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[Event] Pimp My Chu Lip Workshop + Review

I was honoured to be invited to join the Pimp My Chu Lip Blogger Workshop in Kare Cafe, One Utama with other Butterfly Project's bloggers last Saturday.

Their rainbow colour designed poster makes me feel so happy! :D

Before I move on, let me introduce about Chu Lip. Chu Lip is a trendy dome-shaped lip balm originally from Japan, under the big company Mentholatum'Chu' actually means 'Kiss' in Japanese, and that's how the cute name came from.

Chu Lip comes with four different scents and funky colours to suit your mood:
  1. Paris, Perfect Memories (Pink) - sweet berry scent with Raspberry and Peach flavour.
  2. NY, Brilliant My Way (Red) - powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose.
  3. Arabian, Floral Shower (Purple) - elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove.
  4. Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Green) - refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango.

The concept of Chu Lip besides the typical function of a lip balm, it was also created to make human exert their creativity in another way. For artists, draw or design whatever you like on the Chu Lip case, make it your new paper! Whereas for crafters, prepare your scissors, glue guns and whatever possible crafts and start decorating the Chu Lip!

Check out all of these well decorated Chu Lips that were displayed in the event tables!

I honestly admire people who made all of these! Why can't I be as creative as them?!

More drawings and crafting examples! Look at the cute Afro head with blinky lips!

Elaine shares about what is Chu Lip and what will we be doing later on.

During the event, there's a contest for all 50 butterflies. Yes, we need to DIY and create our own Chu Lip decoration! The 6 best designs will be chosen by the admins, and all of us have to vote for our favourite among the 6. The best 3 will win away a Baby-G watch for each of them!! Tempting?! Yes for me!

So all of us were given a Chu Lip in our favourite colour, and we get to pick any craft items like Sharpie pens, ribbons, laces, tapes, scissors and anything possible on the table that we want to use for our creation.

The table of rainbow!

Everyone's tryna get their favourite items on the table.

So these are the items that I'm able to grab from the table as there are too many of us choosing at the same time. I've taken the red lip balm because it looks exactly like pink under yellow light *cry*.

Credits to my partner of the event, Cookie for this awesome candid shot of me starting to work on my creation!

So if you've seen my Instagram and Facebook, you'll definitely know how cute my creation looks like! Be hold for my new kawaii friend, Blair!
I've combined all my favourite stuffs in 1 creation! A pink ribbon, lace dress, rainbow colours and big eyes! Okay my eyes drawing were so fail. Why can't I have a pair of Hamtaro eyes?? *sob*

And look at Cookie's creation! Meet Princess Lilac who has won her a new Baby-G watch! Envy!
With Cookie, Princess Lilac and Blair.

Check out other creative and cute creations by other butterflies! Can you see Blair?

'Hey! What'cha lookin' at??'

So these are the 6 best designs among the 50 creations! Spotted your favourite? ;)

Credits to Kare Cafe for the awesome refreshment of the day as well! *puking rainbow!*

I'm glad that I came all the way from Setapak to One Utama just for this workshop as I had so much fun in this colourful event! I'm looking forward for more such events to join in the future as I never had the chance to DIY something for myself using my own lousy imaginations!

So are you having your own creative idea in your mind to decorate the Chu Lip now?

The 'Pimp My Chu Lip' contest by Mentholatum in partnership with Watsons is ongoing right now in searching for most creative and outstanding Chu Lips design! Join this contest and stand a chance to win an iPad Mini 3 or a set of Chu Lip lip balm, with 5 sets to be won!

How to join?

All you have to do is get your own Chu Lip from Watsons or any leading pharmacy or major supermarket, start decorating your Chu Lip creatively, snap a photo of it and upload to, and voila! Wait for your good news!

The contest will be running from 5th March until 31st March 2015, so what are you waiting for?! Get creative and start working on your creation right now!

And don't forget to let me know if you're joining the contest okay? I wanna see your awesome creations and to wish you a good luck in winning an iPad Mini 3 too!! Go go go! :D

Chu Lip Lip Balms Review

So here's my short review for you after trying the 4 Chu Lips which I received after the event.

The packaging actually reminds me of the highly raved EOS lip balm, small and round. I never used it before but it's like everyone's favourite as it's small, cute and easy to apply.

I really love this round head balm as it allows me to fully apply the balm on my lips easily. It may look small for you but I'm not sure if I can finish all 4 balms in 1 year? It only used like 0.01% of the balm every time I apply!

The lip balm is actually kinda oily on my lips, it feels a little bit like Vaseline. If you can't stand oiliness on your lips, this might not be your choice. I'm also a person who used to hate applying anything on my lips, even if it's not oily, but I have to bear with the feeling of oiliness because I hate dry lips even more, so I personally think that the feeling is still acceptable for this lip balm.

I'm glad that I felt this way because this lip balm is actually amazing! I'm so surprised that my lips gone super smooth and feels very moisturizing that I can barely feel the wrinkles on my lips after applying the lip balm! Vaseline's oiliness can't even satisfy me and my lips. 

My lips are so dry and chapped without the lip balm!

I have to say that all four scents are just too good! I really love all of their light sweet scents. I just can't stop smelling any of it whenever I'm using it! It's kinda hard to pick my favourite among the 4 but if I have to, I'll say that I love the red one the most (instead of pink) because it has my favourite Apple flavour! (Blair is so happy XD) I actually hope that Chu Lip can create a new range of lip balms with colours on it, just like lotsa lip balm does nowadays! With this affordable price, I strongly recommend you to try it if you're looking for a good lip balm!

I really love the concept of Chu Lip giving their users to design their own lip balm case because instead of producing their Limited Edition designs and selling with a higher price, why not DIY yourself?! It's even more unique and priceless! So THUMBS UP to Chu Lip for the awesome lip balm and great idea! I'm looking forward to see more colours to complete a rainbow in the future!

Product Information

Name: Chu Lip Lip Balm
Brand: Mentholatum
Country of origin: Japan
Main ingredients: Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil
Available scents: Sweet berry scent (Pink), powerful fruity scent (Red), elegant flower scent (Purple), and refreshing scent (Green)
Price: RM25.90
Where to buy: Watsons, any leading pharmacy or major supermarket 

For more information, kindly visit:

Chu Lip


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