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[Hair] Ultrasonic Iron Treatment Review | Number76, Publika

Yes, don't envy. I received an invitation from number76 hair salon to go for a hair treatment 2 months ago. You can just imagine how excited I was when I received the invitation email, some more is 1 hour before one of my final exam! That paper's gonna score so goooood! XD

In case you still don't know about them, number76 is a well known hair salon Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan since 2001. They already have a total of 6 outlets, and 5 of them are in KL!

Please be excited for my review because it is gonna be honest. This salon has received 99.9% of good feedback, whether you believe them or not, my review will tell you. Is it really that good and worth the price to invest the money to a better salon for your hair? Keep reading then! ;)

So I was actually late for my appointment that day because I was moving house the day before, and I overslept! The cashier called me and asked that if I can make it within half an hour, so do expect for them to call you if you're late for the appointment, or perhaps you should call them and say you'll be late. [Professional service #1]

After I reached their Publika branch, it was like entering a Japanese cafe or restaurant. Not just the entrance looks like a cafe, the workers will greet you "irasshaimase" (It means 'Welcome' in Japanese), just like when I was working in a 5 star Japanese restaurant few years back!

I'm not sure about other branch but I'm loving this outlet's interior design, especially having large windows to allow natural sun lights to brighten up the whole place. It feels so awakening. And as you can tell, it's almost full house in this branch, even though it's just a Wednesday afternoon!

I was served politely by the cashier to my seat, and she asked me if I want green tea or hot water. [Professional service #2]

My hot water was served with a little biscuit, and a Japanese magazine to kill your boredom. 

So this was my super disgusting and greasy hair before the treatment and after moving house.
That moment was like Just can't wait to get my hair wash done at 76!

Because I bleached highlight my hair before and my hair was so frizzy and they were always tangled, the Director Sato san (my consultant) said that I should go for their signature treatment, the Ultrasonic Iron Treatment to make my hair smoother and softer.

There are actually two varieties of the Ultrasonic Treatments. One is the classic Ultrasonic Iron which is usually recommended for light to medium damage, while the other one is the brand-new Ultrasonic Premium which is usually recommended for heavy to super heavy damage tresses that needs a strong treatment boost. Stylists usually consult and check on a customer's hair before suggesting the best treatment to suit the hair needs.

Glad that I only need to go for the Ultrasonic Iron treatment! :P

More details about the Ultrasonic Treatments

Ultrasonic Iron

Their signature service available exclusively in NALU and number76 salons. The iron vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating protein, water and oil particles in treatments to ensure deepest penetration for enhanced results. Highly recommended for dry, messy and damaged hair due to frequent colorings and/or perms.

Ultrasonic Premium

A new and improved version of the classic favorite. The new treatment formula packs mega benefits for stronger, smoother and silkier strands, complemented with an updated application technique that delivers nourishment deep into your hair strands. Highly recommended for dry, messy and highly damaged hair due to frequent colorings and/or perms.

The first step is to wash my hair. Instead of applying the shampoo at my seat like many other salons did, I was asked to go to their wash hair sink to rinse and wash. I personally think that this is the better way because lying down is so much better than sitting down right!

And guess what, I really love the hair wash session because they will cover your eyes (with a cotton I think? Not so sure) while you're lying down and also cover your legs with a blanket, and I really love the little scalp massage on my hair, so comfortable that I can sleep there! [Professional service #3]

After my hair wash, one of the girl started to apply the treatment cream onto my hair and iron them with the Cold Iron Applicator, just like straightening my hair. Before she started, she demonstrated to me on how does it work after it is contacted with water.

As you can tell, the light turns blue from red after she pressed the iron close together because the water molecules on the iron was vibrating. The iron vibrates at 37,000 beats per second, separating protein, water and oil particles in hair treatments and helps penetrating the treatment go deeper into your hair.

Ultrasonic iron does not use heat as normal hair irons do. She asked me to touch the iron while I was so hesitated because I thought it was hot, and surprisingly it is not hot at all as there is no iron plate to be heated. That's why it will not straighten your hair (if you have curly hair) even though it looks like a straightener.

Another good thing is it took only around 20-30 minutes to get my hair fully ironed. After that, I was asked to go to the sink and wash away the treatment cream. Yes, straight to wash my hair! I don't even need to wait any more time (like steaming the hair or wait for half an hour for the treatment to enter the hair) like other normal treatments need!

