Saturday, 2 May 2015

[Fashion] Personalized Charm Bracelet | SOUFEEL Jewelry

As I mentioned in my previous post about SOUFEEL (here), I will be reviewing the jewelries that I got from SOUFEEL. Their box are so damn pretty, isn't it?? The pastel blue colour ribbon feels so soft and sweet!

All of the charms and bracelet were packed separately and nicely in each and every ziplock bags, how careful!

So I've picked a complete charm bracelet - the Gemini Zodiac Charm Bracelet and 3 more charms which are New Style Letter N Charm, New Style Letter Y Charm and Gift Box Charm so that I can mix and match the charms I want in different occasions.

There are a lot of choices of bracelets, and the Gemini Zodiac Complete Bracelet comes with the Silver Skin and Brown Color Leather Charm Bracelet. The reason I picked this bracelet is because leather bracelet is more comfortable to be worn on my hand than the silver sterling one.

Most of the bracelets come with the same kind of clasp which were made of 925 silver sterling with their pretty signature logo on top. As you can tell from the image above, the clasp is in a really good quality and it's very firm after closing it.

Unlike all other bracelets I've worn before, it is quite different and it makes the bracelet super easy to be worn on my wrist, and I love the click sound so much when closing it, is like telling me "don't worry, it's secured tightly on your wrist now!"

Another thing is you can choose your own wrist size without worrying if the bracelets will move along on your wrist or not. I got mine in the smallest size and it fits really well on my wrist!

So here are the charms that comes in the Gemini Zodiac Charm BraceletTo my surprise, these charms does not has much difference compared to the images in their website!

Let's go shopping with my shopping bag charm, shall we? XD

I'm glad that all 3 charms in this set of complete bracelet they provide are the love of my life! The cute shopping bag with a cute little pink heart shape on top, my zodiac sign - Gemini, and a random charm with lots of hearts and pink gems on top are such a good matching! Check out all other zodiac signs and see how awesome all of them are!

Now, let's move on to the other pretty charms that I've picked.

So if you don't know why I picked the New Style Letter N & Y charm, you really should go and read more of my blog posts! Haha, just kidding. Of course these 2 letters obviously stands for [N]icole[Y]ie. I've chosen the dangling type of alphabet charms because the dangling will definitely make my bracelet looks more charming on my wrist.

Lastly, I found that this little Gift Box Charm is super cute and special because it's 90% a real gift box! Except that the gift inside cannot be taken out. But isn't it so special and cute? It looks like a mini yellow diamond engagement ring in it!

"Will you marry me?"

All 6 charms get along together turns into a sparkly bracelet on a leather bracelet!

Of course, besides choosing bracelets, SOUFEEL are selling 925 silver sterling Earrings, Rings and Necklaces as well! Besides customizing the bracelets with the charms, they also can be used on necklaces! That's why I picked only charms because I wanna use them as my necklace as well! 

All the charms are really made from 925 silver sterling!

What I love about SOUFEEL is their super wide range of charms. You can use them on both bracelets and necklaces! I recommend you guys to go for the memorable charms because no one will have the same charm as yours, ever! Besides, the charms in real life are as same as the image shown in their website!

So here's a good news for you who's reading this post! 
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