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[Movie] Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen Review

I thought that after the 2 episodes of Ah Boys To Men, this series of movie was fully ended. However, director Jack Neo has come back with a new episode which surprised me very much. Are they gonna show their life of being a real soldier?

The answer is no. I'm impressed that it's back with a twist of the story line. Their life was rewinded back before Ah Boys To Men 1, instead of going to Tekong for National Service (NS), they were chosen to go Sembawang for Naval Diving Unit (NDU).

NDU is a special task force that requires special skills and the training is more challenging than the rest. The Navy required all the young actors to achieve a certain standards of physical fitness, because they were portraying a group of well-trained elites. All actors were given a 3-month intensive training to ensure they are fit enough to endure the requirements needed for the filming. So brace yourself, girls! Expecting to see some good bodies in this episode!

The actors actually undergo sort of real training during their filming.

This movie will be screening in Malaysia on the 19th March 2015. The original cast from the previous Ah Boys To Men include Wang Wei Liang, Tosh Zhang, Joshua Tan, Bunz, Jaspers, Maxi Lim and Charlie.

Fan girls, I allow you to scream now.

Ken Chow (Joshua) remained the character of lazy, rich, spoilt kid who thinks national service is a waste of his time and doesn't care about his performance in camp. Not sure if it's a spoiler but I bet everyone knew that he will realized his mistakes and change himself, just like the previous episode. Not gonna mention how but I think that was one interesting part in the movie.

Lobang King (Wang Wei Liang), out of my expectation, was my favourite boy (and man) in this episode. Just like the previous episodes, his Hokkien, jokes and expressions never fail to make me LOL. Instead of being rebellious, this time he pulled out a roll as a loving brother of her sister, Lo Wei (Joey Leong), which makes me feel that it's good to have an elder brother.

Aloysius Jin (Maxi Lim) remained as the Wayang King in this episode. He could not run away from characters of such due to his 'baby face' (as mentioned by Wei Liang in his instagram, LOL). However in this episode, he showed some of his skills which he has been learning all the while in real life to impress the audience, and I was really impressed and shocked!

The new guy from Hong Kong Hei Long a.k.a The Black Dragon (Wesley Wong) caught my eye the most in this movie due to his handsome-ness! He was an aggressive gang leader before joining the Navy. His character was very different from the usual image of himself. I actually love the way he speak in Chinese and English!

Ohhhh look at him!! So cute <3

It's kinda touching to see how all the actors worked so hard for this movie. Fitting up their body, experiencing the real life of Navy such as training with the tayars, boats and other equipment, and get splashed by real large forces of water in the face!

So here comes my opinion. To be honest, there are some scenes I really like in the movie as mentioned above, but in overall, this episode surprisingly came below my expectation. I guess I shouldn't watch with a high expectation as it was Jack Neo's production, which always impressed me (and made me cry like f*ck) in most of his previous movies.

I personally felt that the story line is not as interesting as the previous one (or do they even have a story line in it?). I was so looking forward for scenes that has impressive twists and turns instead of typical friends and family's problems. But just like typical Jack Neo's film, you can expect for laughter and definitely deep feelings, and the most importantly, meaningful quotes. Well there are some scenes and quotes did touched my heart but I guess I'll let you to discover them yourself.

Director Jack Neo and the casts meet the fans in Nu Sentral

Movie Information

English Title: Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen
Chinese Title: 新兵正传 III : 蛙人传
Release Date: 19th March 2015
Running Time: 150 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Action
Language: Chinese, English, Dialect (including Hokkien and Cantonese)

Anyway, this is just my first movie review after blogging for so many years. Was honoured to get invited to their premiere screening and I absolutely hope to write more movie reviews in the future!

Do recommend me some movies that you want me to watch and review it! xoxo.

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