest laser tag arena in Penang with a maze spanning 4800 sq.ft. fitted with state-of-the-art facilities to take the laser tag experience to the next level. The arena consists of two levels, be sure to look up when looking for enemies.

The battlefiled was actually a no-camera and no-handphone zone. Lucky us representing as medias and bloggers, were given the chance to take picture inside to show you guys how it looks like in the battlefield. Don't worry that if you have any important items with you because lockers were provided.

I'm in green team!

To be honest, LaserOPS has taken away my virgin laser tag game experience, so I'm not sure if they have the same apparatus or stuffs with other laser tag company, but they definitely have different arrangement of obstacles in the battlefield.

In LaserOPS, you will be assigned with your own number and set your own username before the game starts, and you'll have your own vest with your number.

Say hello to Agent 06! #Lolwtf XD

Briefings will be given before entering the battlefiled, like how to play and the rules and regulations. The game starts when the musics starts. The music is really awesome that it makes the game feels even more exciting. It feels really like we're on a true mission or in an action movie!

We get to experience 3 missions. Each mission have different play rules. The first mission is playing as a solo players, which means we were not assigned to any team, and shoot anyone you sees to gain as many points as you can!

For the 2nd and 3rd mission, we were assigned to one of the 2 teams (red or green). This round, we are able to change to different mode, such as recharge/energize, super rapid fire, spy, bonus points and so on. Besides, we can attack enemies' base to gain more points, but of course you'll die faster if you're standing at the enemies' base. LOL

My plus two of the event, Jameson and Bailey. They are awesome players!

Look at the lasers! We can't really see the lights through our naked eyes, but camera does.

The maximum players in each mission is 24 players (up to 12 players per team). So grab along your 12 or 24 crazy friends and have fun pew pew pew-ing together!

So what are my thoughts after the games? This game is super fun but tiring but AWESOME! Besides having so much fun, I'm glad to make new friends there! The place is really clean and new, and the staffs are very friendly.

I think that everyone must at least try out laser tag once in their lifetime! I'm definitely going back there with my siblings or friends on my next going back to Penang! (probably a celebration for graduating from UTAR? XD)

The score board. Play hard to make your face and name up on the list!
Jameson got the highest score after the 2nd and 3rd game, and Bailey was on the rank too!

Another good thing about LaserOPS is they will send your scores to your registered email address so that you can refer back after your games!

Obviously I'm weak at this, but screw the scores, I had lotsa fun there!

The price list of LaserOPS.

In my opinion, 3 missions is a better than 1 mission. I felt nothing after my first mission, but I'm almost like a dead man after my 3rd mission. You have to experience yourself in order to understand my feeling. Haha.

I personally love playing and having teamwork with other bloggers in my team (they are strangers to me). The scores doesn't matter at all, as long as you have fun in there!

For more information, kindly visit:

Malaysia Website | Facebook | Instagram
Singapore Website

Tel: +604-2519092

Address: LaserOPS,
Level 3-13 1st Avenue Mall,
Jalan Magazine,
10300 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Daily, 10am - 10pm

For corporate bookings (Team Building & Corporate Events, School Groups or Birthday Parties), kindly contact

For media enquiries, kindly contact

Disclaimer: The service was sponsored, but not the post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


  1. i like to play war game, haha

    1. you should go there some day! Haha want me to join u?? XD

  2. lol sumore need to bracket they are strangers to me.. lol

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    1. Haha jz wanna let them know it's still fun to play with strangers :)

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