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[Food] Buns & Meat | Lake Field, Sungai Besi

Last Saturday, I was invited by Food Ink to join their food review session at a new restaurant, Buns & Meat which is located at Lake Field, Sungai Besi with some other bloggers.

The entrance with some retro decorations and cakes display.

Buns & Meat just launched 1 month ago which was around the period of Chinese New Year 2015. It's a non-halal restaurant that serves burgers, hot dogs, ribs and some other western style meal such as spaghetti and cakes.

When I first entered the restaurant, I love the ambiance very much because of the bright lighting with neat and colourful decorations.

Besides enjoying the food in the restaurant, there's a small stage at the corner and you'll get to enjoy band performances at certain period, and there are dart games as well. Such a great place to chill and relax.

Now wait no more! Let's move on to the buns and meat that are available in their menu!

#1. Char Siew Burger (RM16.90)

I have never heard of any western meal that uses Chinese pork, Char siew as their meat before. Have you? Char siew burger is a pork patty burger topped with cheese, sweet roasted char siew, tomato and lettuce with mayonnaise and side with fries, pasta and ham salad. To me, their char siew is kinda different with what I always eat, and I have to say that the combination with the cheese is awesome.

Before I move on to other burgers, let me mention about their buns as they are homemade buns with their own special recipe.

This tasty crispy bun is not just a plain bun but toasted with margarine and french butter, which are my favourite condiment to have with bread. You'll definitely get to taste it if you order any of the burger in the house.

#2. Runny Mess Burger (RM20.90)

So why is the name of this burger called "Runny Mess" is because of the pouched egg, which also known as Eggs Benedict. Yes, everyone's favourite eggs benedict in a burger! How awesome! 

This is a pork bacon burger topped with a poached egg and covered with cheesy sauce! Imagine the egg york and sauces running out after your bite! The egg white feels very puffy and it doesn't have the heavy 'egg taste' which egg haters hate of.

Not sure if you can see it but the pork is not in dark brown but almost in pink in colour, which people might think that it's not cooked. Of course it's cooked! The reason behind is because they only use fresh and unfrozen pork everyday. Frozen pork will definitely turn dark in colour after cooked. I really have to say that this is my favourite burger of all I've tasted that day because the egg, cheese and pork are the boom!

#3. Grilled Chicken Burger with Cheese Black Pepper (RM16.90)

What's a 'meat' restaurant without a choice of chicken. According to my some blogger friends, they actually love this one the most. The grilled chicken is chicken thigh which was marinated with black pepper sauce, with lettuce and top along with a piece of cheese and onions. As I'm not a black pepper person, I felt that the black pepper taste a little bit too strong for me, but a bite on the thick juicy chicken thigh feels absolutely awesome!

#4. Spicy Korean Ribs Burger (RM16.90)

Here comes the spicy lovers' favourite! This pork ribs burger with Korean spicy glaze wakes you up with it's juicy and delicious spiciness. It was kinda spicy to me a non-spicy eater, but definitely not a problem for those who loves spicy, especially Korean spiciness! Again, it's topped with lettuce, onion and side with fries, pasta and hams salad.

Well if you're not a fan of or bored with burgers, or I should say if you're a hot dog lover, here's some choices of special and delicious homemade hot dogs for you to choose with.

#5. Hot Dog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw (RM16.90)

This healthy looking dish is their homemade pork sausage topped with coleslaw, mustard and the main condiment Jalapeno BBQ slaw on top of their homemade hot dog bun. In case you wonder, they are using homemade premium hot dog. Worry not to be messy while eating this because it' (what was I saying?). However, this is definitely not the choice for those who can't stand chili spice like me (Jalapeno is a kind of chili pepper, the one on top of the dish)

#6. Hot Dog with Sautee Mushroom & Black Pepper Bean (RM16.90)

Any mushroom fans here? Don't feel shy to make friends with me because Imma big fan of mushrooms too! I would definitely finish all of these Sautee mushrooms on top first then only the hot dogs if this is my dish to pick. With some onions along on top of the black pepper-ed hot dog, I don't even know how to describe this but only the word amazing! Just like the previous one, they are using homemade pork sausage and sided with fries, pasta and ham salad.

#7. Hot Dog with Pork Bacon Baked Bean (RM17.90)

Bacon is one of the meats that I heard people love the most, am I right??? People these days can make anything with bacon on. LOL. So, calling all bacon and baked beans lovers! This homemade hot dog is topped with some yellow sauce baked beans which I personally think that they has made a great combination (because I always love to dip my sausage into baked bean's yellow sauce).

