Sunday, 22 February 2015

2014 Favourites [Part 2]

So I'm back for the part 2 of 2014 Favourite! Read my part 1 here if you haven't!

Let's head on to my Favourite Fashion items first. I will be listing the items from Top to Bottom, then Accessories!

#1. Adidas NEO Lip T-shirt

Until now I still felt so blessed that I get the chance to get sponsored by Adidas NEO for the RM1000 shopping spree last year (Read the post here if you haven't). I got this T-shirt from there, and I absolutely love the material and also the design! Pink and black is my ultimate favourite match as well!

#2. Adidas NEO Selena Gomez Pink High Waist Shorts

Same as the T-shirt, this was gotten from the same store. This pink high waist shorts is under Selena Gomez 2014 Summer Collection, and the material is very comfortable! I've been collecting so many high waist pants during 2014 and this is my favourite of all!

#3. P&CO Red Pencil skirts

It's my very first pencil skirt because I thought I will never had the chance to wear it, until I decided to get one for my internship. What I like about this skirt is the material is very comfortable, for a price of RM19 only! P&Co leh! The skirt length is also perfect for me!

#4. Peplum skirt

It's also my very first peplum skirt! Always thought that I will look weird on it, until I tried it during the Carousell Bazaar, and I fell in love with it! I felt that I became more and more girlish now. Heh! And yes, I bought it from that bazaar for only RM15! I guess the reason why I love it is because of their super cheap price as well?

#5. White Platform Sandals

This white platform shoes were also bought from Carousell Bazaar from my blogger friend Carinn! I just randomly saw it and tried it on, goshhh I fell in love with it! Must buy! Glad that I saw it first because there are other bloggers were asking her about the shoes! Many of my friends keep asking me where did I get that too and keep on praising that it's very nice! Bet you will ask me the same question too so I purposely mention it at the beginning of this paragraph. XD

#6. Adidas NEO Monotone Shoes

It's another favourite item from Adidas NEO! To be honest, Adidas NEO's items are really worth the price to buy if you're looking for comfortable material with teenage designs! I personally don't really like to wear sport shoes, so I got this one that looks like sporty but still look so casual! It's light, and the inner part contains comfortable sponges. I wore this almost everyday to campus as I know I will be walking a lot don't want to let a pair of shoes to ruin my day.

#7. My own Personalized Necklace

The first thing I would say that why is it my favourite is because it's a gift from my bf. I always wanted a necklace with my name on and my bf surprised me with it during our second valentine's day! The design is exactly what I will choose if I'm the one who pick the design! The font, the heart shape and the colour is so perfect! <3

#8. Angel bagpack

I have to say that this is one of my most favourite buy from taobao so far! Everyone was like 'omg your bag is so cute'! I myself couldn't stand the cuteness too until now! But I actually broke one of the string, but I use an old bag's string to replace it. Brilliant enough? XD

That's all for the favourite fashion items I owned of the year! Now let's move on to Gadgets. You know, we can't live without gadgets in this century, right? ")

#1. iPad Mini (and that casing)

I personally felt that the normal iPad is too large for me, iPad air although it's lighter, but still big. iPad mini by far has the best size for me as a girl. Despite it's the first generation where there are so many lousy specs compared to the current latest one, the functions and apps are really enough for me. Because I'm an Android phone user, so any app that's not available in Play Store, iPad is my way to get them.

For the casing, it's also one of my favourite buy from taobao! Because I'm using tempered glass screen protector for my iPad already, so I decided to get it a back case just to protect my iPad. The stand behind is really a brilliant idea because it's able to stand in any position I want! And what I love about it is it can fully protect my iPad from being scratch, and the rubber side can reduce the impact if it was knocked or fell on the ground.

#2. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10

And you can obviously see why I love this camera so much. All other pictures were taken with it, except for this picture itself taken with iPad. LOL! Sony's camera always never fail to amaze me. The outcome is really good. Despite all the laggy-ness when it was connected to my phone or iPad, but I just love all the image taken by this camera, even it's under dark condition! Most of the time I use it to take my product images for review and my own selfies.

#3. Xiaomi Mi3

I bought this initially is because my S3 has gone dead and I need a budget phone urgently last year. So why I chose this is because it's so much cheaper and it was one of the best phone in the market! Okay best is a little bit too overrated, but I really love how this phone runs the best (I mean my favourite part) of iOS and Android together. There's a lot of uses which I can't remember it now but impressed me, with just the price of RM749 for this phone! Why not???

#4. Xiaomi 10400maH Power Bank

I guess I don't need to say much about this power bank because everyone is using it. At the price of only RM36, it has 10400maH, it charges my phone very very fast, and it can fully charge my phone for at least 2 times! Really, hands down for this awesome product!

#5. Sonic Gear Earphone

This is my 21st birthday present from my lovely housemates and foundation friends. They know that I've been loving Sonic Gear's earphone since I was in secondary school. The sound and base is really good for me. I can never live happily without a good earphone, and this stuff makes my day.

#6. Pink Logitech Mouse

This is also my 21st birthday present, and it's from my bf because he knows I need a real good mouse to use. I'm so careless that I've spoiled a few mouses before, so he decided to buy me a good brand of mouse. And thanks for Logitech, this combination of pink and white just too perfect for me! I've been using it for half year and I have to say it's really, really good. It's really worth the price if you're looking for a good mouse as well!


Finally, the end of my 2014 favourite post! Please do comment and let me know which items are your favourite as well! <3


  1. I love your white platform and always wanted to ask where you get that....hahaha now I know! Mi3 most my friend recommended me since my S3 is legging a lot now.

    1. Previously I was using S3 as well! Wanted to tahan for it's laggy-ness one but end up it doomed itself, so I still need to get a new one. Haha