After washing away the treatment cream, a hot towel was put on my forehead and neck. It's my favourite part of the session of all because it's so comfortable that I can sleep one more time! [Professional service #4] Then, she applied some hair tonic onto my scalp after the wash and started to get my hair blow dry.

The after blow drying hair look. Can you see the smoothness already?

Like most of other salon's service, Sato san helped me to curl my hair for a better finish looking.

Voila! What do you think? Should I directly curl away my long hair permanently? That's why I'm still keeping my hair long cause I love how it looks now even though it's not easy to maintain!

Before and after my Ultrasonic hair treatment.

My thoughts

After the treatment, I actually felt that it's under my expectation. But I do see my hair gone smoother compared to before, and what's better is Sato san told me that the smoothness can last for a month.

Although it's under my expectation at the beginning, but after my own hair wash at home a day later, I felt that it was the smoothest hair I ever had after I start dying my hair 2 years ago! Can you imagine that I was flipping my hair for so many times after my hair wash because it's too smooth?! XD

Can't believe that it's still so smooth after 2 weeks! 

So here's a summary of what I love about number76 and the ultrasonic iron treatment:
  1. Service rating (for publika branch): 9.5/10. Refer to the label [Professional Service] above.
  2. Super duper in love with their hair wash service, so comfortable and gentle.
  3. The ultrasonic iron treatment took less than an hour to complete and result is better than normal treatment. Suitable for people with no patient to wait for a few hours of sitting in the salon for hair treatment (me lah)!
  4. My hair gone super smooth after the treatment and even after 2 weeks.

So like I asked at the beginning of the post,

Is it really worth the price to invest the money to a better salon for your hair? My answer is:

if your hair is not in a serious bad frizzy condition (like mine) and if your monthly income is just normal or not having any income yet (like me, again) because no doubt that number76 is a premium salon with pricey services. But speaking of premium salon, I'll say

if your hair is in a serious frizzy and unhealthy condition that normal treatment can't even save you.

And yes again
even if your hair is so healthy but you insist to get a high-end treatment. That, I have no comment because having a healthy looking hair is really important for a girl's overall look.

Number76 Publika

A1-G2-2, Solaris Dutamas
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603 6201 2776 / 3776
Operation Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm (Closed on Monday)
For more information, kindly visit:

Number76 Hair Salon
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Disclaimer: The service provided was sponsored, but not the post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


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    1. Yeah I was enjoying their service so much XD

  2. my hair needs a treat, but not all the way to publika

    1. They have more branch in other places, but not in Australia girl XD

  3. awww! this is so cute! I love the results~~

    XOXO Jo | Opal & Opal

  4. I went to Bangsar Outlet and tried their ultrasonic and tansan treatment. I love their service too. Nice hair color Nicole!

    1. That's great! Haha that hair colour was so... ahaha gonna dye new colour soon!

  5. would like to give this post a like because you honestly tell your thought , not like other bloggers. it is important to tell the truth to your readers :)

    Btw, I been to number 76 mid valley before and the no doubt their service and skill is great. however is a bit pricey for me too.. HAHHAHAHA so i just go there if i need a huge makeover (like from long hair to short hair)

    1. Awww I give your comment a like as well! Thanks for the compliment, this meant a lot to me!! :D
      Yeah was planning to visit them if I wanna change a whole new look for myself as well!

  6. Hi :) i wana ask does the ultrasonic treatment makes the natural wavy hair to straight as well?

    1. Hi. That I can't confirm with you. Kindly contact the salon itself to clarify. Thanks :)

  7. loveee the review! transparent! i laike!

  8. Nice review. How long did the treatment last on ur hair?

    1. Thanks! About 1 month if every week got use the treatment they provided. :)

  9. Wow really enjoyed reading this, My hair is damage from reborn, and my hair is slowly getting to back to it's usual curl. But my hair is really dry and frizzy. If I do this treatment will it take away my curls?

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  12. Liz was amazing! My girlfriend loved her makeup, she got so many compliments at the wedding that we attended. I would definitely recommend her. She came at short notice and gave us everything that we asked for. Thanks, Liz! Make-up in San Bernardino