#8. Mac & Cheese Hot Dog (RM17.90)

Macaroni with cheese is my all time favourite choice combination of pasta. To be honest, I always thought that pasta like macaroni only can be the main food, and hot dogs will be its side dish. Now I know that I'm just a frog under the well. This awesome dish changed my world upside down. Just like the mushroom one, I will definitely finish the macaroni even before I start to eat my hot dog. With some crispy bacon along, I have to say that it's gonna be my favourite choice of hot dog among 4 of others.

If you realized, all of the burgers and hot dogs come with fries, pasta and ham salad as side dishes.

If you're tryna get rid of buns, here are some choices without buns on.

#9. Spicy Korean Ribs (RM42.90)

It's another Korean spicy choice for spicy fans out there. This rib has the korean spicy glaze as well, with some herbs as the additional taste of awesomeness. I actually love how it was cooked, and it was served on top of a bunch of thick fries, sided with some salads.

#10. BBQ Pork Ribs (RM44.90)

In case for those pork ribs lovers who doesn't want it to be spicy, here's a BBQ choice for you! And yes, I'm definitely picking this as I love how the ribs are served with the sweet BBQ sauce. Just like the previous one, it was served on top of fries and sided with salads.

#11. Alio-Olio with Pork Bacon  (RM16.90)

I personally think that no matter which kind of food a restaurant is serving, Spaghetti is something that their menu cannot live without, especially one of my favourite, Alio-Olio. Instead of using the traditional normal spaghetti, they've changed it into penne pasta, along with everyone's favourite pork bacon, chili flakes, mushrooms and onions, sided with a ginger bread.

#12. Pulled Pork Fries (RM11.90)

After a whole bunch of main dishes for us to try, finally we're trying a smaller portion of food which is the pulled pork fries. As you can tell, pulled pork is just like how it look on top of the fries, looks like noodles, and I'm so happy that it was mixed with my favourite BBQ sauce! The whole combination is absolutely amazing that I have to say! It's best choice for a chilling session with friends during tea time if you're looking for something small portion to share with your friends.

What's a delightful meal without desserts! Let me introduce you some of their recommended cakes that we've tried in the house!

#13. Salted Peanut Butter Cake (RM13.90)

Hey there peanut butter lovers, you really gotta try this. I'm not a fan of peanut butter (can say that I hate it) but I personally felt this taste quite good! Maybe it's because it's not fully peanut butter as it's just a peanut butter flavour cake.

#14. Banana Cake (RM13.90)

With everyone's favourite Gula Melaka on top and banana in between, the combination of soft and crunchy make this a sweet and tasty cake.

#15. Bailey’s Cheese Cake (RM13.90)

Hands down to this cake, it's my favourite of all 3! As seen in the image, Bailey's is an alcohol drink, and yes, you can taste it on your first bite, but it's not too strong. It mixed perfectly with the cheese cake in my mouth that I wanna have my second bite immediately! If you don't mind alcohol, I really recommend you to give it a try!

So I bet some of you are curious about their beverage. We didn't get to try out different types of drinks like we did on the foods, but we did ordered some drinks during the session.

#16. Lime juice

I'm not sure about you but I find this thing interesting. It's not provided on every tables, but I think you can order it like this, but this should be provided on every restaurant's every table with plain water as it's so convenient and we don't need to ask for refill by ourselves.

#17. Hot Chocolate (RM9.90)

This is the one that I ordered. It's just like other hot chocolate, sweet and chocolaty taste.

#18. Mocha (RM11.90)

The lion coffee art makes another interesting instagram photo. Do you agree with that? XD

#19. Latte (RM8.90)

#20. Affogato (with Coconut Ice-cream)

And that's all for the dishes we've tasted! So far I felt that all of the dishes amazed me as their food are considered as high quality. Some comments to improve their food have been given out by some of us so that you guys can enjoy a better taste of food than us next time when you visit!

Meet the food inkers that I've met that day!

Last but not least, thank you Food Ink for the invitation, and thank you guys for reading this long post! Please do let me know if you've tried this restaurant before and what do you think! :)

Buns & Meat

Ground Floor 72A, Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

03 - 9055 3378

Business Hours: 
Monday - Sunday
12:00pm - 12:00am




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