Tuesday, 13 January 2015

[Event] The Butterfly Project's Annual Christmas Gathering

I'm finally blogging something about my 2014 Christmas! I was so honored to join The Butterfly Project's Annual Christmas Gathering on my last Christmas! I couldn't join their first year gathering because I was in hometown, and luckily I was having an internship in KL last year and it's a happy thing to me!

What : The Butterfly Project Community Annual Christmas Gathering
Where : The Apartment @ The Curve
When : 23 December 2014
Who : 100 Butterflies (Beauty Bloggers of the community)

Anyway, pictures speaks thousands of words, so this post is not gonna be wordy but "pic-ty"! Gonna share as many pretty images of me and my stuffs and friends as possible! XD

What's Christmas without a Christmas tree with full of awesome presents!!!
This image makes me feel so excited every time when I sees it!

100 Beauty Boxes for 100 Butterflies!

My beauty box, door gift from Garnier and mini Christmas tree on the table!

Sneak peak of what's in the box! Gonna do another post about them so stay tuned!

So before everything settle down, the bloggers were having a bonding time with each other, or meeting back old blogger friends and chit chat! That's where I met new friends too.

Glad that I've met back some of the bloggers that I've met before, some I know through social network but never met before, and some are totally new faces to me. So here are some images of me with other bloggers.

Was sitting with these bloggers first as I reached quite early and haven't seen any friends yet.
Image taken from The Butterfly Project's Facebook Page

With both the sweeties, Melody and Siew Cheng the small lady. 
And June has the most striking hair colour!
Image taken from The Butterfly Project's Facebook Page

And after that I moved to this table with my friends! These are my neighbours for that night! :D
Image taken from The Butterfly Project's Facebook Page

With pretty Suquan.

With Colney, and if you realize that's my name if you pronounce hers in opposite way!

With the awesome Jessica!

With new friend Esther!

New friend / Senior Butterfly / My team leader, Celeste

With Rina, first time meeting her even though we knew each other few months ago.

And finally met this pretty little girl, Jia Jia! She's one of the cutest girl I've ever met!

And after everything is settled down, dinner time! Thanks to The Apartment for providing such an awesome dining place and food! 

What's Christmas dinner without a Turkey?! ... even though it's not necessary? :D
Anyway, it taste really nice! :D

My nomz of the night.

Oh hey that's me! Being a deer instead of a santarina! Cheers? *Wink*

After the dinner , there are some performances by the butterflies as well. As mentioned before the event, all of us will be spread into 10 person per group and we will have to come up with a team name. The best team name wins something.

We were randomly assigned into groups with group leaders. I was assigned to the group name 'HOPE' and Celeste is our leader. After some discussion with another 9 of my teammates, we come up with the name #HotOhsumPrettyElegant. And these are my teammates:

A photo posted by Rawlins GLAM (@rawlins_glam) on

It's really good to meet all these awesome people! Glad that we had a bonding time between each other as well!

So after introducing all the groups, is Secret Santa time!

With Chency the pretty santa for the night!
Image taken from The Butterfly Project's Facebook Page

Chency is the person who in charge with the secret santa so she's the one who passed the present to me from my secret santa. Still have no idea who's my secret santa but I choose to remain secret! (Of course I won't stop you if you wanna leave a comment here! ^^)

Surprisingly I won one of the Best Instagram Photo of the night! Thanks for choosing me!
And that's pretty emcee, Kay on the right and Innanie on the right.
Image taken from The Butterfly Project's Facebook Page

My lovely pressies of the night <3

And I guess that's all for the night! Thanks for reading the not very wordy but still kinda wordy post! I had a wonderful time and not regretting to run so far to join this event! I'm already looking forward for my Christmas 2015 with the bloggers!! Haha :D

And also, stay tuned for my review on the products inside the beauty box! The awesome feeling to receive these awesome products for free! Can't wait to share with you guys already!

Credits to all sponsors of the night (too many to list down!), ya'll made us happy! :D
And thanks to Kawi Studio for shooting all the beautiful memories for us!

For more images, kindly visit The Butterfly Project's Facebook Album