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[Beauty] VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Care Set Review | Uniquehomebeauty

Ever since I started my university life 3 years ago, facing the laptop for the whole day just to blog and do fyp, playing games with my iPad and scrolling through my Facebook news feed using my smartphone in my bed before I sleep has been a necessity in my life. But all of these are the main reason of my tired puffy eyes and dark circles!

Thanks to Uniquehomebeauty, I get to try out the VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Care Set which contains 2 types of eye masks from them! Is time to take good care of my eyes now before it's too late!

VIRO's eye masks helps to activate cells around the eye area, improve blood circulations, reduce wrinkles, dark circles, eyebags, red eyes and swelling eyes. It's also suitable for people who have insomnia and vision problem.

Now let's wait no more and get to know more about each eye mask!

VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Mask

VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Mask helps to nourish the eye, stretch fine lines, firm eye muscle and reduce dark circles. The main ingredient in this mask is the bamboo fibre which is able to repair the skin cells around eye area, and it's a famous ingredient in Japan!

IngredientsBamboo Fibre (竹炭纤维质), Collagen Peptide (短肽胶原蛋白), Sodium hyaluronate (透明质酸钠), Acetyl Hexapeptide(六胜肽).

The eye mask was in a batman mask shape. Now everyone can be a batman. LOL.
But I accidentally stretched it too hard and the actual shape is GONE :(

Directions: After night time routine, fit the Anti-Aging Repair Eye Mask completely onto eye area. Close your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes then remove the mask. No rinsing is needed. Dab eye area with ring fingers to absorb the extra essence from the mask. Do not reuse the mask.

Ok mine is very cacat if you compare it to others. D:

The mask was very soothing, and it feels a little bit cold.

Bye bye puffy and panda eyes!

For better result, apply eye cream or essence after the mask and dab it with ring finger, then continue with the Steam Eye Mask.

VIRO Steam Eye Mask

VIRO Steam Eye Mask is a hot pack for eyes. It helps in blood circulation, eye soothing, reduce eye bags, dark circles and swellings, sedative, reduce wrinkles and increase the effectiveness of absorption of the essences.

Ingredients: Iron (铁粉), Water, Vermiculite (蛭石), Active Carbon (活性炭), Salts (盐类).

I know it looks like a sanitary pad in the bottom left image. Don't laugh XD

Directions: Take out the steam mask from the packet, peel off and separate the dashed line on the center of the ear hook part and wear it onto both ears. Close your eyes and relax for another 15 minutes, then remove the mask.

Note that the steam mask will increase in temperature immediately after taking out from the packet, so don't wait too long to use it after taking it out.

Close up look for the mask.

Close up look for the ear hook. This is how I wear it.

This eye mask is magical! It really gone hot after taking out, and that's why I can't take much picture of it, I need to use it immediately. It's hot, but the temperature is acceptable to be applied on my eyes. It is really comfortable! I can feel the effect while using it. Don't forget to set your timer for 15 minutes cause you might sleep soundly with it until morning!

I actually love the steam mask more than the repair mask because it's dry, easy to use and more convenient. But both of them have to be used together to achieve the best result, so why not?

I'm really impressed with the effects and functions these masks serve. It's something quite unique and everyone needs it! So get yours from Uniquehomebeauty now! 

Product Information

Name: VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Care Set
Country of Origin: France
Where to buy: Uniquehomebeauty (link)

So here's a good new for Penangites! Uniquehomebeauty will be having a Pop Up Stall this Sunday (28/6/2015) at the Dreamland Bazaar! You can purchase these eye masks from them during the bazaar that day, and do check out their other beauty products as well!

Uniquehomebeauty's Pop Up Stall @ Dreamland Bazaar

Venue: 1st floor, Penang Time Square
Date: 28 June 2015
Time: 11am - 9pm

And what's better? All of you who's reading this post are entitled a 10% discount on all masks that day during the bazaar!

Quote "NICOLEYIE10" for a 10% discount on all masks!
*only valid on 28/6/2015 (Sunday).

Don't worry if you can't attend the bazaar. You'll still get the 10% discount as well if you purchase through online or Whatsapp/Wechat. The condition is that your payment has to be made on 28/6/2015 that day.

So grab this awesome opportunity to try out these masks! Give your eyes a break! They are selling them in a package of 5 pieces of the Anti-Aging Repair Eye Mask + 5 Steam Eye Mask + 5ml of Eye Essence together.

For more information, kindly visit:

Facebook | Instagram

Contact the owner for pricing and other information:

Wechat/Whatsapp: 013-4321870
Wechat: beautycarecorner

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review post.


  1. batgirl! wahahha so which one you like best?

    1. I love the steam eye mask! It's dry type and it's so comfortable on my eyes! Haha you should try it ;)

  2. i always apply mask on face and neglect the eyes area. This is one cool mask. love that it make you look like bad girl or cat woman??? lol

    1. Haha yea it's so cool! Oh cat woman maybe? Should have put on my car ears! XD

  3. But the best isnt' made by the big brands, and in fact the very safety of their products is in question.
    droopy eyelid

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