Thursday, 26 February 2015

[Beauty] Snovits Hydra Glow Essence Review

If you're looking for a product which can multitask and instantly gives you a brighter skin complexion before heading out for an important event or function, Snovits Hydra Glow High Performance Night Essence might be the one you're looking for.

In case you realized, yup, the font has disappeared when I received it firstly, so I edited the words myself so that it looks better. And here's the original look of the product:


Snovits believes that our skin requires sufficient hydration, active collagen, balaneced sebum moisture and healthy distributed melanin to maintain a radiant and glowing skin complexion.

Their products are targeted skin care with a different approach, which means it's product is suitable for all types of skin, like acne-prone skin, aging skin, dehydrated skin and so on. Every part of your skin needs to be cared (instead of just healing your acne or wrinkles), and that's why they came out with this powerful Night Essence which supplies specific nutrients required by your skin to leave it soft, smooth, youthful and with a glowing tone.

Hydra glow delivers all these 4 essential results in a single solution: The innovative blend of natural marine extract and the pharmaceutical formulation, Hydra Glow is all that it takes to transform your skin into soft, fresh, energetic and younger-looking skin.

Hydra Glow's Ethyl Ascorbic acid-based formula also acts quickly by inhibiting the activity of Tyrosinase and preventing the synthesis of melanin. Besides, it has two-fold effect on collagen. Firstly, it repairs the collagen structure, and more importantly is enhances the synthesis of collagen.

The marine extract formulation in Hydra Glow is designed to rapidly be absorbed by the skin cells at the lipid layer level, which means your skin receives twice the amount of moisture, faster than most concentional treatments.

The seaweed extract contained in hydra glow's formulation is rich in essential minerals and vitamins that your skin needs. It is also a proven anti-inflaming agent that helps re-balance sebum on the skin and helps to protect it the harshness of the elements.

The formulation which contains ascorbic acid and seaweed extract has been proven to
  • Improve skin hydration levels
  • Encourage skin-tightening by improving open pores and superficial finelines
  • Enhance brightening of the skin making it look fresh, energetic and youthful
  • Act as a great anti-inflammation agent


It says that it's 2-way essence, but your skin can be achieved in 4 essential results:
  1. Use as an instant boost mask: apply 3mm layer of Hydra Glow for 20-30 minutes and rinse off to instantly boost your skin for a radiant look before any important event, like business meetings or social engagements.
  2. Use as normal mask: apply 3mm layer of Hydra Glow for 45 minutes and rinse off to bring a rosy, glowing tone to your skin.
  3. Use as night essence (sleeping mask): After moisturizer, apply small amount all over face as a finish step before sleep. Leave on overnight to wake up to a brighter, softer, tighter and more rejuvenated skin.
  4. Use regularly to give yourself quicker, faster and longer lasting flawless skin.

Sorry if my super unedited skin scares you, but this is my real skin condition few weeks ago.
Demo-ing as rinse-off mask here.
Not sure is it 3mm but I just put the amount that I felt that it's thick enough.

My Opinion

The mask is very easy to apply as the texture is quite smooth.

For using as rinse-off mask, the texture became a bit sticky on my skin after the 20 minutes, and it's kinda hard to rinse off as it's in gel type. But my skin feels very smooth after rinsed off, and my skin complexion really gone brighter!

For using as sleeping mask, I felt that my skin was kinda oily in the morning, but it's like kinda hydrated my skin. Skin feels smooth as well after washing it off.

Overall, I felt that the mask does helps to improve my skin complexion. This mask is considered as not bad for me.

Product Information

Name: Snovits Hydra Glow Essence
Country of origin: Malaysia
Size: 50ml
Price: RM168.00
Where to buy: HiShop (link)


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