Monday, 29 June 2015

[Beauty] Andalou Naturals Skincare Workshop | BMS Organics

Some of you already know that I'm currently facing a serious skin condition. Huge acne, inflammation, pimples and scars are conquering my face since the beginning of this year! :(

I've read several reviews from the internet saying that they were always using chemical type skincare products, but after they change to organic/natural type of skincare products, their skin turns better and some even cured!

A lot of my friends suggest me to go for new range or organic products, but I was still struggling to get myself new skincare products because I'm afraid that they doesn't work, and I know that buying a new full range of products are gonna cost me a boom!

2 weeks ago, I received an invitation by BMS Organics to join their skincare workshop at BMS Organic Sunway Mentari to try out Andalou Naturals' skincare products. Like finally, I have the chance to attend an organic brand's workshop! I know that I can definitely learn a lot through this event!
BMS Organic is Malaysia's Largest Organic Retail Chain that carries only reputable and reliable brands, including international brands from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

During the workshop, we were taught about the face mapping and about the products from Andalou Naturals by Resha, the marketing executive. Andalou Skincare are 100% natural origin, contain at least 70% organic certified and non-MGO & vegan skin care products.

Andalou's products are using Fruit Stem Cell Science which provides 'universal cells' to renew awaken cell to be young, repairs improve cell longevity & vitally, and regenerates stimulating cell production. The fruit stem cells used include Apple, Grape and Argan. Click here to read more about fruit stem cells.

Wait no more, let's move into the products introduction and the workshop!

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These are the 4 ranges of skincare products from Andalou. From top to bottom:
  1. Sensitive range (new!) with Alpine Rose Stem Cells is for delicate, dry and reactive skin.
  2. Age Defying range with Fruit Stem Cells + Resveratrol Q10 is for dry and sensitive skin.
  3. Brightening range with Fruit Stem Cells + Vitamin C is for normal and combination skin.
  4. Clarifying range with Fruit Stem Cells + Willow Bark is for active and oily skin.

Since my skin was more to active acne, combinations and scars, Resha recommend most of the Clarifying range of products for me.

Let's try out the products!

First of all, picked a few products from different range for me. Then she started to help me to remove my eye makeup using the Revitalizing Lash + Lid Make-up remover from Brightening range.

Then, I used the Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk from Age Defying range to remove my foundation, and second cleanse using Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel from Clarifying range. It's important to do double cleansing if you're applying makeup. Both of these cleansing products are gentle and did not make my skin feels dry.

Now you saw my horrible skin after removing my make up. :(

After cleansing, is time to exfoliate away my dead skins! The one I used is the Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub from Clarifying range. The scrub was not harsh and feels refreshing after rinsing it away.

I absolutely love how Resha helps me to massage my face!

We were just using the sponge to remove the products from our face during the workshop.

Next up, mask time! I used the Blue Geranium Creamy Clay Mask from Clarifying range. The product was quite hard in the bottle and end up it looks like this after squeezing out. It was recommended that don't wait until the mask dries up fully because it might absorb away the natural hydration in our skin.

The mask dries up in just a short time, not even 5 minutes I guess? The clay mask will help to extract all the impurities inside the pores and leave the skin clean and fresh.

After that, continue with the Blossom + Leaf Toner, Acai + White Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer and Blemish Vanishing Gel for my pimples and acne. Resha told me that for acne skin like me, it's better to just maintain the least skincare routine so that my skin was allowed to breathe. It's not necessary to use serum, essence and some other types of skincare because it might be too much products for the skin.

The clean face after using Andalou's products! Overall these products are very gentle to my skin as my skin was quite sensitive as well, especially on my huge acne. Resha did asked that if my skin feels okay or not after using every products and all of them did not tingled me or tighten my skin, except for the Blemish Vanishing Gel which does has some effect on my serious acne!

I'm glad that I attended this event because I really learned a lot from Resha! Not just about the products but skincare knowledge and the techniques to a proper skincare!

Partner of the workshop, Esther.
She was using the new range for sensitive skin.

With Resha and Esther.

So both of us get to try out the trial kit which is most suitable for our skin. Mine is obviously the Clarifying range. I've started using it after the workshop. At the beginning few days, my skin actually gone worse, but I think that it's because of my PMS.

But after using Andalou skincare products for 2 weeks, I can see that my skin condition does improved! I'm looking forward to the 6th week as it claims that skin will be renewed at the cellular level for visible Clarifying results in 6 weeks!

For more information, kindly visit:

BMS Organics
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Andalou Naturals
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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write anything good about the workshop or brand. All opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and preferences. Results may vary on different person.


  1. I am a member...but for food. huhu~~never find out their facial products.

    1. Wow really? is their food nice? haha

    2. Too healthy for me. The Lui Cha very different. Without cook...huhu....But the sup taste good.

  2. wow, I can't wait for your result using their product ler! hehe


    1. Hehe stay tuned! Anyway my skin really got better dy now, compared to the workshop that day XD

  3. It is amazing , you dare to show inner beauty introducing skin products reviews :) Not all the girls dare to show their real skin condition. Important I feel eat clean and healthy benefit to skin. Yes everyones knows , drink more water and eat veggies. Nice review there

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for the compliment and the advice! It's important to show the truth to the readers :)

  4. Hi Nicole, actually m looking for non chemical skin care product,I am BMS member , I saw Andolou products too, but m not sure which range is suitable for my skin 😐

    1. Hi Jenny, i would suggest you consult the beautician from BMS / Andalou instead ya. :)